New Bedford Whaling Museum

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The New Bedford Whaling Museum shares the rich history, art, culture, and science of SouthCoast Massachusetts, and the science of whales today. Explore whale biology and behavior, marine mammal conservation, and threats to marine mammal populations. Marvel at massive whale skeletons and a life-size model of a blue whale heart. Discover cultures of whaling around the world, and experience engaging exhibits that introduce you to historic southeastern Massachusetts and New Bedford, once known as the City that Lit the World. See the Lagoda, a half-scale model of a 19th century ship and the largest ship model in the world. See important maritime art by world-renowned artists. Experience a digital replica of America's longest painting in motion. The incredible 1848 "Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage 'Round the World" is longer than the Empire State Building is tall!

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