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EcoEvents is a newborn firm, which was created with love and passion, not only to satisfy every need of those who would like to visit Crete, but also to feature the simple everyday habits and values of the locals. EcoEvents specializes in creating unique events,for instance organizing excursions to exotic remote places,thus it gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the habitants and learn about their culture, hobbys and occupations such as the harvest and production of traditional Cretan products such us , the wine , raki , cheese , traditional rusk , honey , olive oil etc. EcoEvents , is an event and meetings destination management company, operating in Crete. Our firm, has already created a new unique service in the field of tourism, by covering a huge gap in the area of tourist excursions of every travel agency but also for clients who want to organize a trip on their own. Our objective is to earn the client's' trust through industry knowledge, understanding of their business challenges and celebrating their successes with a commitment to partnerships. Our team becomes an extension of the client's creative team. We are flexible in changing requirements throughout the planning and delivery process. “Our main purpose is, to create with you, an unforgettable event!” Strategic planning, creative solutions, comprehensive site investigations, careful budget management and precise execution are some of the methods we employ to produce unforgettable events and programs.

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