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From Antalya/Kemer: Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour with Lunch

1. From Antalya/Kemer: Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour with Lunch

Discover the incredible natural setting of Pamukkale and the ancient settlement of Hierapolis on a day trip from the Antalya or Kemer region. Your guide will help you to understand the fascinating history and provide extra insight into this special area. Begin with pickup from your hotel or from the meeting point in the early morning before driving for a few hours until you reach Pamukkale. The dreamlike landscape is filled with fantastic stalactites and white terraces with flowing water. The healing properties of this area have been recognized for centuries and have long attracted visitors to the area. Experience the rejuvenating and calming effect of the mineral water. In the past, even Cleopatra made the trip to experience this unique setting. The ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis in Anatolia also provide spectacular views. In addition to learning about the history of this place, find out more about religion and culture in contemporary Turkey.

From Fethiye: Pamukkale & Hierapolis Day Trip w/ Meals

2. From Fethiye: Pamukkale & Hierapolis Day Trip w/ Meals

When booking our Fethiye Pamukkale Tour, you can expect to be part of an interesting and exciting sightseeing exploration. A professional tour guide welcomes you in the bus at the doorstep of your hotel, during the morning. For the purposes of this excursion, you will arrive at Pamukkale with a fully air conditioned and modern bus. Along the way, you can observe some stunning views and relax. Furthermore, the bus will stop for an energising breakfast stop, before arriving to your destination. The schedule of this tour is carefully designed to offer you a complete overview of Pamukkale’s history and natural beauty. The infamous travertines form the most iconic natural wonder in Pamukkale. This multi-layer, limestone mountain, has natural pools filled with thermal water. As you walk around, take your time to observe the interesting formation of this mountain, and don’t forget to snap some photos. Thermal springs in Pamukkale are of high importance since antiquity. For this reason, the guide will accompany you on an interesting visit at the ancient city of Hierapolis. The ruins include, among others, Roman baths, an ancient theatre, and a necropolis. To better understand the benefits of thermal water, you may, also, visit the Cleopatra’s Pool. This antique pool is 2000-years old, and famous for its rich concentration in minerals. Entrance comes at an extra cost, but the experience is rewarding. The schedule includes a lunch break at a local restaurant in the area. This tour finishes in the afternoon, with a transfer back to Fethiye, and a drop off at your hotel.

From Antalya: Shop-Free Pamukkale and Salda Lake Day-Trip

3. From Antalya: Shop-Free Pamukkale and Salda Lake Day-Trip

Admire the shimmering travertine pools of Pammukale and the vibrant blue Salda Lake on a guided day tour from Antalya. Explore the ruins of the Ancient Roman city of Hierapolis located beside the pools and enjoy some lunch in the city of Denizli on a full day of adventure. Start with pickup from your hotel in Antalya early in the morning. Travel first to Korkuetli, where you can purchase some breakfast or relax in a quiet cafeteria. Then, arrive at Pammukale for a guided visit of the ancient city of Hierapolis. Located on the site of thermal springs known for their therapeutic effects, discover the history of the city as you see the former city walls, ancient theatre, the Roman baths, and the necropolis. Next, walk towards the "Cotton Castle.", the famous white-washed mountain made of limestone. Make your way across the travertines of flowing water which splash across the limestone, creating shimmering pools along the mountain, perfect for photos or simply relaxing. At your discretion, you can pay on-site to access Cleopatra’s Antique Pool. Relax in rejuvenating thermal springs amongst ancient Roman columns. Afterward, travel a short distance to the nearby city of Denizli. Enjoy a tasty and freshly made lunch at a local restaurant. Hop back on the bus and head towards Salda Lake. Stroll along the white limestone shorelines of the vibrant blue lake and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere with one hour of free time. Enjoy some time to relax and reflect on your day. Hop back on the bus and travel back to Antalya, arriving in the evening with drop-off at your hotel.

