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Mumbai:Dharavi Slum, DhobiGhat, Dabbawalla &Gateway of India

1. Mumbai:Dharavi Slum, DhobiGhat, Dabbawalla &Gateway of India

Mumbai is one of india’s most vibrant and multi-cultural cities, but first-time visitors often only see the main sights. This Tour has it all Gateway of India, a guided tour of dharavi, a insider tour of dhobighat (one of world's largest open air Laundry-bay) watch dabbawallas (tiffin delivery service) in action our guide will meet you right outside Regal ciema, Colaba at 8am. From here you will visit gateway of India and take a bus to nearby train station for boarding the local train to reach you next destination. Dharavi slum tour, dharavi here you will go on a guided walking tour of dharavi and explore the various areas inside dharavi. Dhobighat the laundromat or dhobighat tour from inside, you will be surprised to see how this whole place functions. Yes we give a guided tour of dhobighat from inside and not just outside. Dabbawallas near churchgate railway station, Here is where you will witness the dabbawallas or lunch box delivery guys in action. Dabbawallas are the lunchbox delivery guys. You will learn about how they operate so smoothly. Very important • On Sunday and Public Holidays there are NO Dabbawallas, please note this

Mumbai: Slumdog Millionaire Tour of Dharavi Slum

2. Mumbai: Slumdog Millionaire Tour of Dharavi Slum

Explore the Dharavi Slum, the largest slum located in a megacity in Asia. The slum is now famous thanks to the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire". The tour will open your eyes to this bustling area of small businesses and a thriving community. Start the journey by meeting your guide at Dharavi, and experiencing the everyday happenings of this unique area. Numerous small businesses are thriving in every corner, making anything from exotic soaps and handmade cosmetics, to pottery and textiles. Throughout the walking tour, benefit from being a small group. Stroll easily through the narrow alleys and see how locals live their life here. You'll have a chance to interact with many people in the community. You'll also learn how the local recycling industry works.  You'll also be amazed at how diverse Dharavi is, with many different traditions and beliefs gathered in the same place. Your 2-hour tour will end at a pottery factory, where you can ask the guide to get you a taxi. You can also add on a vegetarian meal in a local family's home if you would like to stay in the slum a bit longer.

Mumbai Bollywood Tour

3. Mumbai Bollywood Tour

After pick-up from your Mumbai hotel, or the port or railway station, set off to explore by air-conditioned vehicle. Hear about Mumbai’s place as India’s largest city and home of the Bollywood movie industry. Enjoy a Move for Dance Show based on the film, music and dances of Bollywood films, a combination of formal and folk Indian traditional music and dance traditions fused with Middle Eastern techniques. Bollywood dances have evolved as a unique and energetic style. These groups of dancers will perform 5 Bollywood dances in front of the audience, and you will get a chance to learn and dance along with the dancers. You'll get thorough explanations pertaining to special effects, seeing Bollywood cafés, Bollywood Costume gallery and Bollywood museum. Continue on a tour past the homes of famous Bollywood stars in exclusive areas of Mumbai, before a transfer and drop off back at your city center hotel. At Mystical Mumbai you'll get earnest contentment and the best of travelling experience. 

Dharavi slum tour by 1st female tour guide of slum

4. Dharavi slum tour by 1st female tour guide of slum

Experience the Asia's largest slum Dharavi situated in the heart of Mumbai, has topped the tourist list beating the iconic Taj Mahal and historical old Delhi tour. Our Dharavi slum tour is a 2 to 2.5 hours walking tour inside the slum by the first female tour guide of Dharavi. It is a perfect thing to do here on your first day in Mumbai. We take you to all the places that you wouldn't find on Google or by your own. We show you plastic recycling, paper recycling, aluminium recycling, Soap factories, Cloth manufacturing, Leather Industries, Pottery, Schools, Colleges, Markets, Commercial Places, Residential Areas and many more on the way. We tell you unique stories that you wouldn't find on Google or anywhere else.It's a truly local, authentic, eyeopening small group experience by the locals only. Book your Dharavi slum tour today, we would love to have you join in on our Dharavi slum tour here in Mumbai.

