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Our most recommended Emilia-Romagna Literary Activities

Florence: Dan Brown's Inferno 2-Hour Walking Tour

1. Florence: Dan Brown's Inferno 2-Hour Walking Tour

On this 2-hour guided walking tour you’ll follow in the footsteps of Robert Langdon, the main protagonist in Inferno, Dan Brown’s latest best-selling novel. Set on the streets and in the districts of Florence, this is an authentic and original program that takes you to locations that are intimately associated with the book. Your guide will reveal the secrets of the Inferno by telling you about the mysteries of Dante, the Florence Cathedral, the Gates of Paradise, the undiscovered sites of Pallazzo della Signoria and other monuments on the route through Florence. The story will unfold as your guide takes you to the medieval squares and along the streets of this atmospheric Renaissance city.

Medieval Ferrara and the Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour

2. Medieval Ferrara and the Jewish Ghetto Walking Tour

Begin your fantastic walking tour in the courtyard of the Castello Estense. Learn about the rich history of the area and its landmarks from your professional local guide. Pass by the Frescobaldi Music Conservatory before making a stop at the mid-15th century S. Anna hospital cloister. Glimpse into the garden of the early 16th century Palazzo Roverella, before heading to the 18th century oval Theatre Square where the statue of the Ferrarese friar Savonarola lies. Walk between the archbishop's palace and the former Ducal Palace to the cathedral and town hall which features a beautiful brick laid square. Finish your exciting tour by visiting the medieval business lanes and the historic Jewish ghetto before ending in front of the intricate 15th century Italian Synagogue.

Inferno Florence Private 3-Hour Tour

3. Inferno Florence Private 3-Hour Tour

Florence is the birthplace of the Great Poet DANTE, a city that  is full of mysteries and secrets and you will discover it in so unusual way. We will follow the clues of the main character of the book, Robert Langdon, deeper and deeper in the Hell... One symbol after another, one place after another until the discovery of the last secret. You'll move among old palaces, squares, buildings, galleries and works already known worlwide, such as in open-air museum. Exploring this mysterious past will help you understand what is hidden behind "Inferno", the world-famous book by American writer Dan Brown. You will visit the inside of the Palazzo della Signoria, the Baptistry and Cathedral of Florence  Science, literature and art are here mixed together. You will see a unique Florence and learn a completely new Dante as you immerse yourself in the Florence of the Middle Ages. Search and find the truth!

Florence: Private Walking Tour of Dante's Florence

4. Florence: Private Walking Tour of Dante's Florence

Discover the city and the neighborhood where the famous poet lived. Learn about Dante's passions and works, as well as the life and customs of the medieval city. Enjoy a glimpse of old Florence with your expert, private guide. They will show you a timeless city of narrow streets and tower-houses, small squares and gothic monuments. Stop and smell the fragrance of the ancient street food. Discover the places where Dante lived, studied, and worked. See all the sights of Dante's city, including the Church of Dante and Beatrice, where the poet met his muse. Enjoy this journey back in time, and feel the verses of the Divine Comedy echo in the air.

Inferno Tour In Florence

5. Inferno Tour In Florence

Enjoy our INFERNO walking tour in Florence, led by an expert local guide and discover Palazzo Vecchio: the town hall of Florence. Follow Robert Langdon's steps, in Dan Brown's latest novel and released Tom Hanks' movie, to discover fascinating secrets of Florence. You’ve read the book or seen the film. Now, plunge deep into the secrets of the world of Dan Brown, strolling through the darkest side of Florence, the Medieval town! You’ll learn all the secrets used in his novel - a tour of mystery and suspense. Walk Florence's striking city center in all its splendor from a uniquely captivating viewpoint, gape at the details of the city's exciting history and centuries-old legacy, hear all about the great Medici dynasty and their political intrigues, admire the Palazzo Vecchio one of their grand palaces and other imposing landmarks described in the novel. You’ll be led through the beautiful “Salone dei Cinquecento”: this “giant chess piece that has become an inimitable symbol of Florence” will have you as one of its players. You will feel as though you’re actually walking side-by-side with novel characters Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks, experiencing a Dante Alighieri’s "Divine Comedy", You’ll have time to admire the Hall of Geographical Maps and Dante’s death Mask. This is a must not just for Dan Brown freaks but for anyone who wants to know more about the secrets of Florence and astonishing paintings and so on...

Bologna: Old Town Murder Mystery City Game

6. Bologna: Old Town Murder Mystery City Game

Discover Bologna’s hidden secrets by following clues and solving puzzles on this murder mystery exploration game played on your phone. Discover new places and amazing stories with an app as your guide. Start at Porta Galliera. From there, simply follow the game route and instructions. Explore at your own pace: pause the game and resume anytime from any location where you paused it. As you solve challenges, the story unfolds and directions on your phone will guide you to the next stop. Explore Via dell'Indipendenza and Santa Maria della Vita along with lesser-known places. Discover the city’s most famous marketplace. As you explore, learn about the stories behind the city, including the puzzling history of the Old University, founded in 1088 by an organized guild of students. Choose to play on your own, in a large group, or in several smaller groups to compete against each other and race to the final stop of the game. Enjoy an experience that’s the perfect mix between a tour, outdoor escape game, and treasure hunt. The entire game will take around 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.

