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Mercato di Rialto

Mercato di Rialto: Our most recommended tours and activities

Venice: Rialto Market Tour, Hands-On Cooking Class & Lunch

1. Venice: Rialto Market Tour, Hands-On Cooking Class & Lunch

Experience one of the most vibrant sites in Venice on a tour of the Rialto Market with a local chef. Select seasonal ingredients to prepare and cook an authentic Italian meal during a hands-on cooking class. Toast to your experience with a glass of wine. Step into the vibrant Rialto Market to learn the history of the market and the story of the food produced here (market visit is not included in the 6 PM experience). After the market tour, head to a typical Venetian home for your cooking class. Prepare a starter, main dish (with homemade pasta), and a dessert to enjoy at the end of your class. Sip on a glass of wine while you prepare authentic recipes. End your class by enjoying the fruits of your hard work, served with plenty of wine.

Venice: Food Tasting Tour with Cicchetti Dishes and Wine

2. Venice: Food Tasting Tour with Cicchetti Dishes and Wine

This tour is the perfect introduction to Venice, giving you an overview of the city’s unrivaled history and a taster of its world-famous cuisine. Your adventure begins in the Cannaregio neighborhood, one of the few remaining residential areas of Venice, known for being a popular after-work meeting spot for thirsty locals. Take a gentle stroll around and chat about its 1,000-year history and your local guide will offer suggestions on other things to see and do during your stay.   A ride in a traditional, stand-up traghetto gondola is next, as you cross the Grand Canal the way the locals do. Once in Rialto, the food tasting can begin! The first stop is at a small eatery near the market, owned by a group of young locals with a passion for experimenting with traditional recipes, giving them a modern twist. Expect dishes such as black ink calamari, polenta with seafood, or seasonal vegetables (served in elaborate dishes).  The second foodie stop is a historic spot that will help you better understand the Venetian culture of 'bacari' and how to enjoy this experience while you’re flying solo around the city.  A few secret, hidden spots near the Rialto are up next, which will demonstrate the importance of moving just one street away from the tourist hordes, to get a little slice of Venice to yourself. The tour will end at the iconic Campo San Bortolomio, which is surrounded by great restaurants and shops. Your guide will be happy to help you with recommendations for continuing the fun or with directions to help you back to your accommodation.

Venice: Street Food Tour with a Local Guide and Tastings

3. Venice: Street Food Tour with a Local Guide and Tastings

Eat your way around Venice on a tasting tour of some of the city's eateries, and see historical monuments along the way. Follow your foodie guide through the historic Rialto Market alongside the Grand Canal. End at Campo Santa Margherita square, surrounded by local restaurants and farmers’ markets. Meet your guide in the San Marco district. Cross the Rialto Bridge to visit the Rialto Market and marvel at the colorful fruit and vegetable stalls. Experience everyday life in the city as the locals come to purchase fresh fish and other ingredients. Next, go to Campo San Polo and enter the Basilica dei Frari. Pass the square of Campo San Bartolomeo, where the locals like to gather. Along the way, taste a wide range of food specialties, from regional cheeses to buranelli biscuits and traditional cakes. Sample some sweet tiramisù in the city where it was invented, and experience the unique culture of cicchetti, the tapas-like snacks loved by Venetians served in typically cozy bàcari (bars). End on the Campo Santa Margherita in the historical sestiere (district) of Dorsoduro near the university.  

Private Walking Tour in Venice

4. Private Walking Tour in Venice

Stroll from Saint Mark’s Square and hear the historical details about the most powerful maritime empire of the Mediterranean Sea. See legendary landmarks such as the Doges’ Palace, St. Mark's Basilica and Clock Tower. Walk to the Church of San Zaccaria and proceed down the narrow streets to the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo and church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. Pass the former home of Marco Polo and get an amazing view of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge. End with a look at the Rialto Market, where locals go to buy fresh seasonal produce.

