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Things to do in Bosa

Our most recommended things to do in Bosa

Bosa Kayak rental for the river

1. Bosa Kayak rental for the river

A beautiful adventure on your own without a guide, paddling along the rugged coastline of Bosa or exploring the Temo, Sardinia's only navigable river! Rent comfortable and safe kayaks from Bosa in western Sardinia; you can choose from several river routes. You can navigate the river Temo, an ancient waterway, to reach the medieval village. The waters of the Temo will guide you along the walls of the town with a view of the castle. After crossing the old bridge, you will sail towards the Cathedral of San Pietro, which is the oldest church in Sardinia in Romanesque style. Invent your own itinerary between wild nature and ancient history! The experience is without a guide, but at the meeting point our local partners will provide all useful directions on the river, depending on the weather conditions of the day. Possible itineraries - Old bridge: distance about 1.5 km, duration about 2 hours - San Pietro Cathedral: distance about 3 km, duration about 2 hours - Su Guadu: distance about 4 km, duration about 3 hours

Bosa: Scuba Diving for Beginners in the Bosa Gulf

2. Bosa: Scuba Diving for Beginners in the Bosa Gulf

Do you want to explore the clear waters of the west coast of Sardinia without a license? Dive into this diving excursion in the Bosa Sea and you can easily and safely make an extraordinary underwater experience, experiencing the thrill of breathing underwater. You will dive into the sea within the first 5/6 meters deep with all the diving equipment and always assisted by professional instructors. It will be a first orientation lesson on basic techniques regarding safety standards related to diving, underwater environments and the correct use of equipment. The rest will be pure fun in contact with evocative and fantastic underwater environments, to discover the extraordinary Sardinian backdrops. Book and venture out!

Cagliari: Amazing Bosa & Santu Antine Private Experience

3. Cagliari: Amazing Bosa & Santu Antine Private Experience

Departing from Cagliari, drive for 2 hours in a minivan through the amazing Sardinian countryside towards the northwest of the island. This is a full-day private tour to discover the nuraghe of Santu Antine (San Costantino) in Torralba. The complex is one of the best preserved nuragic architectures and with a mere labyrinthine interior. Visit the Domus de Janas "Fairy Houses" of Sant'Andrea Priu, collective burials of the Neolithic period. The tour will then approach the charming town of Bosa, dominated by the castle of Malaspina, with its colorful architecture and crossed by the river Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia.

Bosa: Snorkeling Tour of the Coastline Coves

4. Bosa: Snorkeling Tour of the Coastline Coves

A spectacular snorkeling excursion to discover the singular north-western coast of Sardinia: Capo Marrargiu, Bosa. You will immerse yourself in enchanting underwater depths, always assisted by expert underwater and naturalistic guides, that will show you all the secrets of this fantastic location. This naturalistic jewel will allow you to admire places of extraordinary wild beauty such as the coves of Cane Malu, Cala is Moros, Cala Rapina, Sabba Drucche, Compoltittu, Porto Managu and the volcanic cliffs of Capo Marrargiu, where the griffon vulture nest. The itinerary includes several stops and a visit to the sea caves of the grandiose promontory of Capo Marrargiu. It will be a pleasure for the eyes! Itinerary: - Cane Malu - Cala è Moros - Cala Rapina - Sabba Drucche - Compoltittu - Porto Managu - Volcanic cliffs of Capo Marrargiu The itinerary previews more stops in the sites of greater beauty towards the coast north or south, based on the more favorable weather conditions Stops will be made for the observation of the vultures with accurate descriptions by the guide

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