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Sarajevo: Grand Walking Tour

1. Sarajevo: Grand Walking Tour

Join us on a journey through the past where the guide will reveal the small and big secrets of this city and introduce you to the mysticism of Sarajevo streets and alleys. The tour will take you to the main sights of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture and will show you a unique line where East meets West. Discover more about the city that is commonly associated with a siege of the 1990s. Learn about how the First World War started as a result of events in the city, and where the first Winter Olympics were held. Enjoy the scent of fresh made coffee, flavors from hookah, the sound of church bells, and the call from the minarets. Learn about the assassination that triggered the First World War and discover why Sarajevo is called European Jerusalem.

Sarajevo Old Town Walking Tour, Bosnian Ethnic Food & Coffee

2. Sarajevo Old Town Walking Tour, Bosnian Ethnic Food & Coffee

Your guide shall be waiting for you at the Sarajevo Eternal Flame to start the historic stroll. Gear up for an unforgettable adventure as you set your sights on the very first stop: the captivating Catholic Cathedral nestled in the heart of Old Town Sarajevo! Along the way, you will explore the most ancient alleys of Sarajevo, uncovering age-old workshops and concealed treasures under the guidance of our local guide. Also, witness the Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque, a stunning Ottoman Islamic architectural splendor as you pass by it. Yet another architectural wonder you will come across is the Sacred Heart Cathedral. The other pass-by spots you will come across are Kazandziluk, the Jewish Museum, Clock Tower, Morica Han, Sarajevo City Marketplace, and the National Theater of Bosnia and Herzegovina (tickets not included). Prepare yourself to taste the delicious flavors of Bosnian street snacks and coffee. Ranging from irresistible baked goods to one-of-a-kind homemade desserts, you will savor every assortment of this place. While you're enjoying your leisurely stroll, take a moment to pause at Sebilj. This charming Ottoman-style wooden fountain is a must-see! Immerse yourself in its historical significance and its role in the city's culture. The renowned Latin Bridge is the exceptional highlight of the tour, the site where World War I was triggered leading to the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. After relishing a fulfilling meal enticing Bosnian culture, street food, and wartime history, the guide's role will conclude as they accompany you to the Old Town. This is your chance to independently wander, explore, and shop at your own pace.

Sarajevo: Old Town, Fortress, Cable Car & Trebevic Mountain

3. Sarajevo: Old Town, Fortress, Cable Car & Trebevic Mountain

Get ready to journey through the rich history of Sarajevo with this enchanting experience that begins with a prompt pick-up. The first stop of your much-awaited experience - the Catholic Cathedral, stands as the finest representation of the city's spiritual heritage. Find yourself admiring the age-old construction and facade. Enjoy the pass-by spots at Kazandziluk, one of the famous streets of the town, the clock tower, and Morica Han, the only surviving inn from the Ottoman period. You’ll also get a chance to pass by the Jewish Museum, which houses the oldest Jewish temple, Sarajevo City Marketplace, and National Theater, famed for its mind-blowing architecture. Embark on a mind-blowing journey through time as you start your walk through the enchanting pathways of Sarajevo's Old Town. Unveil the rich history of the town as the guide escorts you to ancient workshops and historical treasures, all the while narrating catchy stories of the past. From there, you’ll be taken to Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque, a true example of the beautiful Ottoman Islamic design. Feel like you’re time traveling to the past as you explore the eternal flame, a monument that honors war victims and defenders during the 4-year occupation of the city in the 1940s. Brace yourself for a gastronomic treat as you indulge in Bosnian street delicacies, from delectable baked goods to homemade treats. Stop at the Ottoman-style wooden fountain, Sebilj, and marvel at the allure of this historic haven, where the past meets the present. Ascend to the Yellow Fortress, where panoramic views of Sarajevo await you. A cable car expedition will take you to the Trebević mountain, once a front line during the city's siege, now a site offering breathtaking panoramas. Get ready for another ride to the past at the iconic Latin Bridge – a spot that witnessed the beginning of World War I and a fateful assassination. Conclude your day's experiences with loads of memories and photographs and enjoy a peaceful ride back to your hotel.

