Cala Rossa, Island of Favignana: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Trapani: Cruise to Favignana and Levanzo with lunch

1. From Trapani: Cruise to Favignana and Levanzo with lunch

Take this Journey with us: Departure at 9:30 AM from Trapani port. First stop will be in Favignana around 10:20 AM. Here you will have free time, you can enjoy the visit in the Favignana centre and take the advantage of doing shopping, or visiting museums like the Ex Stabilimento Florio, but also spend the time on the beach. We depart from Favignana at 12:30 PM and we start our journey trough the cost, we will visit the most beautiful and suggestive "calette" such as Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, here you will have the time to swim and have a lunch (included). The we will depart to reach Levanzo, where you will have free time to visit the fishing village. From Levanzo we will visit by boat Cala Fredda e Cala Minnola, and we will have a second stops to swim. We will arrive to Trapani around 5:30 PM.

From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Sightseeing Cruise

2. From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Sightseeing Cruise

Departure at 09:30 from Trapani - Arrival on Favignana and 2 hours of free time to visit the village, take shopping, visit the museum or spend your time on the beach - Coastal tour and admiring the main creeks like Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra - stop off for swimming and a free Typical lunch on board - Arrival on Levanzo and 1 hour of free time to visit the village and swimming from the coast - Return at 5.30 /6:00 pm to Trapani.

From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Mini Cruise with Lunch

3. From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Mini Cruise with Lunch

Discover the picturesque islands of Favignana and Levanzo on a sightseeing boat tour from Trapani. Explore the quaint island villages, bathe in the glittering Mediterranean water, and savor a traditional meal on board. Set sail in the morning from the port of Trapani for your first stop, Favignana. Explore the winding streets and nearby beaches of this charming village, with time for a quick swim. Next, embark on a scenic boat tour along the coast and scout out the enchanting coves of Favignana, such as Cala Rossa, Bue Marino, and Cala Azzurra. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing swim. Then, delight your taste buds as you indulge in a traditional Trapani-style pasta with pesto on board. Relish your delicious meal as you admire the surrounding Mediterranean scenery. Upon arrival at Levanzo, explore the picturesque village and lose yourself in the charming streets. Swim in the turquoise water, soak up the sunshine on the shores, or simply admire the views from the Port of Levanzo.  Then, continue towards Cala Fredda, Cala Minnola, and the famous Faraglione, where you can unwind and let the island's magic wash over you before returning to Trapani in the evening.

From Trapani: Egadi Islands Favignana & Levanzo Cruise

4. From Trapani: Egadi Islands Favignana & Levanzo Cruise

Embark on a cruise around the island of Favignana from Trapani. Jump aboard a comfortable boat that guarantees safety and comfort for kids and adults. Stop at Cala Rossa, Blue Marino, Cala Azzurra, Favignana, Lovers' Cave, Levanzo, Cala Fredda, and Cala Minnola. Set sail to your first stop of Cala Rossa, an expanse of crystal clear water. Continue to Blue Marino to discover the island's ancient tuff quarry. Your third stop is Cala Azzurra, a sandy beach that takes its name from the intense color of its water. Visit the island’s village, the former tuna processing factory of Florio, or have lunch in a typical restaurant on the island. Leave the Favignana port to sail to Lovers’ Cave. With the help of your skipper and the snorkeling equipment provided, swim inside the cave and explore its 2 entrances. Head down the cave to find a small pebble beach sheltered by the roof. Coasting the majestic sea stack of Levanzo, leave for Cala Fredda, a wonderful bay with a seabed covered with marine plants and a pebble beach you can reach by swimming. Finally, go to Cala Minneola, the last stop of the tour. As the captain drops the anchor, bid farewell to the Islands.

San Vito Lo Capo: Full-Day Boat Trip

5. San Vito Lo Capo: Full-Day Boat Trip

Discover the colors and fragrances of the Mediterranean on a boat trip from San Vito Lo Capo. Admire the beautiful coastline, and snorkel or swim in crystal-clear waters. Fins, masks, and various swimming aids are provided. Stop to explore stunning beaches and bays, including Zingaro Reserve, Cala dell'Uzzo, Faraglioni di Scopello, and Cala Rossa. Visit the incredible Lovers’ Cave and the Blue Cave. Wander through Castellammare del Golfo, a picturesque village, and taste delicious local dishes. The boat is equipped with an awning that covers three quarters of the deck, offering shelter from the sun. On the day of the tour, your skipper will decide the best route, depending on sea and weather conditions.

