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Things to do in Ankara

Our most recommended things to do in Ankara

Ankara: Private Tour with a Local

1. Ankara: Private Tour with a Local

With this welcoming tour, transform your way of traveling to make it as much about the people you meet as it is the places you see. Explore the city with a friendly local who is passionate about his or her city and eager to share all the tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your trip. Meet where you're staying to get familiar with the neighborhood, find out about the best places to eat and buy groceries, discover the easiest ways to get around and learn about the top things to see and do. By the end of the tour, you'll feel more comfortable navigating the city and confident that you have all the information needed to make the most of your stay.

Full-Day Highlights of Cappadocia Tour

2. Full-Day Highlights of Cappadocia Tour

This full-day tour begins in the Devrent Valley, known for its spectacular fairy chimneys and landscapes. Continue visiting Pasabag, or Valley of the Monks, to admire the double and triple-headed rock formations. Goreme Open Air Museum; The Goreme Open-Air Museum is in Cappadocia's heart. The region's most impressive concentration of sights is at the Open-Air Museum, 1km out of Goreme on the Urgup road. The churches here are carved into caves and fairy chimneys. The walls were initially covered in frescoes; you can still see their remnants. The churches are the legacy of Christianity under the Byzantine Empire. In the 4th century, St. Basil founded one of the first Christian monasteries here, setting down religious tenets that influenced the teachings of St. Benedict and, subsequently, the Western monastic movement. The church on the hill before the main entrance to the museum is known as Tokalı Kilise (Church of the Buckle). Inside the museum are five churches: Sandal(Sandal Church), Yilanli (Church of the Serpents), Barbara, Elmali (Church of the Apple, currently closed), and Karanlik. Be sure to visit Sandal and Elmali if they are open. Both contain superb frescoes. The museum is well known for wall paintings that date to the 10th century, depicting the life of Jesus Christ and monks of that time. Avanos; The potters of Avanos have been throwing the red, iron-rich Cappadocian clay since time began. There are roughly a hundred workshops around the area, all with similar prices. Everything here is from high art to American kitsch (there's more of the latter). Avanos itself is a pleasant, European-style town. Its main square contains several lovely cafés. Above the court are whitewashed Greek buildings-it looks like a village on a Greek island. The Kiziılirmak (Red River), Turkey's most enormous, flows through the town. From here, the potters take the red clay for their work. At times, the river is a deep red color. Kaymakli and Derinkuyu Under The Ground Cities: In the villages of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, inauspicious passages lead to two of Cappadocia's most spectacular sites. Two stark but well-preserved underground cities, considered more than 3000 years old, lurk beneath the ground in an endless warren of tunnels, rooms, stairwells, and hallways. Throughout centuries of political uncertainty, Christians fled from their villages to the underground cities at times of imminent attack. It is estimated that five to ten thousand people lived here for up to six months. Strict, military-style discipline was imposed, and some pillars had holes drilled at the top for chaining transgressors due to torture. It was forbidden for anyone to leave for any reason while the cities were occupied, lest their departure gives away their location. Strangely enough, no toilets have been found in Derinkuyu, though some have been found at Kaymakli. The last stop on tour is Uchisar Castle, one of the region's most massive fairy chimney formations.

Ankara: Guided Walking Tour

3. Ankara: Guided Walking Tour

Join your guide as you set out to discover Ankara. Visit the city's most charming neighborhoods and see the Alâeddin Mosque, the oldest mosque in Ankara. Hear fascinating facts and intriguing tales as you explore Ankara with your guide. Find out what makes this city unique and what life is like for the locals who call it home.

