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Northern Lights Adventure By Snowmobile

1. Northern Lights Adventure By Snowmobile

The highlight of any trip above the arctic circle: experiencing the magical northern lights dance across the sky. The mystery of light has given us many myths and legends over the years. Everything from heroes who lit up the sky to mysterious fire foxes and warnings of danger. The dry and stable climate in Alta provides the best conditions for seeing the Northern Lights. On this trip we combine the excitement of snowmobiling with experiencing the northern lights dancing across the sky. We take you along the old postal road up to the very edge of Finnmarksvidda to a mountain range called Beskardes. Far away from the lights of the city this trip provides the ideal conditions to see the northern lights in a beautiful winter landscape. If we are lucky we will get to see the magnificent northern lights dancing across the sky on our trip, or be treated with a beautiful arctic night sky. No previous experience is required to drive a snowmobile. All you need is a regular driver’s license, and it’s as simple as it is fun. A thorough safety introduction and driving instruction will be given before the trip starts. You will ride in pairs, a driver and a passenger on each snowmobile, with the opportunity to change seats during the trip. The Tour 17:55 Meet us at our Æverntyr Adventure Store in the city center 5-10 minutes before the start of the Tour. From here we will drive you to Gargia Valley, approx. 25km from Alta. 18:30 We arrive at Gargia Lodge. Here you will meet your guide and get a briefing about today’s trip. You will also receive thermosuits, boots and gloves for the trip. 19:00 After getting dressed you will receive a safety briefing on the snowmobiles. Now we are ready and can start our adventure. 20:00 We will arrive at Beskades. Here we will take a short stop and enjoy the amazing view in all directions before heading back down to Gargia Lodge. 21:15 We arrive back at Gargia Lodge. 22:00 We will drop you off in the city center where we started our trip.

From Alta: In search of the Northern Lights

2. From Alta: In search of the Northern Lights

This trip focuses on experiencing the northern lights and we spend up to 4 hours out looking for this fantastic phenomenon. We start the evening with a small lecture about the northern lights. This is to give you an understanding of how it occurs, then we look at the conditions for this particular evening. We use our local knowledge to find the best places to experience the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky. The tour 18:55 Meet your guide at our Adventure Store in the city center - Markedsgata 6, 9510 Alta   19:00 Get to know your guide and learn more about the magical phenomenon of the northern lights. You will also receive thermo suits, boots, and gloves for the trip   19:30 Your guide will drive you to the best spots to see the northern lights. Depending on the weather we might not have to drive far   Enjoy the show Your guide will bring warm tea/coffee and snacks. 23:00 We will get back to our Adventure store Our guides will try their best to find the northern lights for you, but as the lights are a natural phenomenon we cannot guarantee you will see them

Dog sled tour - 2.5 hour experience

3. Dog sled tour - 2.5 hour experience

Alta’s stable, cold climate and easy access to the Finnmark Mountain Plateau has made Alta a dogsledding hotspot in Europe. Mushers from all over Norway, and the rest of Europe, has settled here to be able to make a living from dogsledding. Our family joined their ranks over three decades ago and has spent the years racing and learning as much about dogsledding as possible. This knowledge is the foundation of the dogsledding trips that we offer our guests. We will take you out into the tracks where we train our race dogs into athletes, along the Alta River and the path where Europe’s best mushers race towards the finish line for the famous Finnmarksløpet. - We pick you up at the Alta Tourist Information (optional) - We provide you with the necessary clothing before the trip - Safety instructions will be given on how to handle a dog team - About 60 minutes dog sledding (possibility to switch between being a driver and a passenger) - After the trip, it will be possible to help with the dogs, take pictures and the guide tells a little about life with huskies - Easy serving in our Lavvo - Transport back to the Tourist Information in the centre of Alta

From Alta: Snowmobile Morning Adventure

4. From Alta: Snowmobile Morning Adventure

Finnmark is home to the vast Finnmarksvidda, Europe’s largest mountain plateau. With vast views in all directions, Finnmarksvidda is the ideal location to be explored by snowmobile. On this trip, we take you outside of Alta to our historic, 150-year-old mountain lodge in Gargia Valley. After preparing you for the adventurous ride ahead we take you along the old postal road up to the very edge of Finnmarksvidda to a mountain range called Beskades. Through snow-covered forests, we make our way up to the expansive mountain plains. Here you can embrace the true arctic wilderness, surrounded by only snow and the sky in all directions. You will learn about our history and the lifestyle of the Arctic, while also getting to experience Finnmarks culinary side with locally made snacks. Our certified Guide will show you how to drive the snowmobile and make sure you have an adventure to remember. No previous experience is required to drive a snowmobile. All you need is a regular driver’s license, and it’s as simple as it is fun. A thorough safety introduction and driving instructions will be given before the trip starts. You will ride in pairs, a driver and a passenger on each snowmobile, with the opportunity to change seats during the trip

From Alta: Fjord & Whale adventure

5. From Alta: Fjord & Whale adventure

In winter, whales come to the herring-rich fjords in northern Norway to hunt. This is a unique opportunity to experience the whales up close while exploring the beautiful Fjords of northern Norway. You will get to enjoy the beautiful winter skies, while surrounded by mountains and the fjords wildlife. We adjust the start point of this trip to where the whales have last been seen to maximize your chance of seeing them. This can mean that we first have to drive for up to 1 hour to get to our harbor. Once on the boat we will make our way out into the fjords to look for humpback whales and Orcas. We will keep a safe distance and turn off our boat engines to minimize the disturbance to the whales. The whales are just as curious about visitors as we are about them, so they will most likely come and swim around our boat. Please note that while we try our best, we can not guarantee that we will actually see whales on the trip. The season start and end date can be adjusted according to whale migration patterns.