Authentic Shopping & Cooking at a Venetian Home with a Local

5. Authentic Shopping & Cooking at a Venetian Home with a Local

This ultimate Venetian cooking experience could not be more authentic and intimate! Start at your hotel, or meet your licensed Venetian tour guide directly at the first stop - the vibrant Rialto Market. Stroll the stalls with local delicacies, as your guide helps you create a menu for the day, and pick the best ingredients for it. Each cooking experience is unique - entirely custom tailored to your wishes and dietary restrictions. Whether you feel like fish, meat or a vegetarian meal - we can accommodate any wishes! You can choose between our standard 3-course menu, a gourmet 4-course one, or a special romantic menu for couples. Afterward, you will be taken to a private authentic Venetian home. On the way, explore local secrets such as the Traghetto "ferry" gondola, taking you from one bank of the Grand Canal to the other... without breaking your bank! At your destination, you will be able to see how the locals live whilst enjoying some Italian wine and Italian music. Your local expert will guide you throughout the experience, explaining all the fundamentals, tricks and secrets to true Italian cuisine. You will learn how to make real Venetian "cicchetti", a scrumptious main course, such as risotto, and a mouth-watering dessert, such as the king of Italian sweets - the Tiramisu. After filling up with wine, and delicious self-made food, your guide will help you make your way back to your hotel, armed with good mood, lasting memories, and some recipes for the best home cooked Italian dishes! Please note: The Rialto Market is open only Tuesday through Saturday until 12pm. On Mondays and Sundays, we will instead take you to Venice's most special and breathtaking supermarket - the Cinema Italia. There are 2 authentic Venetian cats living at the home where the cooking class is organized. They will add to your entertainment, and can be snuggled with, but please note this means the experience is not suitable for guests with cat/fur allergies. Each menu is custom-tailored to your wishes, with local seasonal ingredients: Example 3-course Lunch: Appetizer: Cicchetti (bruschetta style) Risotto with vegetables and fish or meat Dessert: Tiramisù Drinks: water, soft drinks, 1 bottle of wine and 1 bottle of prosecco Example 4-course Lunch: Additionally: Home-made Rossini Cocktail with strawberries and prosecco Secondi Piatti, for example: Salad with Fennel, Apple, Nuts, Mozzarella, Carrots Example Romantic Menu: - Strawberry Prosecco Cocktail - Cicchettis - Risotto of choice, topped with edible Venetian "Golden Leaf" - 24-karat gold - Strawberry Tiramisu with chocolate crispy chips - Golden Espresso topped with Golden Leaf The edible Golden Leaves used are made locally by the last "golden beater" in Europe. The Battiloro family produces them since 1926 - and it is the very family providing gold for the mosaics in the world-famous St. Mark's Basilica.

Ravenna Port: Transfer to Venice with Tour and Gondola Ride

6. Ravenna Port: Transfer to Venice with Tour and Gondola Ride

Take this stress-free transfer with your luggage from Ravenna port on a shore excursion to Venice. Store your luggage and go on a guided tour to admire sights like Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and St Mark's Basilica. Enjoy an extraordinary gondola ride to round off your experience. Skip crowds and walking by transferring within Venice by boat. Be greeted by your host and hop aboard an air-conditioned vehicle with room for luggage storage. Sit back and relax as you take in views of the Italian countryside on the ride to Venice. Upon arrival, meet your guide and leave your luggage securely locked away on the bus. Transfer from the bus parking area to Piazzale Roma to begin your tour. Stroll across the first bridge of Venice and hop on a beautiful private water boat to get transferred to the St Mark's Square. Along the way, see the main sights of Venice the way they were meant to be seen - from the water. See the central square of Venice, St Marks Piazza. Watch as your guide points out the mosaics adorning the ancient Basilica and its clock tower along with the Campanile (belltower). Admire views of Doge’s Palace, which for over 1000 years, served as the government administrative center of the region. Here you will also experience the world-famous Venice gondola ride, in small groups of maximum 5 people. Next, explore the San Marco Square on your own, or join your guide and head to the lively Rialto market where locals go for fresh fish and produce. Have the opportunity to buy a snack or drink, browse the local delicacies, and go souvenir shopping (at your own expense). Cross the Rialto Bridge and soak in the views of the canal. Learn about the lives of traders and merchants. Afterward, transfer to the luggage storage. Your guide will help you with tips or arrangements to get to your next destination, whether the airport, hotel, or a train station.