From Selcuk/Kusadasi/Izmir: Pamukkale Full-Day Tour

4. From Selcuk/Kusadasi/Izmir: Pamukkale Full-Day Tour

Discover the stunning region of Pamukkale and its hot springs on a day trip from Selcuk, Kusadasi, or Izmir. Begin by meeting your driver/guide at the reception of your hotel in the morning and a transfer to Pamukkale. Explore the ancient city of Hierapolis, built on solid limestone layers formed by mineral-rich waters that flowed for millennia over a raised level plateau. See the most significant sites of the sacred city including the Theatre, the Temple of Apollo, and the Necropolis. Admire the Necropolis (Cemetery) of Hierapolis, one of the largest ancient burial sites in Anatolia. See a Roman bath, the Gate of Domitian, the main street of the ancient city, and the Byzantium Gate. Walk to the natural warm water terraces, formed by running warm water rich in calcium and temperatures of 35 Celsius all year-round. Get the chance to see the gleaming white travertine terraces of Pamukkale, located next to the ruins of Hierapolis.  Enjoy optional free time to swim in Cleopatra’s Pool before ending the tour with a transfer back to your hotel. And during the tour you'll have the chance to have a look at the Turkish traditional handcrafts.

From Didim: Pamukkale & Hierapolis Tour w/Lunch & Tickets

5. From Didim: Pamukkale & Hierapolis Tour w/Lunch & Tickets

Pick Up: Participation in this excursion includes a two-way transportation service from and to your place of accommodation. Thus, during the morning, a fully air conditioned and modern bus will pick you up from your hotel. Participants are instructed to be ready on time in order to avoid any delays. Road Trip: A professional tour guide will welcome participants in the bus and then a road trip follows. The road trip will have an approximate duration of 3 hours until we reach Pamukkale. However, a short break will be offered in the middle of the distance. During this break, you may enjoy a delicious breakfast. Pamukalle is the first stop of this full day excursion. The spot is also known as Cotton Castle because it is a white-washed mountain. The most interesting part is that the mountain has naturally shaped terraces with thermal water. The scenery is truly imposing and beautiful. During your visit in Pamukkale, you may walk around to admire the beauty of this mountain or enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the thermal springs. Do not forget to snap some photos of the Cotton Castle! Hierapolis Ancient City: The tour guide will then guide you towards a nearby ancient city, called Hierapolis. Back in antiquity, this city was known as a healing and spiritual centre due to the beneficial thermal waters of the area. There, you may observe several structures, includes the necropolis and the ancient theatre. Lunch: Upon finishing the last visit, a lunch break follows. The meal will be served in a local restaurant close to Pamukkale and includes an open buffet. This would be the perfect chance to relax before the return road trip. Return Return to hotels is scheduled during the afternoon. The road trip will have an approximate duration of three hours. Upon arrival you will be full of great memories from this full day excursion.

Antalya: Full-Day Pamukkale Tour

6. Antalya: Full-Day Pamukkale Tour

Hierapolis, or "holy city", was an ancient Greco-Roman city in Phrygia, located on top of hot springs in Southwest Anatolia. Its ruins are adjacent to the modern city of Pamukkale. Hierapolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hot springs there have been used as a spa since the 2nd century B.C, when people came to soothe their ailments and many of them retiring or dying there. Some of the highlights include the large sarcophagi-filled necropolis, the main street with its gates and latrines, the cathedral, the theater, and St. Philips Tomb. The hot springs causing cascades which are called the Cotton Castle. At the conclusion of your day of sightseeing, you will return back to Antalya.

From Alanya: Pamukkale and Hierapolis Day Tour with Lunch

7. From Alanya: Pamukkale and Hierapolis Day Tour with Lunch

A day trip to Pamukkale from the port city of Alanya is a nature and culture trip that you simply cannot afford to miss. The tour is mainly centered on the ancient town of Hierapolis and the world-famous travertine of Pamukkale. The travertine or calcium terraces are locally known as Pamukkale, meaning ‘cotton castle’ because of their physical appearance. The site is located around 265 kilometers from the city of Alanya and is considered one of the oldest thermal towns in the world. Swimming in the thermal waters is one of the highlights of the travel, with the water temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. According to local legends, the thermal waters of Pamukkale can heal conditions such as heart disease, digestion, rheumatism, skin disease, circulation, and respiration. There are several small thermal pools that you can explore, depending on weather conditions. In addition to the thermal waters, another highlight of this trip is the ancient Greek town of Hierapolis, which translates to 'Holy City'. It was built just adjacent to Pamukkale hot springs by the 2nd BC king of Pergamon and spans about 2.7 kilometers in length, 0.6 kilometers wide, and 0.16 kilometers high. You can explore the main streets and ancient theater among many other ruins from the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. Moreover, this antique city can be seen from the town of Denizli, some 20 kilometers away. For history buffs, the city got its name Hieropolis from the activity of minting bronze coins that were done there in the 2nd century BC, which later changed to Hierapolis. But when Attalus III died, he surrendered his kingdom to Rome, making it a part of the Roman province of Asia. One of the main attractions of the city of Hierapolis is the museum, which houses historical artifacts from the city as well as from Attuda, Tripolis, Laodicea, and Colossae. The exhibition space features three closed sections of the Hierapolis Bath as well as the open sections in the eastern part, which are believed to have been used as the gymnasium and library. Just next to the antique city and Pamukkale formation is the famous Cleopatra pool, which is quite an interesting attraction and visitors can test the waters here too. The pool was not owned by the legendary queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. Rather, it is an artificial pool built on top of the ancient columns that fell from the adjacent two during the earthquake. What is more, you can swim amongst these columns and ruins in the Cleopatra pool. This tour gives you enough free time to relax, swim and enjoy the surrounding landscape. There are a total of 17 hot springs in Pamukkale, with a temperature ranging from 30 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. An important point to note is that this entire site is listed as a UNESCO Heritage, and thus it i0s attracts millions of visitors every year from every corner of the world.