Inside Dharavi: Unveiling Mumbai's Slum Culture Tour

5. Inside Dharavi: Unveiling Mumbai's Slum Culture Tour

Discover the hidden charm of Mumbai's Dharavi slum on our immersive Dharavi Slum Tour. Delve into the heart of this vibrant community and witness its unique industries and resilient spirit. As you navigate the narrow lanes, you'll explore fascinating aspects such as plastic, aluminium, and paper recycling, leather industries, clothing factories, soap manufacturing, clothes colouring, bustling markets, schools, colleges, residential areas, the renowned pottery area of Kumbharwada, and so much more. Embark on an eye-opening journey as you Experience the bustling energy and industriousness of Dharavi. Learn about the ingenious recycling methods employed by the residents, contributing to environmental sustainability. Witness the intricate processes of plastic, aluminium, and paper recycling that transform waste materials into valuable products. Marvel at the craftsmanship and creativity of the leather industries and clothing factories that produce goods distributed across the city. Gain insights into the local soap manufacturing and clothes coloring processes, as you observe skilled artisans at work. Immerse yourself in the vibrant markets of Dharavi, where a myriad of products and services are available. Engage with local shopkeepers, and discover unique handicrafts, textiles, and other treasures. Witness the harmonious coexistence of residential areas, schools, and colleges, showcasing the strong sense of community in Dharavi. Explore the renowned pottery area of Kumbharwada, where skilled potters shape clay into exquisite creations. Our knowledgeable guides will provide captivating commentary throughout the tour, offering deep insights into the history, culture, and social fabric of Dharavi. You'll gain a newfound appreciation for the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of its residents. At the end of the tour, we'll drop you back at the same point where the journey began, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. Join us on this extraordinary Dharavi Slum Tour and embrace the opportunity to witness the thriving industries, vibrant markets, and remarkable community spirit that make Dharavi a true testament to the human spirit.

Mumbai: South Mumbai Heritage Walking Guided Tour

6. Mumbai: South Mumbai Heritage Walking Guided Tour

Mumbai Heritage Walk is probably known as the ‘dream city’ and rightly so the city is indeed like a beautiful, magnificent dream. Old Mumbai is the part of Mumbai that represents its heritage and history. Reflecting on the time of Colonial era, the area is studded with numerous tourist attractions. From Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus to the ‘White town’ to the University library to the magnificent Marine drive, the city has so many spectacular attractions that one can never miss. Explore all these places of Old Mumbai and many more with this heritage walk tour. Walking tours expose many residents and visitors to the structures. They are sponsored by the Mumbai Heritage Walks group, established in April 1999. The group was established by city architects Abha Bahl and Brinda Gaitonde. Their aim is to “raise the awareness of the people of Mumbai and visitors, about the city’s architecture and heritage monuments. Personalized, educative, and imaginative; the walking tours highlight the vast range of architectural styles, planning elements, and ornamental details, tracing the social and cultural history of the city.

Dharavi Walking Tour with Options

7. Dharavi Walking Tour with Options

Known to many as one of the largest slums in Asia, Dharavi is Mumbai’s beating heart. Home to about one million of Mumbai’s inhabitants, its industries have an annual turnover of approximately $ 1 Billion. Learn the challenges of migrants as they settled into this community, their entrepreneurial stories and how to debunk the negative stereotypes of slums. For more insight, opt to have lunch as a family opens their home to you or go on a street walk tour to explore art. This walking tour takes care to be non-intrusive and community centric. Contrary to sensationalist media and films, Dharavi is an area of entrepreneurship, an estimated 20,000 businesses thrive here. Observe recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap making, leather tanning, poppadom-making and many more. Climb to a rooftop to get a view of the entire settlement. Navigate through the maze-like alleys and stop to talk to friendly locals. The tour will also visit the residential areas of Dharavi. People from all over India have come to live in Dharavi, making it a microcosm of India. This diversity is apparent in the temples, mosques, churches and pagodas that stand side by side. 80% of the profits from this tour are re-invested in educational community initiatives.

