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Berlin: Vagabund Brauerei Beer Tasting & Guided Brewery Tour

1. Berlin: Vagabund Brauerei Beer Tasting & Guided Brewery Tour

Take a guided tour of Vagabund Brauerei, a 100-year-old boiler house that has been converted into a brewery in Berlin. Step into the historic Osram Höfe, learn how beer is made, find out the best way to taste beer, and toast to 5 craft beers. Start your tour on the Vagabund brewing floor, a former boiler house that was recently converted into a brewery. Have all your burning beer questions answered by experts as they take you through the entire brewing process, along with its history. See towering stainless steel tanks capable of brewing 4,500 liters of Vagabund beer per batch. Next, head down to the bar and try some beer. Choose 5 of 16 beers on tap, ranging from Vagabund beers to the best local brews from all over Berlin.

Trebbin: Berlin and Schönhagen Sightseeing Helicopter Flight

2. Trebbin: Berlin and Schönhagen Sightseeing Helicopter Flight

Witness the Schönhagen region from above on a sightseeing helicopter tour from Trebbin. Marvel at the panoramic views of the surrounding regions and elegant homes as far away as Ludwigsfelde, Potsdam, and even Berlin city. After arriving at Schönhagen Airport, meet your pilot and board the helicopter. Lift into the sky and enjoy a bird's-eye view of the towns below. Admire each individual town and snap amazing photos throughout your journey. Learn all you'd like to know about flying, helicopters, and even the local landscape from your pilot. Communicate with your pilot at all times with modern headsets and microphones. Take advantage of these to make the most of your sightseeing adventure. At the end of your tour, take home a souvenir photo to remember your experience.  

Berlin: Sightseeing Tour by Helicopter

3. Berlin: Sightseeing Tour by Helicopter

Take off and enjoy an incredible journey into the air. Discover the highlights of Berlin by taking a helicopter tour and admire the city skyline from a bird's eye perspective. Enjoy the fascinating feeling of hovering over the rooftops of Berlin and experience the unique atmosphere aboard a helicopter. Watch the pilot at the controls, listen to the radio communications with the ground control tower, and let your eyes wander over the sights of the city. Discover the seemingly tiny TV tower, see the Victory Column as well as the Brandenburg Gate and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Magdeburg: AbenteuerDate, exciting game and hike for couples

4. Magdeburg: AbenteuerDate, exciting game and hike for couples

Explore the city of Magdeburg through an unusual, but fun adventure. Take part in an interactive smartphone game with your partner that will help you get to know them, and the city, a bit better. Unlock clues to your next destination by taking on tasks and answering questions about each other. Begin your game in the city center and allow the app to guide you from there. Wander around the areas where local people hang around and experience their lifestyle. Challenge yourself and your partner by acting as a team to solve even the trickiest of riddles. Enjoy a special outdoor date and create long-lasting memories as a couple. Step away from mainstream areas and traditional tours to focus on creating your own adventure. Take advantage of the bonus tasks and riddles to keep playing even after the game is over.

From Berlin: Potsdam Half-Day Guided Tour

5. From Berlin: Potsdam Half-Day Guided Tour

Berlin without Potsdam is like Paris without Versailles - leave Berlin without a trip to its royal residence, and you can't say that you've seen it all. Potsdam's fairy-tale landscapes are inviting and playful, and make any walk a delightful experience. Set off with your expert guide to marvel at the impressive architecture of Potsdam's historic city centre. Then, continue through the tree-lined avenues of the famous and impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sanssouci Gardens with decorative fountains, ornate flower beds, and splendid palaces. From the ridiculous to the impressive, from the ineffective to the mighty, you’ll learn how Prussia rose from a minor European power to the foundation of the German Empire! Discover where Wilhelm II fled Germany at the end of World War I, see the impressive Venetian mosaic in the solemn Church of Peace, and find out just why Germans leave potatoes on Frederick the Great’s grave! Enjoy this relaxed 4 hour trip from Berlin ending right in front of Sanssouci Palace. After that, it's up to you if you want to see more of Potsdam or the Palaces on your own, or accompany your guide back to Berlin.

4 hours Private Romantic River Boat Cruise with Wine

6. 4 hours Private Romantic River Boat Cruise with Wine

Embark on a relaxing private boat cruise along the Havel River in Potsdam and immerse yourself in peaceful nature as you glide along its calm waters. Toast the day away with an included bottle of Prosecco or wine as you sit back and relax onboard. Hop aboard your private yacht and let your skipper take charge as you marvel at the surrounding landscape. Along your route, see lush, green trees and bushes burst out onto the river's edge and peaceful villages tucked away in between forests. Pop open your bottle of bubbly or wine and feel the cool breeze in your hair as you sip on your refreshing drink in style. Cheers the day away with your loved ones and see Potsdam from another perspective before returning to your starting point.