Goreme Open Air Museum & Fairy Chimney Tours

4. Goreme Open Air Museum & Fairy Chimney Tours

You may have visited Ankara for business or a meeting. You may not have much time. Would you like to escape from Ankara for a day and see the historical Cappadocia region? With a day tour, you can go on a Hot Balloon tour from Ankara and a Cappadocia tour. On this tour, you can see the area's most historical and fascinating natural wonders. 05:00-Departure from Ankara to Cappadocia. Ankara to Cappadocia is 4 hrs driving far away from each other. We are suggesting sleeping during to going to Cappadocia. 07:30- Break Time by The Agacli. You may stretch your legs, and you can have breakfast. 09:00-Arrive at Urgup, meet your guide, and head to Devrent Valley, where you can see many different rock formations and small fairy chimneys that form a lunar landscape with their strange look. After a short walk in this impressive valley, our tour will continue to Pasabagi (Monk's Valley). 10:00-Pasabag (Monk's Valley), where the most striking fairy chimneys are in Cappadocia with twin and triple rock caps. These shapes are unique for Cappadocia and named "mushroom-shaped" pinnacles and the enormous monoliths in Cappadocia. 11:00-Next, we will drive to Avanos, famous for its pottery craft dating back to the Hittite period. Red color clay comes from the residue of the longest river in Turkey called Kizilirmak. In one of the pottery shops, you can watch the demonstration of making pottery, or you can try to do it yourself. 12:00-We will stop for a lunch break 13:00-After lunch, visit the fairy chimneys around Goreme and the spectacular Open Air Museum. Churches, chapels, and monasteries carved into the fairy chimneys from the 10th to 13th centuries A.D. will be the day's highlights, with frescos painted on the walls. You can take pictures to carry the moments for your future memories. 15:00-Kaymakli or Derinkuyu Underground City, you will have a different experience in the underground city, and you will almost go on a time travel in the tunnels of thousands of years. The supply tanks, water cellars, and rooms on the floors that are reached as one descends through the tunnels that are as low as human height fascinate the spread. It was used as a shelter during the war, and the early Christians made the other subsection hide in later enclosures. There were two different worlds at that time. They live in houses inside the ground when they are at peace. They take shelter in the underground cities of the war. 16:00-Uchisar or Ortahisar Castle, visit the natural castles. Once used as a defense system to defeat enemies, Uchisar Castle is now one of the most prestigious viewpoints in the world. 17:00-Our Last stop is Pigeon Valley. You can take pictures to carry the moments for your future memories. It is time to catch sunsets in the panoramic Pigeon Valley, hosting countless pigeons in natural pigeon houses. These pigeons contribute to locals' living with their manure to fertilize the vineyards. 17:30-Departure from Cappadocia to Ankara.

Istanbul: Golden Horn & Bosphorus Day Cruise

5. Istanbul: Golden Horn & Bosphorus Day Cruise

During your full-day tour in Istanbul you’ll see many of this fascinating city’s top sights, from the land and the water. Start out at the Suleymaniye Mosque, dating from the middle of the 16th century and then take in the city walls, which are among the most fascinating Byzantine remains in Turkey. Visit the Chora Church, with its stunning mosaics. Head up Pierre Loti Hill for spectacular views of the Golden Horn. Take a cruise on the Bosphorus, and see some of the renowned wooden houses along the shores. You’ll also see the Rumeli Fortress from the sea. After the cruise your guide will take you to visit the Spice Bazaar. This famous, covered bazaar is busy at all hours of the day. Your final stop on the tour is the Rustempasa Mosque, also dating from the 16th century. It was built by one of the Grand Viziers of the Ottoman Empire who was married to the daughter of Suleyman the Magnificent.

Istanbul: Half-Day Tour with Topkapi Palace

6. Istanbul: Half-Day Tour with Topkapi Palace

See the landmark sights of Istanbul on a half-day tour by air-conditioned vehicle. You will be picked up from your hotel, port, or airport, and transferred in comfort to the historic city center. Discover the Ottoman and Byzantine history of the city at sites such as the Hagia Sophia, one of the marvels of world architecture. Constructed as an Orthodox basilica in the 6th century by Emperor Justinian, its 4 minarets were added when it was converted to a mosque. Marvel at the Blue Mosque, facing the Hagia Sophia. Famous for its blue Iznik tiles and 6 minarets, it is the icon of Istanbul and the culmination of 2 centuries of Ottoman development. Move on to the Hippodrome, center of chariot races, athletic events, and political activities of the city when it was known as Constantinople. Next, admire the imperial residence of the Ottoman sultans at Topkapi Palace. See the exquisite jewels in the treasury, and a priceless collection of miniatures and medieval manuscripts

Ankara: Unlimited 4G Internet in Turkey with Pocket WiFi

7. Ankara: Unlimited 4G Internet in Turkey with Pocket WiFi

Enjoy a pocket hotspot device rental service. Access the web throughout Turkey. Avoid expensive data roaming charges or connecting to insecure public internet points and, most importantly, save yourself the time and hassle of looking for free Wi-Fi every time you need an internet connection. With this service, you won’t have to change your sim card during your vacation or buy a high-cost data package in advance. This is an unlimited package at truly 4G/LTE speed - it is secure and works everywhere in Turkey. There are no speed limitations at any level of data usage. Watch movies, play games, make online calls, stream your playlists, share your memories, use live navigation, and more. Please note that mobile operators sources may affect speed. Order your pocket WiFi device and have it shipped to your destination before you arrive. When you get there, you’ll be ready to enjoy unlimited WiFi throughout your trip. In order to receive the package on time, please provide your mobile number with country code.