Venice: Fish Market Shopping Walking Tour & Home Cooked Meal

7. Venice: Fish Market Shopping Walking Tour & Home Cooked Meal

Take a course on how to eat fresh, seasonal, and local food on this unique walking and cooking tour. Discover the vibrant Rialto Market and let the views of the city take your breath away as you cross the Canal Grande on a Gondola ferry. Stroll to the Rialto Market to collect fresh fish. Explore the lively market as you find the best ingredients for your lunch. See fish artfully arranged on stalls covered with deep layers of crushed ice. Watch as seagulls wander among the fishmongers calling out the day's catch. View customers purposefully browsing the stalls, as generations of Venetians have been doing for the past 800 years. After the shopping is finished, cross the Canal Grande on a Gondola ferry, which will likely be full of local housewives on their way home. Make your way through a maze of streets until you reach Fondamente Nove, where you will catch a water taxi to Murano where the cooking will take place. Cook your meal with hands-on instruction from a local Venetian. Tasting some glasses of prosecco and appetizers while cooking. Have a pasta with a tasty fish sauce while a seabass is baking to perfection in the oven. Eat in a dining room with a the view of the canal. Finish lunch with a strong Italian coffee brewed from a moka pot.

Venice: The Discover Walking Tour & Gondola Ride

8. Venice: The Discover Walking Tour & Gondola Ride

First, experience a lesser-known Venice, wandering through its back streets and small hidden squares starting from St. Mark's Square and reaching Rialto Bridge. Then, board a gondola and learn a little about what its like living in this unique city. Meet your local guide in front of the Clock Tower in St. Mark's Square, and let yourself be led through the labyrinth of alleyways, squares or campi and hear about the history, stories and the local Venetian dialect. On leaving the square, you will stop in front of Fenice Theatre, one of the most famous opera houses in Europe. Learn about its glorious but also troubled history. Passing through other hidden corners of the city, you will be able to discover the history of Venice through its prominent architectural sights. Admire the Bovolo Staircase, a Renaissance masterpiece, and one of Venice's finest architectural jewels. This fascinating and complex spiral staircase is part of the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo and dates from 1499. It is tucked away in a small courtyard close to Campo Manin. Before heading back towards St. Mark's Square, you will make a stop close to the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal and discover what made it the historical center of the commercial area of the city. The walking tour will finish in Saint Moisè Square, the landing stage of the famous Venetian transportation, the gondola. Relax aboard this historic vessel, enjoying the thrills of both the Grand Canal and minor canals. Admire Venice from this amazing point of view, witness its magnificent architecture and whilst gliding under its bridges, discover secret entrances to the elegant palaces and hidden corners.

