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Amsterdam Cheese Museum

Amsterdam Cheese Museum: Our most recommended tours and activities

Amsterdam: 9 Streets & Jordaan Districts Digital Audio Guide

1. Amsterdam: 9 Streets & Jordaan Districts Digital Audio Guide

Experience a captivating journey through the charming neighborhoods of the 9 Streets and Jordaan in Amsterdam, where a fusion of centuries-old history and modern attractions awaits. Our self-guided tour invites you to immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of medieval art, breathtaking architecture, and the dynamic contemporary culture that defines this remarkable area. As you venture into the 9 Streets, be prepared to be entranced by the picturesque canal belt and the exquisite facades that adorn the streets. Marvel not only at the intricate details of the medieval architecture but also at the diverse range of modern attractions that have found their place here. Explore the fascinating world of Dutch cheese-making traditions at the Cheese Museum, where captivating exhibits await your discovery. Continuing your exploration into the Jordaan, a neighborhood renowned for its artistic heritage and bohemian ambiance, you will encounter architectural marvels that seamlessly blend medieval influences with contemporary design. Uncover the wonders of fluorescent art at Electric Ladyland, a one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to this fascinating medium. Delve into the enchantment of the Pianola Museum and its mesmerizing collection of self-playing pianos. As you stroll along the tranquil banks of the canals, soak in the timeless allure of the 9 Streets and Jordaan. With our multilingual self-guided tour, you have the freedom to explore at your own pace, uncovering the hidden treasures that make the 9 Streets and Jordaan truly exceptional. Join us on this captivating excursion to personally experience the captivating fusion of medieval art, architectural marvels, and a vibrant contemporary culture that have established the 9 Streets and Jordaan as must-visit destinations in Amsterdam. Allow your curiosity to lead the way as you discover the beauty and intricacies of this fascinating neighborhood.

Amsterdam: Private Cheese and Beer Tour

2. Amsterdam: Private Cheese and Beer Tour

Embark on a journey through Amsterdam's gastronomic culture on this personalized cheese and beer tour with a friendly local guide. Start your tour at the Cheese and More Flower Market, a lively store with stunning displays featuring every Dutch cheese under the sun, then set out on your tour which includes 4 authentic, delicious tastings and two ice-cold beers. Your itinerary will be personalized according to your preferences.  Head to the quaint Old Amsterdam Cheese Store to browse through cheese-themed souvenirs, and learn about the history of Dutch cheese-making at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum (and maybe even don the outfit of a traditional cheesemaker for a fun photo opportunity). Stop off at a typical Dutch bar for a beer tasting – your local guide will definitely have a couple of stellar recommendations – then make your way to the ultra-trendy Jordaan district, a hub of cool boutiques and several local cheese shops. Pop into de Kaaskamer, a cheese-lover’s nirvana with cheese from all over the world, and indulge in a cheese board with tastings of Gouda, Edam, clove cheese (Nagelkaas), and Dutch blue cheese. Explore the shops, cafes and restaurants of De Clercqstraat and Kinkerstraat (the city’s “Old West”) in lively Amsterdam West, stopping off for a gooey cheese fondue and a tasty cheese pancake at a location that piques your interest.

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