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Our most recommended Buenos Aires Food & gourmet tours

Palacio Barolo Guided Tour During Nightime + Wine

1. Palacio Barolo Guided Tour During Nightime + Wine

Discover the enchanting world of Palacio Barolo during nightime, an architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires. This iconic building, inspired by Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy,' is a testament to the city's rich history and cultural heritage. As you explore its intricately designed interiors, you'll be transported to a bygone era, where art, literature, and architecture converge in a harmonious symphony. As you step inside, you'll be enveloped in a captivating atmosphere where art and literature converge. The palace's interiors are adorned with exquisite Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements, offering visitors a glimpse into the opulence of the early 20th century. Explore its lavishly decorated halls and corridors, each a testament to the architect's vision and attention to detail. The true highlight of the Palacio Barolo experience is the ascent to its grand lighthouse, located at the summit. This beacon, once the tallest structure in South America, provides an unparalleled vantage point from which to admire panoramic vistas of Buenos Aires. The 360-degree views encompass iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and the vast expanse of the city. Whether you're an architecture aficionado, a history buff, or simply seeking a unique experience, a visit to Palacio Barolo promises to be an unforgettable journey through time and culture. The tour concludes with a visit to the Museum Section to relive the golden 1920s while enjoying a glass of red wine 'Palacio Barolo' or white wine 'Beatrice Portinari'. ---- Please be aware before booking that during the tour, you will ascend 14 floors by elevator, and the final 8 floors must be climbed by stairs, passing through narrow spaces Due to limited availability, we encourage you to book your tickets a few days in advance. Tickets from one day to the next are usually not available and will oblige us to cancel your booking. Therefore, if possible, book the tour a few days ahead. Thanks!

Buenos Aires: Wine Tasting and Lunch at Bodega Gamboa

2. Buenos Aires: Wine Tasting and Lunch at Bodega Gamboa

Enjoy a relaxing wine tasting experience and discover a rich diversity of high-quality wines from a local Argentine vineyard on a small-group tour aboard a comfortable minivan. Discover an amazing range of wines including pinot noir, malbec, and cabernet franc, combining them with perfectly paired cheeses. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Buenos Aires and take you on a one-hour journey to Bodega Gamboa, an iconic new winery located next to the town of Campana. Once there, meet your host who will take you on a tour of the vineyards, and tell you about the local culture, and the different wine strains produced here. Then, savor local wines before returning to your hotel in the afternoon.

Buenos Aires: La Ventana Tango Show Ticket w/ Dinner Option

3. Buenos Aires: La Ventana Tango Show Ticket w/ Dinner Option

Experience a traditional show of tango and folklore from two tango orchestras, a sextet and the great orchestra of Juan d 'arienzo, five couples of dancers, two singers, an ensemble of music of the highlands, a show of boleros and the musical "Evita". Enjoy La Ventana in the heart of San Telmo, this restored tenement is a classic of Buenos Aires culture. La Ventana is a visit throughout old times. Its interior, which preserves the building’s purity, is the ideal ambience for a unique proposal Enjoy the music of the “Altiplano” and a folklore ballet with a show of “boleadoras”. You will see a wide menu of typical and international dishes like fish, pasta, chicken, pork, vegetarian options, and the best cuts of Argentinian meat. Also, you will taste our national grape the Malbec or Chardonnay wines during the night. Dinner time 20.00hs and show time 22.00hs. You can add additional services like wine tasting between 19.00 and 20.00hs before dinner time.

Buenos Aires: Tango Porteño Show with Optional Dinner

4. Buenos Aires: Tango Porteño Show with Optional Dinner

Enjoy a tango show that embodies tango in 1940s Barcelona with the option for a pre-show dinner of Argentine and international cuisine paired with wine. Immerse yourself in a night of tango culture and live music at the restored Tango Porteño Theater. This incredible tango show recreates the unparalleled age of tango, just steps away from Buenos Aires' famous Obelisk. The setting is a luxurious and treasured Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie theater from bygone years, restored to the last detail in the purest Art Deco style. Tango Porteño's meticulous scenery and costumes will transport you back to the 1940s when all of Buenos Aires was enthralled by the tango. Witness a unique show with more than 30 artists and 12 live musicians on stage. You can choose between the "show only" option, where you can enjoy the performance (meals and drinks not included), or the "dinner and show" option to savor the incredible stage production along with some amazing gourmet dishes. Enjoy a variety of fine wines, Argentine steak, and desserts.

