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For many tourists from other parts of the world, Japan is one of the most exotic destinations on earth. Anyone curious about visiting the Land of the Rising Sun will find plenty of activities to do in both the cities and the countryside.

Mt. Fuji is one of the most iconic sights in Japan. Tourists can enjoy seeing the majestic peak and can also take advantage of a stop at Hakone, a famous nearby resort. This excursion also includes a Lake Ashi boat cruise.

Travelers can also do sightseeing at Kyoto, which is known for its unique landmarks, such as a large wooden temple and several statues and shrines. Tourists can visit special shops here to purchase souvenirs. Travelers can also take a trip from this city to Nara, a place where visitors can see shrines and can see elegant deer in the region's deer park.

Tokyo has a number of great attractions as well. One of these is the Tokyo Tower, from which visitors can view the city on the observation deck. Travelers will be able to see the Imperial Palace Plaza and the various waterways surrounding the plaza. Once at street level again, tourists can then view the vibrant markets and temples. From Tokyo, visitors can view more of Japan's natural beauty. This excursion takes participants to waterfalls and shrines found at Kegon and Nikko.

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