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Be pacific was born with the goal and aim of healing the world through tourism. In the beginning we were mostly focused on a variety of activities that were carried out in the pacific coast of Colombia, more specifically Buenaventura (beaches of Juanchaco and Ladrilleros). Due to a number of factors including rivers, and ocean tides, this area of the pacific can accumulate a large amount of garbage during certain seasons, not to mention that because of its complicated history there is a lack of opportunities and wealth in these communities. So, we decided to contribute by creating activities where we would donate part of the money to the community, involve them in tourism to provide jobs and come back with a crew every so often to help clean up the beaches. With this being said, we want to expand and include activities in the city and other places in our department (state) and maintain our objective of helping out all the local communities. We aim to receive a B Corporation certificate for the job that we do in sustainability.

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