From Ankara: Private Cappadocia & Underground City Tour

8. From Ankara: Private Cappadocia & Underground City Tour

The first stop on your tour will be the Red Valley, where you will explore the famous rock-cut churches and hike through the colorful and breathtaking fairy chimneys. After four kilometers of hiking, you will visit Cavusin (a Greek village), famous for its rock-cut churches. After lunch, you will visit the one of the most magical places in the region, the Kaymaklı underground city. This is the largest underground city in Cappadocia. After Kaymaklı, visit the Pigeon Valley, famous for its dovecotes. The last stop is Ortahisar Castle, where you will see the biggest fairy chimney in Cappadocia. 

From Istanbul: 8 Days Highlights of Turkey Bus Tour with B&B

9. From Istanbul: 8 Days Highlights of Turkey Bus Tour with B&B

Meet and greet with your guide in Istanbul. Stay overnight at a hotel in Bursa. Enjoy breakfast, and visit Grand Mosque and Green Mosque with Tomb. Go shopping at Turkish Delight, and drive to Kusadasi. Overnight at a hotel in Kusadasi.  Begin the day with breakfast. Enjoy shopping and a live fashion show at Leather Outlet Center. Visit Ephesus Ancient City. After lunch, drive to Pamukkale. Tour the Antique City of Hierapolis and the fascinating travertine in the form of white terraces and basins. Overnight at a hotel in Pamukkale.  After breakfast, drive to Konya. Visit Mevlana Museum. Tour Konya City. Overnight at a hotel in Konya.  Begin the day with breakfast. Proceed to Cappadocia with its surrealistic geological creation. Stop at Caravanserai and see the Inns used by traders traveling the Silk Road. Enjoy a trekking tour in Ihlara Valley and visit an Underground City. Overnight at a hotel in Cappadocia.  Take an optional hot air balloon ride in the early morning hours. Enjoy breakfast. Explore the Cappadocia region with its highlights such as Love Valley, Uchisar village, a traditional handmade Carpet Factory, Pasabag, Goreme Panorama, Devrent Imagination Valley, and Ortahisar. Overnight at a hotel in Cappadocia.  After breakfast, drive to Ankara, then Bolu. Visit Salt Lake on the way. In Ankara, visit the magnificent Mausoleum constructed to commemorate Ataturk. Enjoy a visit to Golcuk Lake. Overnight at a hotel in Bolu.  Begin the day with breakfast before returning to Istanbul. Visit Sapanca Lake. Enjoy a stop at Masukiye and Camlıca hill for a panoramic view of Istanbul. Drop off at your hotel or airport in Istanbul.

Ankara: Private Romantic Tour

10. Ankara: Private Romantic Tour

Discover the romantic side of the charismatic city of Ankara with a local professional guide. Admire the beauty of the city with your partner on this romantic tour.  Take a walk through the Kuğulu Park and see beautiful swans passing by.  Soak in the spectacular views of the city from the famous spot of Ankara Kalesi. Hear about many historical love stories, hidden in the pretty old lanes, buildings, and parks in the city. Know about the heartbreaking and tragic to the hilarious or spicy stories of the romantic legends. Find the best place in the city for a date and to take the most beautiful photos. Admire the warm and welcoming vibe of the spectacular city of Ankara on a romantic tour. This tour is especially recommended to take around Saint Valentine Period.

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The service of this tour was amazing. The tour leader was very friendly and explained about the tour was very pleasant. The tour from the office kept checking about our traveling, the route, the driver, the time, the site we visited and others. The car that picked us from Ankara was nice and also the driver was very friendly and polite. The driver from Ankara and in Capadocia also the tour leader all were very patient. We also can choose the site which we prefer visit, since some of us was already come to some sites, si we only choosed the most interesting place for us and spend more time in there. In short, I can say the tour was very exciting and fun. I will recommend this tour to my friends and fam if they visiting Turkeye, and me also. This was my fourth time visiting Turkeye, I really like those cities in Turkiye. Love Turkiye, see you soon.

I had Gök Cher in Ankara, Turkeye and had seen more Ankara than I expected. He also suggest the place for lunch where the local eat at a very fancy but reasonable price to end of our tour. He also used his car to take us to places. So so have seen more and the hours he also extended it without any charge. He was an excellent guide and so I highly recommend him to anyone who like to know how the local Ankara population live day by day.

In a country where the language is difficult to understand, this company provided excellent customer service both in English in Spanish. They were very responsive to every question I have. Definitely recommend and use again.

Such a great way to see the city with a very knowledgeable local. He was passionate to show us the historical places and gave excellent insights.

Mr Yunes is very knowledgeable and was quite accommodating, polite and friendly.