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Our most recommended Leipzig Interactive Tours & Incentive Events

Leipzig: Cospudener Lake Stand-Up Paddleboard Course

1. Leipzig: Cospudener Lake Stand-Up Paddleboard Course

Explore the beautiful Cospuden See of Leipzig with a stand-up paddleboard. After meeting your guide and receiving a safety briefing, you will learn the basic techniques of stand-up paddling and quickly move on to the water. Start your boarding experience to get used to the board and learn the basic paddling and steering techniques. Learn how to safely stand up on your board and watch the guide demonstrating the different paddle strokes. You will quickly make progress in your new sport. Your guide will respond to your individual needs and help you learn at your own pace. Enjoy the stunning beauty of the lake using your paddleboard.

Leipzig: Scavenger Hunt for Families & School Kids (German)

2. Leipzig: Scavenger Hunt for Families & School Kids (German)

Discover the center of Leipzig on a special tour and explore the sights of the city in a playful way. The compact version of the City Game will lead you to the most famous sights of this colorful and lively city. Start the City Scavenger Hunt at Leipzig train station and make your way to the opera and the famous Leipzig Gewandhaus. A puzzle will also await you at the City Skyscraper, where you will have the oppportunity to see the city from above (entrance fee not included). Take a break from the Scavenger Hunt City Tour Leipzig whenever you feel like it, to take a closer look at a tourist attraction, for example. Take a stroll through the Mädler Passage or marvel at the Thomaskirche from inside. See the Old City Hall at Market Square, pass the Old Stock Exchange and make your way to the historic Auerbachs Keller, where even the famous poet Goethe dined in his day. The City Game Box will contain 11 sealed and numbered envelopes with puzzles that need to be solved. Guided by clear directions, you will make your way through Leipzig. Solve the puzzles to find out where your next destination is located. The envelopes will also include detailed background information on each attraction, its history, its current use and much more.

Leipzig Old Cemetery: 75-Minute Dark History Tour

3. Leipzig Old Cemetery: 75-Minute Dark History Tour

Visit the Old Johannisfriedhof, a 750-year-old cemetery with a powerful story. In 1 hour and 15 minutes a gravedigger guide will lead you through a tour that both respects the site as a final resting place and reveals its darkest secrets. Become immersed in a long-forgotten world and learn about the horrors of the past. Hear how one can make a pact with the devil before death, which famous personality drove his children to suicide and why some people believe that Johann Sebastian Bach may actually be buried in the Old Johannisfriedhof. The tour concludes with a magical wishing ceremony conducted by the guide.

Leipzig: Ghost Detective Scavenger Hunt at South-Cemetery

4. Leipzig: Ghost Detective Scavenger Hunt at South-Cemetery

This smartphone-led scavenger hunt lets you play as a paranormal detective as you try to solve the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy woman who went missing over 200 years ago. Fortunately, you possess the skills to travel into the afterlife and find some answers. The hunt will take you through the south-cemetery, past overgrown ruins and statues to the ten most impressive monuments and crypts. Once you've found one of the monuments you will be given a puzzle. Study it closely to find the answer, but don't take too long as the puzzles are time-sensitive. Follow diary entries, audio files, locations, and ancient pictures to solve the puzzles. The answers will immerse you in the atmosphere of this place and provide you with pieces to the final puzzle. If you don't find all the clues, you can still solve the crime. Once you have visited all of the places you will have to make a decision to reach either the good, bad, or medium ending. The more clues you have the easier your decision will be.

Leipzig: Harry Potter Quiz Tour

5. Leipzig: Harry Potter Quiz Tour

This walking tour starts at Leipzig Mendebrunnen where you can meet your expert guide and the other wizards (or muggles). It leads through the inner city of Leipzig by night and is fashioned as a quiz about the Wizarding World. During the tour, your guide will ask you questions - ranging from easy to difficult - to prove your knowledge about the Harry Potter Universe. With that, he will also provide you with interesting insider facts about the city. Whoever has the most correct answers will be crowned the winner and is awarded a magical prize and neverending honor among the International Confederation of Wizards. But be warned, you might not be the only clever one around - in case of a draw, a wizard's duel ensues between the contenders. This tour is not for the faint of heart! Be as strong as a Gryffindor, as clever as Ravenclaw, as loyal as Hufflepuff and as sly as a Slytherin.

Leipzig: Comedy Tour through the Old Town (Tour in German)

6. Leipzig: Comedy Tour through the Old Town (Tour in German)

Look forward to a comedy show on wheels and enjoy an amusing tour through Leipzig's Old Town. Hop on-board a comfortable bus and experience a funny journey through Leipzig. Enjoy numerous jokes, funny stories and unusual activities during this tour. Have lots of fun during this innovative comedy experience and discover the most important sights at the same time. Experience an entertaining combination of information and comedy with lots of spontaneous wit and amazing anecdotes.

