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Our most recommended Brandenburg Walking tours

Quedlinburg: Guided City Walk - Highlights tour

1. Quedlinburg: Guided City Walk - Highlights tour

Explore the unique world heritage in Quedlinburg. Our guide shows the most beautiful places in our historic old town and around castle hill. You'll experience and learn about 1.100 years of history. This two hour tour gives an perfect insight in Quedlinburgs rich history, our most famous buildings including town hall, churches and an selection of more than 2.000 timber framed houses. You'll start with our guide right in front of the tourist information centre on market square. Castle hill right next to our collegiate church is the end of the tour and you have the opportunity to visit our most famous sight.

Quedlinburg: evening walk in a costum

2. Quedlinburg: evening walk in a costum

Our historical figures take you an a journey into medieval times. The nights watchmen played an important role for fire protection and general safety in Quedlinburg. You'll enjoy hearing his song or poem. The Stiftshauptmann had a hard job defending the ladies covenant on castle hill against intruders and the people of the town. Times weren't always peacefully. On our tour you'll experience first hand about those conflicts. All of our historical figures have different stories about their life and role in Quedlinburg to tell. Explore with them their way through the medieval town. You'll start with our guide right in front of the tourist information centre ("Quedlinburg-Information") on market square. The end of the tour varies depending on the personal choice of your guide, but will mainly be in the historical town centre.

Erfurt: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

3. Erfurt: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

Step into the past on this guided walking tour of the 1,270-year-old city of Erfurt's Old Town. Pass through the old quarter and pass by the Merchants’ Bridge, the 19th-century Town Hall, the University District, and townhouses that are steeped in tradition.  Meet your guide at the Denkmal Eulenspiegel sculpture and begin your walking tour. Admire the outside of the Cathedral of St. Mary with its 500-year-old "Gloriosa" bell, which is famous throughout the world for the beauty of its tone. Follow your guide down streets lined with wealthy patrician townhouses, half-timbered buildings, and a great many churches, which together make it a veritable picture-book of German history. End your guided walk with a deeper appreciation for the town, its architecture, and its history. 

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Memorial Guided Tour

4. Berlin: Sachsenhausen Memorial Guided Tour

Experience Berlin's somber history on a guided walking tour of Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum. Get a detailed insight into one of Nazi Germany's most significant concentration camps and get an unparalleled look into the human spirit's resilience through the decades. Begin your exploration at the heart of Berlin. As you step into the Sachsenhausen grounds, sense the weight of history, and the silence speaks volumes about the camp's significance. Hear local experts bring stories to life, emphasizing Berlin's transformation and the world's progress since those dark times. Discover the intricate details of the camp's infrastructure, from the somber punishment cells to the looming guard towers. Witness the camp's harsh realities, contrasting with stories of unexpected kindness, resistance, and survival at the “pit”. See the exception grounds to learn about the camp's operations and the mechanisms behind the grim daily routines. Dive deep into the narratives of the people who lived through the camp's existence, offering a poignant human touch to this significant historical site. As you traverse the site, learn not just stories of horrors but of hope, defiance, and endurance. Gain an understanding of Berlin’s past and its impact on the present with each narrative, whether of tragedy or triumph. After spending a significant amount of time walking through the camp, take a moment for introspection. Reflect on the everyday life of the inmates, their struggles, and the harsh conditions they endured. As the tour draws to a close, journey back to the vibrant heart of Berlin, a stark contrast to the solemnity of Sachsenhausen, reminding you of Berlin's journey from its dark past to its bright future.

Berlin: 20th-Century History VR Walking Tour with Guide

5. Berlin: 20th-Century History VR Walking Tour with Guide

Set off on a journey through the history of Berlin throughout the 20th century. Discover the past and present of the city at 9 different locations with the help of a mobile virtual reality headset and guide. Experience a 360° view of the city's most important locations and see which buildings typical of the time are still standing. Meet your guide and get your mobile VR glasses set up. Prussian Berlin and the Golden Twenties with their legendary movie theaters will come to life before your eyes. See the monumental buildings of the Nazi dictatorship and stand in the midst of the ruins of 1945. Experience the feeling of standing in the border strip of divided Berlin and being there live during the fall of the Wall in 1989 thanks to mobile VR glasses. Get a unique insight into the different eras and discover what you can still see and feel today all alongside a guide. Along the way, visit Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, TimeRide Berlin, Pariser Platz, and the Holocaust Memorial. Learn about how Berlin moved to the center of world politics and became a symbol of division and reunification.

