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Elissos Travelling Philosophy is a Destination Management Company based in Crete Greece, specializing in Cultural Tailor Made Private Tours. Historic, Traditional, Artistic, Spiritual and Mythological Private Journeys, introduce to you an Alternative, Experiential and Customized way of visiting Crete. Our Team consists of Expert Professionals: Very knowledgeable local Licensed Guides, motivational Art Academics such as Musicologists, Theatrologists, Choreographers and Photographers and enthusiastic Natures Lovers such as mountain Trekkers and Mountaineers. In the tours we design, we present the History, the Arts, the Traditions, the Mythology and the Spirit of Crete in an experiential and interactive way, as we aim to offer to our Guest a Complete Travel Experience, which includes features for Mind, Body and Spirit. In Elissos, we all wish to create for our Guests a real Cultural Journey in Crete. To offer not just high quality tours, but high quality Travel Experiences in our beautiful island. A real Travel in time, myths, arts and traditions. We focus on our Guests’ Journey to be primarily Experiential. These are after all the Travels we never forget.

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