Mostar: Sarajevo Grand Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum

4. Mostar: Sarajevo Grand Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum

The first stop on your tour will be the city of Konjic, one of the oldest towns in the country with archaeological traces dating back 4,000 years. The written documents date way back from 14th century, but the appearance of the town as it stands today started to form once the Ottomans came onto the scene. Utilizing a well-maintained road, you will then weave through a landscape of beautiful Bosnian canyons, mountains, lakes, and historic towns to reach Sarajevo. Your second stop is the most famous museum: the Tunnel of Hope. There you will learn about the position of the museum and its famous mark in front of the entrance named "Sarajevo Rose". After seeing a short movie, a 1-hour long presentation starts which will explain the fall of Yugoslavia, the war in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the creation and importance of the tunnel.  Following the tunnel, you'll advance towards the 1984 Olympics mountain of Trebević. It is the closest mountain to the center of Sarajevo and was part of the front line during the siege of Sarajevo. At this site you will have the opportunity to see and walk on the former bobsleigh and luge track, experiencing the most beautiful panoramic views of Sarajevo which unfortunately were also the main positions of the enemy army.   Just under the Trebevic Mountain lies the second-largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. The cemetery contains unique-shaped tombstones that can only be seen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed their shape is influenced by medieval Bosnian tombstones named "Stecak". Once finished with the Jewish Cemetery, you will head to Sarajevo Old Town for a traditional Bosnian lunch. Following lunch the best way to explore the city is a walking tour. Your tour guide will accentuate to you a combination of Oriental, European, and Yugoslav influences, which create uniqueness and beauty seen nowhere else but Sarajevo. You'll see Muslim, Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian, and Jewish architecture just a few minutes away from each other, whilst listening to Muslim calls to prayer at the same time as the sound of bells from nearby churches. You'll learn about the assassination that triggered World War I, as well as how Muslims and Jews protected each other through the different wars. At the conclusion of your scenic and education experience, it will be time to return to Mostar.

Sarajevo: Eat Pray Love Tour

5. Sarajevo: Eat Pray Love Tour

Enjoy your morning and early afternoon with a unique local experience. Treat your senses with traditional delicacies, learn about Bosnian hospitality, and the meaning behind a cup of Bosnian coffee. You can admire the symbol of the Austro-Hungarian rule, hear stories about the House of Spite, and walk through streets where you’ll learn more about different crafts which have existed in Sarajevo since the 15th century. You can discover the heart of Ottoman architecture, Sarajevo’s Baščaršija, before learning of the difference between “burek” and all other pies. Pray in four places of worship in Sarajevo, and find out why people call it a “European Jerusalem”. Later on, you will learn about the local hospitality over a cup of warm Bosnian coffee, as you share the importance and meaning of this special drink.

Sarajevo: Nighttime City Highlights Walking Tour

6. Sarajevo: Nighttime City Highlights Walking Tour

Welcome to the city of love, good people, great atmosphere, but also a city that witnessed wars that have shaped Europe. A place where different ethnicities, religions, and cultures have molded since time immemorial. Discover the history, culture and lifestyle of the city of Sarajevo and its people, a place with an irresistible charm and a unique mixture between East and West. During this unique walking tour in the city, you will find out what Sarajevo’s spirit means to you. Tour Spots: 1. Franz Ferdinand Assasination – Visit the most famous corner in Sarajevo. 2. Emperor’s Mosque – See the first mosque in Sarajevo and find out the story of how Sarajevo got its name. 3. The Spite house – It was on one side of the river but suddenly they moved it on the other side. 4. City Hall – Find out where the mayor of Sarajevo sits. 5. Baščaršija – The main trading center of Sarajevo. 6. Bravadžiluk and Kazandžiluk streets – Find out how we prepare traditional food. 7. Sebilj fountain – Choose the side and drink clear water from the citizen’s favorite fountain. 8. Morića Han – Visit the only Ottoman Inn left preserved in the city. 9. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque – Visit the yard of the central mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 10. Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures – See the spot where East and West meet. 11. Old Jewish Temple – Find out the story about Sarajevo Haggadah. 12. Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth – Send a message of peace and tolerance in front of Sarajevo’s Notre Dame. 13. Serbian Orthodox Church – The city’s largest Serbian Orthodox church boasts five impressive domes, a gilded baroque belfry, and beautiful murals.

Sarajevo: Guided Walking History Tour

7. Sarajevo: Guided Walking History Tour

Sarajevo is often called the Jerusalem of Europe. Throughout this tour you will discover how different religions and empires shaped the history of this beautiful city. Join a group of other travelers or have your guide all to yourself in a private group. Your local guide will explain what caused the Sarajevo Assassination of 1914, as well as how this event changed the course of the world’s history. You'll learn how to make and drink Bosnian coffee, before discovering what to eat and where to party during your Sarajevo adventure. You will also find out the differences between the Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian languages, including whether or not the different countries actually need a translator when they speak to each other.

Sarajevo: Uncovering Islam Tour

8. Sarajevo: Uncovering Islam Tour

Starting off with a quick introduction with your professional tour guide, you will be taken through an overview of the Islamic religion, including its beginnings and evolution. From tradition to culture, from social relations to every day life, you can discover the religion of Islam, including why is it considered to be one of the most peaceful religions in the world. With your Sarajevo insider, you will cover the history of Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and how much it contributed to peoples' lives and culture. You will also find out how it has co-existed with the other religions for hundreds of years.