Berlin: Vagabund Brauerei Beer Tasting & Guided Brewery Tour

6. Berlin: Vagabund Brauerei Beer Tasting & Guided Brewery Tour

Take a guided tour of Vagabund Brauerei, a 100-year-old boiler house that has been converted into a brewery in Berlin. Step into the historic Osram Höfe, learn how beer is made, find out the best way to taste beer, and toast to 5 craft beers. Start your tour on the Vagabund brewing floor, a former boiler house that was recently converted into a brewery. Have all your burning beer questions answered by experts as they take you through the entire brewing process, along with its history. See towering stainless steel tanks capable of brewing 4,500 liters of Vagabund beer per batch. Next, head down to the bar and try some beer. Choose 5 of 16 beers on tap, ranging from Vagabund beers to the best local brews from all over Berlin.

Berlin: Jewish History Walking Tour with Historian

7. Berlin: Jewish History Walking Tour with Historian

Although the Jewish experience in Berlin began in the 13th century, intolerance was so entrenched that it took hundreds of years, until 1714, before Berlin’s first synagogue was erected in Heidereutgasse. Your walk begins at the remaining foundations of the so-called Old Synagogue, where your guide, a Jewish Studies scholar, helps you to grasp the challenges faced by German Jews during the middle ages and renaissance and to appreciate the rich cultural life developed by Berlin’ s Jewish community in spite of their vulnerable status. The major focus, however, will be the main sites of Berlin’s 19th- and 20th-century Jewish history, the districts of Spandauer Vorstadt and Scheunenviertel (known as the 'Barn Quarter') in Berlin-Mitte. Taking in the graceful avenue, Oranienburger Straße, where the magnificent New Synagogue was erected in 1866, you learn not only of the conflicts between German Jews and Non-Jews but of tensions between the mostly assimilated German Jewry and the so-called Eastern Jews (Ostjuden) who filled Berlin in the 1920s after fleeing dramatic anti-Jewish violence in their homelands. Many of these refugees were orthodox and poor. They brought a completely new infrastructure for Jewish religious and cultural life to Berlin with them. Examining visual material such as photographs from Jewish street vendors and old newspapers, you consider how Jewish life in Berlin became far more visible in the 1920s. For precisely this reason, the established German Jewish community often regarded the influx of Eastern Jews as potentially dangerous for their own status within German society. One response was their support for institutions of social welfare and education. Stop at an example of this philanthropy, the former Jewish orphanage in Auguststraße, which today is home to an exhibit hall and a coffee shop. (If the current exhibition is dealing with a topic related to the tour, a visit of the exhibition should be taken into consideration.). The Jewish Cemetery on Große Hamburger Straße also gives a vivid impression of Berlin’ s Jewish presence. Assimilated Jews in Berlin played leading roles in every field of German culture: journalism, education, science, literature, art, music, business. During the short, anxious Weimar era (1919-1933), the great painter Max Liebermann created his works and became head of the Berlin Secessionists. Kurt Weill redefined musical theater. Walter Benjamin penned the whimsical academic essays that inaugurated a philosophy of modernity. Despite the prominence of such figures, anti-Semitic violence of a new degree broke out as early as November 1923. In front of the former Labor Office in Gormannstraße, talk about the so-called Scheunenviertel Pogrom. By 1933, the ‘ Barn Quarter’ became one of the first settings of the Nazis’ political purges in the capital city. You discuss the series of sinister events that lead to full implementation of Hitler’ s “Final Solution” in Berlin while visiting sites that recall the Holocaust, such as the Missing House graphic at Grosse Hamburger Strasse 15/16, which lists the names of former Jewish residents and the Abandoned Room at Koppenplatz, which memorializes the Jews taken on the November 1938 Kristallnacht, and some of the city’ s 1,400 Stolpersteine (stumbling cobblestones), reminders of the Shoah’ s victims. Before leaving the Barn Quarter, visit the kosher coffee shop Beth-Café to consider the renewal of Berlin’ s Jewish life today. The last stop is the New Synagogue, the architecture of which symbolized and celebrated Jewish assimilation in Germany. It is thus one of the most moving sites on your walk. Today it is home to the Jewish community reviving in Berlin, and moreover houses a gallery with changing exhibitions that you may wish to visit in conclusion.