Gardens & Palaces of Potsdam Bike Tour from Berlin

7. Gardens & Palaces of Potsdam Bike Tour from Berlin

Start the tour at the main entrance of the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz. From there, take the train to Potsdam. Once there, you will leisurely explore the various palaces and gardens of Potsdam and Sanssouci, covering about 10 miles (16km) in roughly 4.5 hours. Explore the Prussian palace complex of Sanssouci, home to the famous Orangerie, two palaces, as well as many beautiful gardens, parks, and buildings. Then make your way through Potsdam’s historic center, including the Dutch Quarter and Potsdam’s own Brandenburg Gate. In the New Gardens, see the fantastic Marble Palace, before going to Cecilienhof, where Truman, Stalin, and Churchill concluded the Potsdam Agreement. Finally, explore the area’s extensive Cold War history with a visit to the no-man’s land between West Berlin and East Germany and over the Glienicke Bridge where Cold War spy exchanges routinely took place.

From Berlin: Historical Gems of Potsdam Private Day Trip

8. From Berlin: Historical Gems of Potsdam Private Day Trip

Take a trip back in time to the city of Potsdam, once home to Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, and discover intriguing stories along with historical treasures. On this this private day tour, enjoy a fascinating storytelling journey exploring wars, alliances, arts, and sciences, as well as historical woes and obsessions. Hear about the Prussian dynasty and how it shaped Germany's future in the times of the First and Second Reich while admiring beautiful Rococo and Baroque architecture. Retrace history and see highlights like the Long Bridge and the Alter Markt (Old Market). Find out how the first Prussian King positioned Prussia within the Holy Roman Empire. Wander the streets and admire the architectural gems of the city as you explore Germany's royal past.  A 15-minute bus ride takes you to the famous New Palace, while a stroll through the famous Sansoucci Park will lead you to the magnificent main residence, built by the most celebrated king of Prussia. With the help of your guide, imagine how it felt to live in Potsdam centuries ago.

From Würzburg: Romantic Road & Rothenburg ob der Tauber Tour

9. From Würzburg: Romantic Road & Rothenburg ob der Tauber Tour

Embark on a day out in Rothenburg ob der Tauber and see this romantic and medieval city from the comfort of a bus and on a walking tour. Visit the Renaissance castle, the wine region of the Tauber Valley, and the Baroque garden all in a day. Head out of charming Würzburg along the the River Main through the Tauber Valley to Rothenburg ob der Tauber on a bus. Stop in Weikersheim for a visit of this historic town, the Renaissance castle, and the fabulous park laid out in the style of Versailles. See the unforgettable skyline of Rothenburg, a former Free Imperial Town placed high over the steep Tauber Valley with its complete medieval townscape. This outstanding architectural jewel is a must-see when visiting Germany, as hardly any other city embodies history so impressively and vividly.  Follow the night watchman as he guides you through the city's picturesque alleys. Here, the stones speak, so to speak, and tell tales of rulers and the magic of the Middle Ages. Cosmopolitanism, idyll, and a 1,000-year history work together to create a unique flair.  Return to Würzburg brimming with history of medieval ages and with unforgettable memories of a stunning landscape.

Weimar: Krimidinner, Murder Mystery Game with Dinner

10. Weimar: Krimidinner, Murder Mystery Game with Dinner

Event dates: february and march. You will meet at the legendary „Gaststätte am Horn“ near the beautiful Ilmpark of Weimar. At the restaurant you will enjoy a delicious meal with soups, salads and a variety of main dishes. Good „Thüringer Küche“. The main goal of this event is, to solve a murder case. The story behind: You were invited by the owner of the restaurant to join a gala dinner. Together with some other very important and suspicious persons. Just before the dinner is about to begin, the body of a dead person gets found next to the restaurant. The killer must be one of the invited persons. Or was it you? You should proof that you are innocent, by finding the true murderer. Some friends and supporters will help you. Start your own investigations, combine clues, solve the case. This is an exciting role play and investigation game. A moderator will guide through the event. There are no complicated or exhausting roles to be played and you will not need a lot of time for preparations. No texts to be learned. This „Krimidinner“ is even suitable for children (starting in the age of 8). Join as a family, as couple or with your best friends. No dresscode is demanded. You can borrow some accessoires that fit to your role right after you arrive at the restaurant. Book your date and enjoy an unique and fun event and exclusive dinner.

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Interesting experience. Get to know all the process on how to beer was prepared, taste some different ones and had the opportunity to taste some more afterwards on the bar. Also the warm welcoming of all the staff made the experience very enjoyable. Really nice atmosphere, planning to go back to enjoy some more beers!

Super knowledgeable guide who walked us through the brewer's history, how beer is made and answered all the follow-up questions. All of that on top of the welcome beer and 5 tasting beers. If you are going in winter, recommend dressing as warm as possible, it was quite cold inside. Otherwise highly recommend!

Knowledgeable tour guide, great service and good communication. The only thing worth pointing out is that the brewery was very cold, so make sure to wear warm clothes. Would recommend to everyone who's interested in beers and how to make beer.

We really enjoy the cruise. The boat was very comfortable and clean. We even got served drinks on board. The only thing is the Audio is all in German, but that no issue Would highly recommend

Very nice team on site and through the open roof/concealed you could see everything