Mumbai: Dharavi Slum Walking Tour with Local Slum Dweller

8. Mumbai: Dharavi Slum Walking Tour with Local Slum Dweller

Take a tour through Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia, and have your eyes opened and assumptions challenged. See how people live and work here and interact with real residents of the slum. Choose to add a vegetarian lunch with a local family or a pottery-making workshop to your tour. After meeting your guide, start your tour to discover the sense of community and the hardworking people of Dharavi. Dharavi’s economic output is estimated to be approximately 1 billion US dollars annually, much of which is generated by Rubie’s informal recycling industry. Visit the place where Slumdog Millionaire was shot before taking in some of the thriving small-scale industries, including leather workshops, soap manufacturers, colored dye makers, and more. Take in a bakery, schools, hospitals, and houses as you walk through the small alleyways. Head to the market with your local guide. Learn all about the importance of plastic recycling to the Dharavi community. See how vegetable oil cans are recycled innovatively. Immerse yourself in the community spirit as you watch Muslims making a shrine for Hindus. Depending on the option chosen, get hands-on with pottery making with a visit to a local potter's workshop. Get a general overview of pottery making then have a go at throwing on a wheel and make a piece of Kumbharwade art. If you choose, end the tour with a vegetarian lunch with a local family. Eat in like a local, sitting on the floor and eating with your hands.

Mumbai Markets & Temples Tour

9. Mumbai Markets & Temples Tour

Mumbai’s wide streets and narrow lanes are alive with activity. In front of colonial buildings, alongside temples, and everywhere in between, vendors shout from carts selling everything from colourful birds and flowers to traditional Indian clothes and food. We’ll guide you through the chaos and introduce you to Mumbai’s must-see markets such as Crawford Market and Mangaldas Market as well as some lesser known ones such as Flower Alley. You’ll see why cows rule supreme in India with a visit to the cow shelter. And along the way we’ll visit some of the oldest lanes in Mumbai and their most famous temples.

Mumbai: Dhobi Ghat Tour with Dharavi and Train Ride Options

10. Mumbai: Dhobi Ghat Tour with Dharavi and Train Ride Options

Immerse yourself in Mumbai’s culture and history with a guided tour of the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, the city’s largest open-air laundry facility. Discover the traditional way of washing clothes in Mumbai with a guided tour of the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat. This iconic open-air laundry facility has been in operation for over a century and provides a glimpse into the city’s history and culture. Additionally, Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat Mumbai is the world’s largest open-air laundry. People bring dirty clothes from all over Mumbai. And hundreds of washermen and women – dhobis, work their shifts through the day to get the clothes back to their fresh, crisp, and spotless state. However, During the tour, you’ll learn about the history and significance of the Dhobi Ghat. While some dhobi families take help from machines too, much of the activities at this Dhobi Ghat of Mumbai are taken care of by hand. Every family member takes care of their part. One person flogs the clothes in the washing trough, while others hang them out to dry. Then someone will mint the clothes using bulky charcoal irons.

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Amazing tour by Sayyed. While there are many misconceptions about Indian slums, he was passionate about proving them wrong and showing the many industries active in Dhavari and its community. It was an interesting experience seeing the recycling, textile, pottery, and other industries in the area, and Sayyed had in-depth knowledge of each from which we learned a great deal! Would highly recommend the tour to others curious about the Dhavari Slums.

At my first time I tried to go to slums alone and it was useless and dangerous. Next day I bought this tour and Dharavi slums opened to me with another perspective. It is so interesting to see how slums are working, living and making their routine. Unforgettable experience for all of my life. Big thanks to our guide Maze. Such a talented local guy (from Dharavi) who made himself and I am sure will succeed the success

We had an amazing Dharavy tour with Mr. Mohammed. He showed us that Dharavy is so much more then just a slum. The people we met were wonderful. How they live and work there was impressive. It was the best tour we ever did.

We truly enjoyed the tour with our guide D. Very interesting and nice locations. We really recommend this to everyone, who wants to see Mumbai from a different perspective

Time was amazing. D, The guide was great. Highly recommended