Leipzig: Lindenau Outdoor Escape Game with Game Master

7. Leipzig: Lindenau Outdoor Escape Game with Game Master

Put your solving skills to the test during this outdoor escape adventure in Leipzig’s up-and-coming Lindenau quarter. Using an iPad as your game and guide in one, embark on a challenging mission to save the city. Work together with your group to crack codes and come up with solutions. Instead of being locked inside a room, this escape game makes the entire city your playing field. After meeting your personal game master and getting a brief introduction to the functionalities of the game, gear up with iPads and start your adventure. As the clock starts to tick, navigate through the city and race to the finish line as you and your team unlock codes and get closer to the finale. Tasks are beamed directly to you on your iPad as you live chat with your game master.  Be inspired by the cityscape, decipher architectural codes, and find the missing elements to solve your mission. All you have to bring with you is your gamer heart and the desire to use teamwork, logic, and creativity to win the game.

Leipzig Center: Crime Mystery Game Walking Tour

8. Leipzig Center: Crime Mystery Game Walking Tour

Become a detective in a fictional criminal case on a walking tour of Leipzig. You will solve the case of theft of a valuable picture with the help of your teammates and the supervision of a Game Master. Meet your Game Master and embark on your crime-solving adventure. Learn about the case of a stolen painting that was stolen from the Art Gallery in Leipzig in broad daylight. Help the museum's art experts locate the stolen goods using your wit and imagination. Solve puzzles and riddles at each station to get your way to catch the thief. The Game Master will always be close at hand to provide advice. Stroll through well-known and less-frequented places in Leipzig as you get closer to the solution. Discover the role of Pegasus in the play and try to crack the final code. Catch the thief and solve the case to end the game.

Leipzig: Karl Heine Canal Stand-Up Paddleboard Guided Tour

9. Leipzig: Karl Heine Canal Stand-Up Paddleboard Guided Tour

Discover Leipzig from the water on a stand-up paddleboard tour. Paddle down the Karl Heine Canal and pass by the Baedeker family house, the Palmgartenwehr, and the beautiful district of Schleussig. Your tour starts in the Leipzig harbor, just a few minutes walk from the city center. Before starting your tour, meet your guide and get a detailed introduction to paddling techniques and a safety briefing. Once you're ready, hop onto your board and spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with it. From the city harbor, paddle along the Elstermühlgraben, past the villa of the famous Baedeker publishing family and the imposing Palmgartenwehr, and into the Weiße Elster. Continue following the river through the western districts of Schleußig and Plagwitz. Pass the villa of Dr. Carl Heine and see Mey & Edlich, Germany's oldest mail-order company. As you paddle, hear about Leipzig's history and learn about the importance of the canal system to the city. At the Butngarwekre in Schleussig, the Karl Heine Canal begins. Paddle down the Karl Heine Canal, under the riverboat, to the Stilzenhaus, where you can enjoy a quick breather. As you relax, spot the pike and rudd swimming in the clear water of the canal. On the way back, you can admire all the sights from a different angle. After returning to the city harbor, finish your tour at the beach bar and enjoy a well-deserved drink.

Leipzig: Scavenger Through Western Part of Town (in German)

10. Leipzig: Scavenger Through Western Part of Town (in German)

Explore West Leipzig in a unique way with a scavenger hunt. The City Game Box contains 11 sealed and numbered envelopes with puzzles that need to be solved. Guided by clear directions, make your way on foot through the beautiful western part of Leipzig. Solve the puzzles and let the clues lead you to the next destination. Each solved puzzle will yield a number that will tell you which envelope to open next. You will not know in advance what order the scavenger hunt city envelopes need to be opened. The envelopes will also contain detailed background information of each attraction - its history, its current use and much more. Decide for yourself when to start your scavenger hunt city tour through West Leipzig, and how much time to spend at each location. Embark on an enigmatic and extraordinary tour and take a break from your City Game whenever you feel like it, or even continue your scavenger hunt on a different day – it’s completely up to you. On your way, discover numerous beautiful squares and cafes to take a break at when you start feeling tired. Experience beautiful Leipzig in a unique way on this Scavenger Hunt City Tour. Start at Palmengartenwehr, continue past the Felsenkeller and the Schaubühne Lindenfels to the Philippuskirche. Explore the art quarter Westwerk and the stilt house. Continue along the Karl-Heine-Canal to the riverboat and the colorful yarn factory before finishing your tour at the beautiful Clara Zetkin Park. No need to schedule your Scavenger Hunt City Tour for a certain date, simply order the City Game Box and have it delivered to your home, or make an appointment to pick it up in Dresden within the opening hours and you’re good to go.

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Really great for real Harry Potter fans with a lot of knowledge! A bit more difficult for us muggles, but no less interesting. It was an entertaining tour through twilight Leipzig. If you want to win, you shouldn't just watch the films, but be completely immersed in the magic world with the help of the books.

The idea for the game was a little whimsical at first, but coupled with the beauty of the Südfriedhof, it was definitely worth it. With its parks and a portion of curiosity that this game arouses, the walk across the southern cemetery is a special experience.

A great tour of the Johannisfriedhof, with lots of information from different times. Very well and entertaining we were led over the cemetery in the 75 minutes. Season doesn't seem to matter at all!

The tour was very lovingly "adapted" to the sights in Leipzig and the questions are very varied from the films and books. A great idea to get to know the city in a different way.

Coole Idee diesen sehr schönen Friedhof zu erkunden.