Kirkenes: Snowhotel Entrance Ticket

6. Kirkenes: Snowhotel Entrance Ticket

Whether you are visiting during the white winter, the warm summer or the yellow autumn, the frozen wonder of the Snowhotel will be waiting for you 365 days a year. On arrival, walk past our reindeer grazing peacefully on the one side and visit the dog yard on the other side. The dog yard is home to Alaskan huskies and puppies, and they are very eager to meet every one of our guest and get some cuddles. Continuing your walk, enter the surreal Snowhotel. Marvel at the 14 stunning ice suites, all carved by master ice and snow artists, and order a drink in the jawdropping Icebar which has a new theme every year. You can also pass by the restaurant to get a hot drink, lunch or pastry, and explore the surroundings following the path along the fjord or take a stroll in between our cabins.

From Bodø: Lofoten, Senja, Tromsø Customizable Day Trip

7. From Bodø: Lofoten, Senja, Tromsø Customizable Day Trip

I am leading the private tour for people traveling in northen Norway. According to your time and requirements, I can design a proper travel plan for you with 3-5 days. The itinerary can include several activities for example hiking, fishing, kayaking, cycling also Chasing northern Lights, Whale Watching, Husky Sledding, King crab. But you need to book the activities by yourself for example dog sledding, whale watcing,. You can just book one day and send me a message, let me know your flight information, how many days you will travel, the places you want to go, and your outdoor activities ability, and then I can make a multiple-day plan for you you can book for more days. In general, it is very flexible and designed according to your needs. Please do not book it if you only need to travel 1 or 2 days. the main area includes Lofoten islands, Senja, Tromsø, North Cap, Alta. For 1-4 people I can provide AWD SUV, 5-8 can with a Van. The price listed online is just for 3 days, if you need more then we can talk. Kids are more than welcome. let me know how much luggage you have and the kids' age, and height after booking. You book for one day then we make a full trip plan for you, if finally you do not agree then you can cancel it. Please send me a message instead of directly calling me, since I am driving most of the time and cannot answer you, after I arrive at the destination I will send you the message. The price is not include the hotel and other activities such as whale watching, dog sledding.

From Alta: Northern lights camp in the Wilderness

8. From Alta: Northern lights camp in the Wilderness

Our guide will meet you at our Adventure store, where you will receive arctic clothing (thermal suits, gloves, and boots) so you can enjoy the night outside without being cold. Afterward, we drive up to our beautiful Gargia Mountain Lodge, our base for the activity. Here you will be served a traditional hot meal and get a presentation about the history of the mythical Aurora Borealis. Did you know that the old legend says that if you wave something white to her, she will come, and take you? Before we go out in the twilight, you will get a briefing on how to have fun and explore with snowshoes. If you wish to try them, you are also welcome to stay around the lodge and enjoy the beauty of the night from there. You will learn about the surroundings and the magic of Gargia Valley. The snowshoes will take you on a journey through snow-covered pines and birch trees, on both paths and completely untouched snow. Along the walk, we find openings in the forest and viewpoints where we might catch a glimpse of the aurora dancing above us. The polar night at our historical lodge accompanied by stories and fairytales from the local area about the Northern Lights provides a magical experience!   Welcome to an adventure in the polar night.

Alta: Small-Group Guided Northern Lights Tour

9. Alta: Small-Group Guided Northern Lights Tour

Join this tour and get in on the excitement of hunting for Northern Lights in the beautiful landscapes of the Alta Fjord. Meet your experienced guides who can show you how to best spot the Northern Lights. This tour comes with an 80-90% chance of seeing this spectacular natural phenomenon. Cozy up and lie down on a reindeer skin while you try to spot the lights. Hear stories about the Norwegian way of life and learn local history about the Stone Age, Sami culture, reindeer-herding, wildlife, and modern society in Alta and Finnmark. During the tour, enjoy some warm and cold snacks and beverages, including vegan alternatives, before arriving back at the Alta Center just past midnight.

From Alta: Experience Seiland National Park

10. From Alta: Experience Seiland National Park

Enjoy an easy and beautiful day trip to the south side of Seiland island and get a taste of its unique nature. Seiland is a unique and beautiful part of Western Finnmark’s island nature, with small and large fjords surrounded by steep mountains that plunge into the sea. Seiland’s two glaciers are the northernmost in Scandinavia. The steep coastal mountains are a breeding ground for a rich population of birds of prey. The ultrabasic bedrock in the south gives rise to a particularly lush plant life. We will also have the opportunity to experience wildlife, such as seals and sea eagles up close. On this trip we take you on an exciting RIB boat ride across the Altafjord, past picturesque mountains towards the far end of the fjord. We will ride past Seilands lush green mountains and go ashore in Bekkarfjord, Seilands most beautiful fjord.

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