10 days full Bosnia and Herzegovina trip

9. 10 days full Bosnia and Herzegovina trip

Day 1: Sarajevo Arrival Arrive at Sarajevo International Airport. Transfer to hotel in the city center. Enjoy free time to rest. Explore Baščaršija and sip traditional Bosnian coffee. Day 2: Sarajevo full day tour + Trebević with cable car Guided tour of Sarajevo's attractions. Visit the old Town, Gazi Husrev-beg mosque, and Sarajevo City Hall. Explore Kazandžiluk Street and try copperwork. Visit Tunnel of Hope. Lunch at a local restaurant. Leisurely walk on Trebević Mountain. Return to city via cable car. Dinner and overnight stay. Day 3: Sarajevo - Mostar + Blagaj + Buna + Kravice Depart for Mostar. Walking tour, visit the Old bridge and landmarks. Drive to Skywalk at Fortica for panoramic views. Optional zip-lining. Visit Blagaj Tekija and Buna river. Lunch by the river. Proceed to Kravice waterfalls. Return to Mostar for dinner and overnight stay. Day 4: Mostar - fruit picking + Boat Tour to the Spring of the Bunica River Fruit picking activity at Jaffa Komerc orchard. Boat tour to Spring of the Bunica River. Enjoy seafood lunch. Free time in Mostar to explore. Day 5: Mostar - Konjic Rafting with BBQ Drive to Konjic for rafting on Neretva River. Admire scenic views. Enjoy BBQ lunch by the riverside. Continue rafting adventure. Return to Konjic for dinner and overnight stay. Day 6: Jeep Tour Konjic - Zlatar vojni objekt - Blace jezero - Cuhovici - Lukomir Jeep tour to Zlatar military facility, Blace Lake, and Cuhovici village. Explore Delića Polje valley. Visit Lukomir, Bosnia's highest village. Enjoy homemade lunch. Return to Konjic for dinner and overnight stay. Day 7: Jeep Tour Lukomir - Bjelašnica – Transfer to Sarajevo Drive to Bjelašnica mountain. Take in stunning views. Transfer to Sarajevo. Check into hotel. Free time to relax. Day 8: Sarajevo Departure Final day in Sarajevo. Free time for shopping or exploring. Transfer to the airport.

Discover the Treasures of Bosnia: A Cultural Odyssey

10. Discover the Treasures of Bosnia: A Cultural Odyssey

Embark on a captivating tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina's cultural gems. Upon arrival, our friendly driver will ensure a comfortable transfer to your 4-star hotel, providing you with complimentary refreshments and internet access. Settle in and get ready for an unforgettable stay in Sarajevo. Start your adventure by exploring Sarajevo's enchanting Old Town. Lose yourself in its cobblestone streets, filled with traditional shops, inviting cafes, and mouthwatering restaurants. Don't miss the iconic Sarajevo cevapi, a local culinary delight. Visit Baščaršija, the heart of the city, and marvel at the majestic Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, a significant Islamic landmark. On the second day, join a guided walking tour of Sarajevo's cultural and historical center. Discover the unique blend of Eastern and Western influences as you visit sites like the Old Town, National and University Library, Brusa Bezistan Sarajevo City Museum, and Kazandžiluk Street. Take a breathtaking ride on the Sarajevo Cable Car for panoramic city views. Explore the Tunnel of Hope, Roses of Sarajevo, and The Yellow Fortress, witnessing the city's resilience and paying tribute to its history. Depart from Sarajevo for a scenic drive through Bjelašnica's captivating mountain range. Marvel at the panoramic views and enjoy the rugged charm of the landscape. Visit Umoljani village, where you'll uncover its rich history and admire its historic mosque. Indulge in a delectable homemade lunch, savoring authentic Bosnian cuisine. Reflect on the memories as you return to Sarajevo. Experience the natural wonders of Bijambare Cave, exploring its magnificent formations and marveling at nature's artistry. Continue to Vrelo Bosne park, immersing yourself in its serene ambiance and taking an optional horse carriage ride through the enchanting oak alley. Journey to Travnik, a city with a storied past and captivating architecture. Admire the surrounding landscapes and explore the city's historical buildings. Then, venture to Jajce, known for its natural beauty and historical significance. Visit the Jajce Fortress and soak in the town's charm. In Konjic, marvel at the old bridge spanning the Neretva River, and visit the Museum of the Wounded in Jablanica. Discover Mostar's Stari Most, the iconic Old Bridge, and explore the Blagaj Tekke in the idyllic village of Blagaj. Indulge in a mountain retreat on Bjelasnica mountain, enjoying a feast of home-cooked specialties amidst the serene beauty. Relax, unwind, and savor the moment. As your tour comes to an end, bid farewell to Bosnia and Herzegovina, taking with you cherished memories of its rich history, cultural influences, and the unique blend of Western and Eastern charms.

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The guide was really great, his English was very easy to understand. The tour group was just the three of us. He took us up the mountain toward the ruins and around a cemetary. Allowed us to get fresh pomegranate juice and drink a coffee with a beautiful view. Highly recommend this as a familiarisation tour when you first arrive! We even got the full story and to see the site where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Thank you to the your guide who made this a great tour!

We were able to spend 3 instructive and exciting hours with Adesa. She told and showed various places and elements in the city in great detail and always with reference to the historical background.

Our Guide Bojan did an excellent job. He is very knowledgeable and gave us an extensive tour through this impressive city. A really great way to start your visit.

Very interesting tour with a knowledgeable guide. We paid for a one to one tour and had an enjoyable morning walking around central Sarajevo.

Incredible and informative tour with lots of yummy and local snacks/drinks - thank you Bojan!