Food Tour in Palermo: 8 Courses + Wine Pairing

5. Food Tour in Palermo: 8 Courses + Wine Pairing

Discover the coolest area in Buenos Aires! Take a stroll with us through the trendy neighbourhood of Palermo. We will stop at four different restaurant gems, including a Top 50 Latin America award winner! In between we ll discover the street art and architecture of the hottest area in town. Our food tours can host up to 10 guests to keep it intimate and boutique. We can accomodate most dietary restrictions and allergies. Our food tour begins with a vermouth at 5.30pm. Our next stop will be a wine tasting in what used to be one of the most iconic mansions. We’ll enjoy the walk to the next restaurant, one that specializes in dishes that characterize Argentine history. Relax.. of course our next stop will be a local steakhouse. Still thirsty for more? We have a Top 50 Latin America Bar booked just in case you want to continue the evening with your new friends. Experience Buenos Aires from a different perspective! We will take you to 4 amazing restaurants that cannot be found on any guidebook! Enjoy over 8 different dishes and drinks showcasing the best of Argentine cuisine! Discover the neighbourhood of Palermo while meeting fellow travellers! Intimate food tour with a max of 10 guests to keep it personal. Knowledgable guides who are truly passionate about gastronomy. All food and wine included during the tour! Discover a variety of amazing argentine wines in our own private wine tasting.

Buenos Aires: Santa Susana Ranch Day Tour, BBQ & Shows

6. Buenos Aires: Santa Susana Ranch Day Tour, BBQ & Shows

In a full day, just 70 km from Buenos Aires, in a ranch that still preserves its original historic center, we enjoyed the most authentic Gaucha Festival in Buenos Aires, with typical activities of the Argentine countryside, and a complete lunch with a show of music and dance. Once we arrive at the Estancia, Santa Susana, we will have a little time to get to know the ranch better, while we eat some handmade empanadas. You will have free time to enjoy the views. After our free time we will be invited to participate in a traditional Argentine barbecue. The fun doesn't stop there, after lunch we will enjoy folklore and tango shows. Then the gauchos will come out to show their skills. They will demonstrate ring racing, gentleness of horses among many others. This part of the day is also interactive, so it's best to have your boots on and ready to go.

Buenos Aires: Wine tasting in Boutique Suites Hotel Palermo

7. Buenos Aires: Wine tasting in Boutique Suites Hotel Palermo

Everything is better with a good glass of wine and even better if it is Argentinian! Join us and our experienced sommelier will guide you through some varieties of the world's famous Argentinian wines, their's unique characteristics, and the different soils and regions that give our wines their unique and renowned character. We have partnered up with the uptrend Boutique Suites Hotel in the heart of Palermo to provide our guests with a very fun and relaxed environment. We will play some wine-related games and organoleptic experiments to create a complete and unique sensorial experience. Do you have what it takes to bring your wine game to the next level? Surprise your friends with your sommelier skills at the next party. There is no better way to pair wine than with some of the best Argentinian cheese and charcuteries and we have plenty! Vegan and Vegetarian options are available as well. We invite you to join us in the fabulous world of great wines and delicious food to create an Argentinean lifetime memory with us. With the help of our sommelier, we will make a trip through the different soils and regions of Argentina and learn how the final product is affected by their different characteristics. We will compare Argentinian wines with the rest of the world and understand what makes each of them unique in their essence. Argentina offers a wide range of wines types and in this experience, we will taste five of the most typical and world-famous ones. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy a Rural Experience in a Vineyard near Buenos Aires

8. Enjoy a Rural Experience in a Vineyard near Buenos Aires

Are you looking for a rural experience near Buenos Aires? Come visit a boutique vineyard just 65 km from the Capital. Casa Gamboa hosts 5 hectares of vine production, and it's equipped with a wine cellar and a countryside restaurant. They grow Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc varietals. We begin with a guided tour of the estate and its wine-making process. You will also taste wine and food pairings, followed by a 4-course lunch based on a sampling gourmet menu, which includes picada (starter), full course, multiple garnishes, and dessert. Wine, coffee, and water are also included. Itinerary: Pick up time: 9:45 AM Pick up Point: at the guests' accommodation, airport or ferry terminal. Schedule: Departure from Buenos Aires to Casa Gamboa (Campana) in a private vehicle. Departure: 10 a.m. Trip duration: 1 hour 30 min Arrival at Casa Gamboa vineyard. Arrival time: 11:00 a.m. Guided tour through the vineyard with wine tasting and food pairing. Duration: 1 hour 30 min, 2 hours. End: 12:30 p.m- 1p.m. Accommodation in the restaurant area and lunchtime. Duration: 1 hour Return to Buenos Aires in a private vehicle. Departure: 3.30-4 p.m. Duration of the trip: 1 hour Duration of the tour: 5–6 hours aprox What we include: Round trip private transportation, Visit, wine tasting and food in the vineyard, guided tour in the vineyard, management services and private guide, 4-course lunch and wine, snacks and drinks. 📣 Don't forget to show your appreciation! The hosts work hard to give you an unforgettable experience. Leaving a tip is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their dedication and knowledge. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated! 💼👟🌟