FAVIGNANA, Dinghy Excursions from Marsala

6. FAVIGNANA, Dinghy Excursions from Marsala

Explore the wonderful Egadi Islands--Favignana, Levanzo with our day tours.Taking a boat excursion even if it's just a day trip is the best way to break the routine and return home rejuvenated. 09:00 am meeting at Marsala Tourist Port, at 09:30 am departure for the island of Favignana aboard our pneumatic boats.It is advisable to arrive a few minutes early to find parking inside the Tourist Port area. 10:30 am - First stop in Cala Azzurra.An ideal destination for snorkelers, Cala Azzurra is located in the southeastern part of the island and takes its name from the blue color of the sea. The clear, almost transparent water make this bay a true piece of paradise. Formed mainly by rocks but with a strip of fine white sand in the center of the bay. 11:00 Cala Bue MarinoCala Bue Marino is most famous for the tunnels and caves created by man, this area in fact was a quarry where tuff was extracted. The sea is beautiful, deep seabed and rich in underwater life, ideal for those who love diving or snorkeling. 11:30 Cala RossaCala Rossa, judged by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, is one of the most striking places on the island. The transparent sea and flat rocks create a truly striking scenery. Here the sea, transparent and inviting, is embraced by a frame of cliffs and tuff quarries. 12:00 Scalo CavalloScalo Cavallo is a beautiful inlet, located on the island's northeastern stretch of coastline. Scalo Cavallo is a magical and romantic place, an ancient tuff quarry, here the color of the water changes from the soft turquoise of the shore to the deep blue of the deep waters. 12:30 - Disembarking on the island of Favignana.As soon as you arrive, you will be enraptured by the beauty of the small port of Favignana. It will be possible to visit the tuna nets and the archaeological museum located inside the former Florio palace. 13:30 - Lunch in the dinghy.You will enjoy "Pane Cunzato" prepared by our master bakers with Km "0" products, water and IGT wine from Marsala wineries. 15:00 - Course for LevanzoNext stop Levanzo, only 3 nautical miles away, the smallest and wildest of the Egadi Islands. Set course for the port of Levanzo, skirting the imposing stacks. 15:30 - Cala FreddaWonderful bay with a seabed covered with Poseidonia, with a charming pebble beach that can be reached by swimming. 16:30 - Cala Minnola - the last stop.Cala Minnola is known for the pine forest that overlooks the sea. The cove is named after Minnola, a small fish that populates the cove, which can be seen by snorkeling. The stop at Cala Minnola will also be a time for an onboard aperitif of prosecco and various stucchini. 18:00 - Arrival in MarsalaWe will set sail the anchors and bid farewell to the Egadi Islands and set the bow towards the port of Marsala, with arrival expected at 18:00

Favignana and Levanzo Island: Swim, Snorkelling and Lunch

7. Favignana and Levanzo Island: Swim, Snorkelling and Lunch

Tour Classic – Favignana Lunch and aperitif on board Full Day 09:00 – 18:00 - max 12 person on baord 09:00 – Boarding and departure form Marsala Starting from Marsala Tourist port, jetty “B”, at 10:00 o’clock to Favignana island. 10:30 – First stop “Cala Rossa” Cala Rossa is one of the most beautiful and suggestive seasides of Italy. The clear sea water is surrounded by a frame of cliffs and tuff quarries. 11:30 – Landing on Favignana’s island You’ll be caught by the beauty of the little Favignana’s port. It is possible to visit the “tonnare” and the archeological museum inside the former Florio palace. 13:30 - Lunch Tasting of “Pane Cunzato” prepared by our bakers and tipical sicilian products. 15:00 – Cala Azzurra Cala Azzurra is located in the southeastern part of the island and the name is taken from the blue color of the water. Perfect for snorkeling lovers. 16:00 – Cala Preveto Cala Preveto rises at the end of a valley and overlooks a crystalline sea of an intense blue. Perfect for enjoyng a relaxing time. 17:00 – Bue Marino Cala Bue is famous for its man-made caves. The seabed is rich og underwater life, perfect for diving and snorkeling lovers. This stop will be the perfect moment for tasting a good Prosecco. 17:30/18:00 – Arrival in Marsala The program cam be changed due weather conditions. DETAILS AND PLANNING: ● Departure times: 09:00 - 18:00 ● 9 hours tour PRICE INCLUDING: ● All fee ● Fuel ● Lunch and beverages ● Water ● Skipper ● Snorkeling equipment PRICE NOT INCLUDING ● Transfer from Hotel to Turistic Port A/R