Magdeburg: Whatsapp Murder Mystery Interactive City Tour

8. Magdeburg: Whatsapp Murder Mystery Interactive City Tour

Solve a murder and at the same time see all the highlights of the city center of Magdeburg. Play this unique game with a group of friends or your family. You will receive instructions, a photo frame and an answer form in advance via email. You'll also receive a map of the city where the murder took place. The center is divided into sections where you have to look for a location where you can take a group selfie. Once you've located the spot, send a selfie via WhatsApp to your game instructor. If the location's correct, they'll send you the next clue about the murder. As you walk along the nicest places in the centre of the city, you will collect more and more clues about the murder. During the game you will have enough time to enter a cafe or shop that you pass and to admire some of the highlights of Magdeburg.

Weimar - Private Tour

9. Weimar - Private Tour

Discover the fascinating history of Weimar on this guided walking tour with a professional guide. Explore the city’s UNESCO sites, including the famous Goethe Schiller Denkmal and the Duchess Anna Amalia Library. Stroll through the beautiful 18th-century Park an der Ilm, designed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe himself. Learn about the city’s rich cultural heritage as you visit the historic Cranach House and the Weimar University Library, known for its collection of Bauhaus books. Don't miss the chance to see the twin institution of the German National Theatre and Staatskapelle Weimar. Stop at the Goethe Schiller Denkmal, where you will see the Iconic statue of two German writers and get to know about them. Next, you will walk by the famous city hall and get to discover the marketplace there. Get to see the renaissance house of painter Lucas Cranach. Moving on, you will see one of the famous library of Germany, with its origins from the 18th century. Visit the landscaped park from the 18th century which was influenced by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and is also considered as a World Heritage site. Next, you will get to know about the tales of the Goethe Family's House museum by visiting the Goethe's House. Get to visit the twin institution - German theatre and musical organisation and finally you will see the Historic cemetery which is ducal burial chapel of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach.

Berlin: 1-Hour Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Private Tour

10. Berlin: 1-Hour Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Private Tour

Enter the cockpit of an Airbus A320 Flight where all the instruments, sounds, and functions are like the real thing. After a short pre-flight briefing before boarding, take the captain’s seat. The Berlin flight simulator is particularly detailed. Fly the plane from take-off to landing with assistance from your instructor. Choose to go through different emergencies and weather scenarios with a professional pilot helping you every step of the way. You can design your route and fly to any of the 24,000 airports worldwide. Invite up to 12 friends who will sit behind you in an actual passenger cabin and look over your shoulder as you embark on your virtual flight. Fun and realism are the priority of this flight simulation. Experience a unique 1-hour with your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. 

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Loved it!!! The guide was very knowledgeable, fun and welcoming! His knowledge of Berlin history and his anecdotes made the whole experience truly fascinating and light. He also took the time answering questions and having a quick chat on recommendations for the rest of our trip. The tour was well organised, not too long, not too short... just perfect. It took us to so many famous sites, and we got to see parts of Berlin we never would have seen. We have taken two trails (red and blue) and we have been impressed both times. Totally recommended!

It was very easy to find the meet up spot since the guides were wearing lanyards and there was a tour sign. Johnny was an attentive and knowledgeable guide for our trip to Potsdam. He made sure everyone had the right train ticket, knew where to go, and was available for any questions. He had many photos printed to help support his stories. Definitely recommend! My tour was about 4 hours round trip from Berlin (10am to around 2pm).

Interesting experience. Get to know all the process on how to beer was prepared, taste some different ones and had the opportunity to taste some more afterwards on the bar. Also the warm welcoming of all the staff made the experience very enjoyable. Really nice atmosphere, planning to go back to enjoy some more beers!

Super knowledgeable guide who walked us through the brewer's history, how beer is made and answered all the follow-up questions. All of that on top of the welcome beer and 5 tasting beers. If you are going in winter, recommend dressing as warm as possible, it was quite cold inside. Otherwise highly recommend!

Knowledgeable tour guide, great service and good communication. The only thing worth pointing out is that the brewery was very cold, so make sure to wear warm clothes. Would recommend to everyone who's interested in beers and how to make beer.