Venice: Hidden Corners of Rialto Guided Walking Tour

9. Venice: Hidden Corners of Rialto Guided Walking Tour

The tour starts at the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto, according to legend the oldest church of the city and closely linked to the founding myth of Venice and its trade history. Head to the city's oldest and most important market, the Rialto Market: It supplies fresh ingredients not only to residents but also to the local bacari (bars) and restaurants. Here at the market you will discover numerous fresh products that you will taste during a culinary break with a high quality cicheto (typical Venetian snack) and a glass of wine. Continue along the hidden streets past the most crooked door in the city uncovering how the city on the water was built. Walk to the Church of Sant'Aponal in the immediate vicinity of the place where none other than Pope Alexander III is said to have spent a night like an ordinary beggar during his escape from the German emperor Barbarossa and hear how this pope is linked to the Church of San Silvestro, where the Wine Merchants' Guild was based. (It is not without reason that the adjacent bank along the Canal Grande is called "Riva del Vin", the "wine bank"!). At the end of the tour you will discover through symbols, frescoes and street signs the place where luxury goods such as silk and gold were traded. The journey through time concludes with a breathtaking view over the well-known Rialto Bridge and the Fontego dei Tedeschi, the former warehouse of the German-speaking merchants. The tour ends again at the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto. This tour is accessible as there are no bridges to cross during the route. Please note that there is only room for 1 wheelchair in the premises during the tasting. Please use line 1 to the “Rialto Mercato” stop to get to the meeting point.

Bologna & Tuscany: 7-Day Lost Flavors Cooking Tour

10. Bologna & Tuscany: 7-Day Lost Flavors Cooking Tour

Arrive in Bologna and check into your apartment or hotel. Meet the chef and enjoy a quick tour of the city's historic center followed by an aperitive and dinner in a typical trattoria. After breakfast on days 2 and 3, you will meet the chef at CIBO Cooking School at 8:30 AM and then take a historical tour en route to the Bologna market area where you'll decide what to prepare in the kitchen as you shop at the market stands. Learn how to prepare 2 delicious meals for lunch and dinner including handmade pasta. In the afternoons, choose between 3.5 hours of cooking at the school or a walking tour of Bologna City Center with your chef/guide. At 6 PM head back to the school to prepare dinner.  On day 4, embark on a tour of the Fiorentini Vineyards in Castrocaro. After snacking and tasting great Romagna Wines such as Sangiovese, Albana, and Famoso, stop to enjoy a lunch of piadina romagnola and handmade ravioli in a local Trattoria. In the afternoon, continue on to the mountain retreat on Mount Fumaiolo. After check-in, take a short walk in the mountains. In the evening, cook dinner in the mountain house with a menu focused on seasonal ingredients and ancient local recipes. On day 5, visit the Sanctuary of La Verna founded by St. Francis of Assisi. Admire the beautiful works of lead-glazed terracotta by Andrea Della Robbia, before heading home to cook lunch. Walk to the Eremo of Saint Alberico on top of Mount Fumaiolo. Then cook and dine at home with more wonderful local food. The following morning, go to Borgo San Sepolcro in Tuscany, home of the Painter Piero della Francesca. Visit the local Museum and marvel at the frescoes of the Resurrection of Christ and the Polyptych of the Misericordia. After lunch in a local Tuscan Osteria, head to Monterchi to see Piero's Madonna del Parto. In the afternoon, walk to the Sorgenti del Tevere on top of Mount Fumaiolo. Cook and dine at home with more wonderful local food. On day 7, spend the morning exploring Ravenna before returning to Bologna.

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The cooking experience with Elena was amazing :-) We can highly recommend it. We have learned so much starting at the Rialto market about the local products and of course later in the kitchen where we have cooked a 4 course menu. Cicchetti, Risotto, Chicken Rolls and Tiramisu - everything was delicious We had a lot of fun together while cooking and drinking Prosecco! Apart from that Elena shared a lot about Venice and gave us a lot of tips. She was an awesome host. Thanks for the great afternoon!

Absolut must-do! Amazing experience and a lot of fun. You may feel like a local after this cooking class and even better: you have been becoming a pro in Venetian cuisine. Thanks a lot for this fantastic cooking class!!

Denys from Venice took us on a tour full of history and good food. Denys was very easy to talk to and knowledgeable. A good tip is to do one of these tours early in your stay for tips on where to eat.

Had a great experience. Good idea to do this early on in the trip just to have some local knowledge for the rest of your stay. Food and wines were excellent, great quality made by wonderful people.

The tour was entertaining and we had received some interesting information.