Trapani: Castellammare del Golfo Snorkeling Cruise Day Trip

8. Trapani: Castellammare del Golfo Snorkeling Cruise Day Trip

Enjoy a day spent snorkeling and swimming in the serene waters of Sicily, making stops at Cala Bianca and Cala Rossa before diving with exotic fish by Faraglioni. Explore the village of San Vito Lo Capo and indulge in a traditional lunch. Discover the Lovers’ Cave in a nature reserve. Depart from the Castellammare del Golfo port for Cala Bianca at 10:00 am. Anchor in the crystalline cove and dive into the wonderful waters, before setting sail again for Scogliera di Cala Rossa. Make a stop at the coastal village of Scopello and keep an eye out for the impressive rock stacks called Faraglioni. Jump into the waves and snorkel above a seabed full of color, prized by scuba-divers. Depart at around 12:30 am for the port at San Vito Lo Capo. Spend time exploring the beach and the village influenced by Arab-Norman architecture. Take the chance to indulge in a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants. After lunch, cruise through the waves to the Réserve naturelle du Zingaro. Admire the old stone towers on the shoreline and the Mirror of Venus lake on your way to the nature reserve. Explore and practice snorkeling in the enchanting waters of the Cala dell’Uzzo in the Réserve naturelle du Zingaro. Discover the small, isolated beach within the Lovers’ Cave.  Say goodbye to the dancing fish as you travel to the pebble beach, Cala del Leone. Dive into the sea again and admire the landscape both above and below the water. Relax on board your boat, cruising back to the port of Castellammare del Golfo. Pass by and see the swimming spots you stopped at earlier in a different light.

From Trapani: Guided Day Cruise to Favignana and Levanzo

9. From Trapani: Guided Day Cruise to Favignana and Levanzo

Those who land on Favignana and Levanzo are enchanted by the natural beauty of the coasts, the crystal-clear sea, tinged with intense turquoise, the coral seabed and the fish fauna. Their suggestive caves and coves tell visitors legendary and mythical stories. The Tourist Lines Tour will take you on a discovery of the islands' wonders. Discover our Tour! Do you want a tour tailored to your dreams? Tourist Lines, makes your every wish come true. In the Exclusive Tour, we offer you an exclusive boat rental service. Ideal for those who want to experience a mini-vacation to the Egadi Islands in total relaxation and with more privacy. We give you the means, you choose the travelling companions! Exclusive Tours is the most suitable formula for experiencing the magic of the sea, in complete freedom, familiarity and fun. We will reserve a boat for you at your complete disposal. What's included in the Tour? - Welcome and end-of-day aperitif - Crew on board - Fuel - Alcoholic and soft drinks What do we provide? - Guests will be provided with a mask and snorkel for snorkelling as well as life jackets for those unfamiliar with the sea. - Guests will find all safety equipment on board. All the stops and timings are designed and tested to ensure a more complete experience of visiting, relaxing and enjoying our guests. The itinerary can be tailored to specific customer requests. Itineraries may vary and/or be cancelled depending on marine weather conditions.

From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Full Day Cruise

10. From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Full Day Cruise

Get ready to have the best day of your vacation on board our boats. With our tour, you will no longer have to think about anything except disconnecting your brain from the usual routine and diving in the crystal clear waters of our islands. The best thing is that you can visit Favignana and Levanzo in just one day, without the need to stay overnight and, above all, from the best perspective: the sea, aboard modern ribs, top of the range in terms of safety and elegance, in no more than 12 people together. Trip Description: 09:45 - Meeting at: Marina Vento di Maestrale (Via dei Gladioli SNC, Trapani) 10:00 - Departure towards Favignana to visit the most beautiful bay: -Cala Azzurra -Bue Marino -Cala Rossa 13:00 - Stop in the charming town of Favignana. It's possible to disembark and visit it by taking a beautiful lunch break 14:30 - Departure towards Levanzo island, where you can swim in the most beautiful places -Lovers' Cave -Faraglioni -Cala Fredda -Cala Minnola 18:00 - Return to Trapani harbour at the starting point

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Francesco (who speaks French for those who will have the chance to come across him) knew how to make this day magnificent, the landscapes are superb. The fact that it is in a small group is a real plus for the atmosphere! The aperitif is nice, we recommend 100% and thanks again to Francesco ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The boat trip was wonderful. Many swimming stops in the most beautiful coves of Favignana and Levanzo. Francesco the super nice skipper and attentive to our needs! Full day, beautiful experience, fabulous sea.

Easily accessible meeting point, comfortable and comfortable boat, our super kind and nice captain, really very nice experience. Highly recommended. To redo.

Best way to spend a day, one of my favourite experiences I have had to date. Beautiful waters, great stops, and good company and captain.

Beautiful experience and organization at the top punctuality and all perfect very nice and friendly staff