From Marmaris: 2-Day Pamukkale and Ephesus Tour

8. From Marmaris: 2-Day Pamukkale and Ephesus Tour

Tick both Ephesus and Pamukkale off your bucket list on one trip with hotel pickup in Marmaris and İçmeler and an overnight stay in Pamukkale. Visit the amazing Ephesus, home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, on the first day and the breathtaking "Cotton Castle" Pamukkale on the second. Get picked up and head toward one of the best-preserved ancient sites in the world, the city of Ephesus. Stop along the way for breakfast at Cleopatra Bay and for a tea break en route. See the House of the Virgin Mary, the 1,000-year-old amphitheater, and the Temple of Artemis. Have lunch in Seljuk before departing for Pamukkale. How better to end this magical day than with a romantic sunset over the white terraces of Pamukkale? Enjoy a tasty local dinner and a dance party as the eve's entertainment. Stay overnight at a luxe hotel. Wake refreshed for hotel breakfast and head off for a full day of fascinating travertines and thermal springs. Visit the ruins of Hierapolis and take some free time for the terraces and baths. Discover some spots in Turkey not yet touched by tourism. In the afternoon, depart for a visit to a local carpet school with another tea break before returning to your original pickup location.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis Full-Day Guided Tour

9. Pamukkale and Hierapolis Full-Day Guided Tour

Visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis on a 7-hour guided tour. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot springs and take in the unique white limestone terraces, known as travertines. The ancients believed that Hierapolis, or Sacred City, was founded by the god Apollo. It was famed for its hot springs, whose vapors were associated with Pluto, the god of the underworld. The hot springs were popular in Roman times because of their therapeutic powers. Visit the Domitian Gate, the colonnaded street and the cathedral. Explore the Pamukkale Museum and marvel at the limestone terraces of Pamukkale. The healing powers of the hot springs led to the establishment of a spa resort.

From Bodrum: Full-Day Pamukkale Day Trip with Lunch

10. From Bodrum: Full-Day Pamukkale Day Trip with Lunch

Discover the natural wonder of Pamukkale on a full-day guided trip from Bodrum. Explore this historic Hierapolis and refuel with a delicious lunch. Set off from Bodrum towards the natural spa of Pamukkale. Marvel at the white travertines with crystal thermal water. Explore this UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site known for its healing properties. Continue to the nearby ruins of Hierapolis and learn more about this ancient city from your guide. Opt to visit Cleopatra's Bath (ticket not included) and soak in the warm thermal waters. After, enjoy a relaxing return journey to Bodrum.

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After 2 nights in Istanbul, as I was thinking of traveling south, I thought about learning more about the Galipoli Campaign in the Galipoli Peninsula. Having a guide to explain about the different sites and the Campaign really helps! I was really glad to have booked this tour with the amazing and friendly guide. After the tour, I did not travel back to Istanbul with the rest of the group but instead took a ferry to Çanakkale to continue the rest of my travels in Turkey. For anyone who would like to explore this option.

Long day ex Izmir but good hotel pick up and transfers. Great visit to main attractions but also many other interesting places to visit.

Good tour. Well managed. Some more time should be given to spend in Pamukale

Amazing experience , very professional and informative. Perfect!

Nice tour. Long but a lot of activities. Good guide.