From Florence: Private Pinocchio History Tour

7. From Florence: Private Pinocchio History Tour

The Cat and the Fox, the adorable Blue Fairy, the terrible Fish-dog, the thoughtful Geppetto, not to mention the Talking Cricket; meet all these characters on a journey that will make both the young and old dream. Live Pinocchio's adventure with the help of a multi-lingual tour guide who will take you to key places in Florence and Tuscany. The morning will be dedicated to the rediscovery of some corners of Florence that have marked important moments in the life of Carlo Lorenzini, known to most by the pseudonym of Collodi. Visit the plaque marking his birthplace on via Taddea and the bronze statue representing the famous puppet before finally reaching the family chapel in the monumental cemetery of Porte Sante, where Lorenzini rests. Then, traveling in a comfortable minivan, head to the Tuscan hills where you will reach the village of Collodi. Be amazed by the beautiful garden of Villa Garzoni, a garden that Carlo himself helped to take care of and make prosper. After a stop for lunch, the guide will accompany you in your exploration of the Pinocchio Park. Hear some passages from the novel while walking the paths from which all the characters of the story emerge.

Florence: Basilica of Santa Croce Guided Tour

8. Florence: Basilica of Santa Croce Guided Tour

The Basilica Santa Croce is a must in Florence and this guided tour is highly recommended to get to know it in depth. Everyone loves it on this planet, poetry has been written about it and the most famous artists of all time have left at least one of their works of art there. The great personalities who made Italy famous in the universe are buried here. Here are the tombs of Galileo, Machiavelli and Michelangelo, placed in iconic monuments in the nave of the Great Italians. But not only. We will see the funerary monument dedicated to Dante Alighieri, the tomb of Vittorio Alfieri, sculpted by the neoclassical artist Antonio Canova. Alfieri was a poet loved by women of high society and is buried in the Galleria dei Grandi Italiani thanks to a very rich woman, the Countess Von Stolberg. Among the numerous other tombs we will also find Lorenzo Ghiberti with his son Vittorio, the authors of the Renaissance Gates of Paradise of the Florence Baptistery. Ugo Foscolo also rests here. The nineteenth-century poet wrote "I Sepolcri", a poem dedicated to the Basilica of Santa Croce and to those who are buried there. Italian students must necessarily study this poem carefully, because it represents the cultural roots of our country. We will get lost in the chapels of the largest Franciscan basilica in the world, we will explain the frescoes by Giotto and works by Donatello, we will marvel in the sacristy and in the huge chapel of the Medici family. Among the chapels of the illustrious Florentine families there is also the Pazzi Chapel, an antimedicean family who had the largest chapel of all built by Filippo Brunelleschi, later decorated by Donatello and Luca della Robbia. If you really want to understand the cultural roots of Florence and of Italy all, follow us on this unmissable tour!

Rome: Twilight Scenes of Volterra Tour

9. Rome: Twilight Scenes of Volterra Tour

A guided tour of Volterra will take you on a discovery not only of its artistic and historical beauties, but also its most mysterious aspects. Your tour of Volterra begins with your entrance into the city center through the Porta all'Arco: from there you will be immediately projected into an atmosphere full of mystery that will accompany you to the narrow Vicolo Mazzoni. In a small and steep alley containing dappled sunlight, you will discover the manhole where Edward and Bella stop for a passionate kiss. This is a fundamental stop for fans of the novel and for those who want to relive its romantic atmosphere. From Vicolo Mazzoni it is possible to reach Piazza dei Priori, for centuries the city's political heart where the austere Palazzo dei Priori stands out. Among the frescoed walls with bright colors inside, other events of the novel take place, and from its windows it is possible to view the entire city, including the roofs over which the Mayer vampires fly at night. This tour of Volterra provides you with the unique opportunity to learn about the history and origins of the city, as well as the literary traces left over the last few years by the Twilight saga. Your tour will conclude as you head to Montepulciano for a tasting of the famous red wine of the same name, following which you will return to Rome.

Florence: Leonardo Between Fiction and Reality Walking Tour

10. Florence: Leonardo Between Fiction and Reality Walking Tour

This is the perfect guided tour for every lover of Leonardo da Vinci and the new Amazon series, “Leonardo.” Walk to all the places and corners that appear in the TV drama and discover the truth about the real and fictional characters that appear in this story shot in Florence. Leonardo da Vinci, Verrocchio, or Francesco, the secret son of Caterina da Cremona and Ludovico Sforza, are just some of the people you’ll learn about beyond fiction. Discover places such as the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci or the house of Ginevra de’ Benci, for whom Leonardo painted the famous portrait of him. Learn more about the Mona Lisa, the most famous portrait in the world, painted in Florence in 1504 by Leonardo da Vinci. Watch as your guide brings the life of the painting’s model, Monna Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, back to life. See, among other things, the palace where she was born, and the place where this woman, the most famous model in all history, was buried. Hear the unknown stories of Salai, Leonardo's great love, and the artistic wars he had with Michelangelo. Meet Jacopo de Saltarelli and see where this gigolo from a noble family lived. You’ll also get to talk about the serious accusation of sodomy that led to Leonardo’s arrest. As you walk, a multitude of historical figures will appear before your eyes, including Ludovico Il Moro and Beatrice D'Este, Cesare Borgia, Bernardo Bembo, Stefano Giraldi, and many more. Analyze the figure of Caterina da Cremona, who in fiction is the love of Leonardo's life, together with Salai. Find out the truth whether Caterina was truly the model that gave life to the painting of "Leda and the Swan.”

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Very nice tour. Our guide explained everything very well. She had to do it in German and English, which she did very well during the tour. Her German was very easy to understand. Good knowledge of the subject! Very well presented. Despite 32 degrees a remarkable achievement! Thank you for the interesting tour!

Very knowledgeable guide, small group, very interesting indeed! The guide not only told us about Dante and Inferno related places but also explained much more on Firenze history. I certainly recommend this tour!

Marcelo was tremendous, so knowledgeable and funny. Happy to take any questions I had and help me understand other subjects related to Dante.

It was amazing, the entrance and visit of Palazzo Vecchio at the end was a jawdrop, I loved it! I reccomend...

Great way to explore a new town and see all the main sights