Buenos Aires: Tango class in boutique hotel in Palermo

9. Buenos Aires: Tango class in boutique hotel in Palermo

¡Tango! one of the best ways to know and understand Argentinian culture and character is by its characteristic music. Tango has in its essence all the Argentinian shades, it is romantic and passionate, it is smooth and abrupt, complex and charming, and tango will for sure captivate you. In this tango class we will make a quick review through the history of tango and how it ended being a world famous music style and the most passionate one while we enjoy a glass of delicious Argentinian wine. But this is just the beginning, after this brief introduction we will learn some of the classic tango moves, we will practice them with our partners and finally we will dance tango. We have some fun games and activities, all related to this beautiful music prepared for you. By the end of this fun and relaxed class our instructors will provide a small exhibition of tango dance preformed by profesionals so you can enjoy a private show. Join us in this wonderful experience and make a lifetime memory with your partner.

Buenos Aires Gastronomic Immersion Tour

10. Buenos Aires Gastronomic Immersion Tour

Description This time we are featuring this exclusive Gastronomic Experience in San Telmo, Buenos Aires' most historic and artistic neighborhood. They say food speaks louder than words. Indeed, the essence of cultures and entire nations can be understood through the palate. What can be better than taking part in a conversation about immigration and customs in Buenos Aires, in which food and drinks are at the center of the stage? What we will do? We will start this food walk in one of the Notable Bars of Buenos Aires and end in one of the most refined and artistic restaurants in San Telmo. This gastronomic experience consists of a 3 to 4-course menu of typical Argentine food. We will make a stop at a different restaurant or bar per meal. As immigration was fundamental for the development of "porteños" identity, Mediterranean culinary elements are found everywhere in Argentine food tables. Other stops also include a Notable Bar and Argentine classic courses in the San Telmo gastronomic area and its surroundings. The food and drinks that are served in this tour offer an eclectic mix of Argentine, Italian, and Spanish gastronomy, thus this blend mirrors the cultural influences brought by the immigrant communities that made Buenos Aires their home. That's the reason why we host a menu with options such as empanadas, apéritif drinks, steak, picada, and more! Although the focus is placed on the palate, delicious food and drinks are way more enjoyable in the presence of insightful stories, interesting conversations, and good company. Depending on the person's perspective, food can be an excuse to discover the essentials of a city and its locals' identity, or, if you are more the foodie type, engaging storytelling is always good to accompany your meals. Where we will be? - La Poesia: We start in a bohemian café -bar with a round of appetizers and aperitive drinks. -El Hornero (Mercado de San Telmo): empanadas, regional food. - El Desnivel: parrilla/steak house, they also sell empanadas. - Napoles Bar: Discover Buenos Aires' most elegant and artsy restaurant in an off-beaten gastronomic corner. Other options: - Nuestra Parrilla: parrilla de barrio - Pulpería Quilapán: comida argentina - Bar Británico: bodegón/café notable Tour Duration: 3:30 hours IMPORTANT: We only accept bookings schedule with 24hs in advance. Thank you 📣 Don't forget to show your appreciation! The hosts work hard to give you an unforgettable experience. Leaving a tip is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their dedication and knowledge. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated! 💼👟🌟

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I had a great day. I was the only person on the tour and Marcelo was a star in keeping me company. He was very knowledgeable, we discussed history, economy, people, wine. The wine yard itself is young, so not commercialized yet which in my opinion gives a more authentic experience. The food was amazing as well. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend.

What a fun afternoon! Our guide Marcelo was so knowledgeable. I learned a ton from him on our drive from Buenos Aires city to Bodega Gamboa. The winery tour and tasting was great. The meal was absolutely incredible! The food seemed to never end and each dish was delicious, especially paired with their wines.

Wonderf tour. The food amd wine were amazing. Non stop food. Everything they fed us was fantastic. The explanation of the wine making and tasting was fabulous. Our guide Sabrina was a star. So friendly and informative.

My husband and I absolutely loved this trip. Our tour guide translated the whole tour and wine tasting to us as our Spanish is limited. The quality of the food was mind blowing. A must do trip. 10/10

Amazing trip, so imformative, our guide kamilla was so nice and had excellent english. Would highly recommend this trip.