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Things to do in North Central Coast

Our most recommended things to do in North Central Coast

From Hanoi: Tam Coc, Hoa Lu & Mua Caves Full-Day Trip

1. From Hanoi: Tam Coc, Hoa Lu & Mua Caves Full-Day Trip

Travel by air-conditioned bus from Hanoi to Tam Coc and ride a Sampan boat to impressive caves. Experience local life as you cycle through picturesque villages, explore ancient temples, and enjoy a Vietnamese lunch. Start your tour early with pickup at your hotel in Ha Noi Old Quarter. Hop into the luxury van to visit Hoa Lu, an ancient capital of Vietnam. Visit Dinh king Temple and Le king Temple from the 10th century, and hear about the heroic histories of the two Kings during the Chinese Wars. At midday, sit down for lunch with Vietnamese cuisine at a local restaurant. Continue to Tam Coc and take the sampan go (traditional river boat) along the Ngo Dong river to visit Tam Coc's three caves. Head back to Tam Coc wharf, take your bicycle, and cycle around traditional villages and Tam Coc town. Visit Mua cave, which attracts visitors with its many interesting stories. Climb 500 stone steps to see all the way to Tam Coc, and enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the countryside and Ngo Dong river. In the evening, return Ha Noi.

Hanoi: Hoa Lu, Trang An Caves, & Mua Cave Day Trip and Lunch

2. Hanoi: Hoa Lu, Trang An Caves, & Mua Cave Day Trip and Lunch

Travel in an air-conditioned van from Hanoi to Hoa Lu on this day trip to uncover the ancient temples of Dinh King and Le King. Savor local flavors with a buffet lunch and travel by boat on the Trang An river admire stunning natural scenery and visit the Trang An cave complex. Start your tour with hotel pickup in the early morning and depart for Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam. Visit the Dinh King Temple and Le King Temple from the 10th century, and hear about the heroic histories of these two Kings during the Chinese Wars. At around midday, sit down for a buffet lunch at a local restaurant, before you head to Trang An Wharf to take a boat trip along Trang An Stream. Visit Trang An cave complex, including Sang Cave, Toi Cave, Ba Giot Cave, Nau Ruou, and marvel at the scenery of mountains and rivers.  Then, head back to Trang An wharf to board the luxury limousine, and visit Mua Cave. Climb 500 stone steps to see all the way to Tam Coc, and enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the countryside and Ngo Dong river. Finally, hop back onto the bus to return to Hanoi, arriving back in the early evening.

From Hue: Vietnam's DMZ Full-Day Group or Private Tour

3. From Hue: Vietnam's DMZ Full-Day Group or Private Tour

Embark on a guided full-day tour and discover the historically important Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in the Quang Tri Province and get a deeper understanding of the Vietnam War on the local culture. Choose from a shared group tour or a private tour.   Get picked up by your driver and guide at the lobby of your hotel in Hue central and then travel to the town of Dong Ha, stopping to visit important historical sites along the way.  Arrive at Dakrong bridge located along Highway 9 and the starting point of Highway 15, one of the main branches of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Admire the bridge’s graceful architecture against beautiful backdrops of rivers and mountains. Next, visit the Khe Sanh Combat Base, a United States Marine Corps outpost south of the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) used during the Vietnam War. Enjoy a lunch break at a traditional restaurant and then head off to Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River, an important landmark in the splitting of the country into a northern and a southern zone along the 17th parallel by the Geneva Accords of 1954. Make your last stop at Vinh Moc tunnels, an underground miniature village, now a museum, which is the largest historical tunnel in the DMZ of Vietnam.

From Hue: Private Half-Day DMZ Tour with Vinh Moc Tunnels

4. From Hue: Private Half-Day DMZ Tour with Vinh Moc Tunnels

09h00: Our guide and car will pick you up at your hotel in Hue central, then transfer to Vietnam Demilitarized Zone in Quang Tri province. Ready to start the DMZ Tour Hue. Visiting places: Long Hung Church: one of the very few existing buildings remains in Quang Tri town during “Fire Summer” or Eastern Offensive in 1972. It is a National Relic in the town of Quang Tri Vietnam – BA5453. Quang Tri Ancient Citadel: is seen as an eye-witness of fierce battles during the anti-American resistance war in 1972. During the 81-day fighting, the citadel was almost destroyed by thousands of tons of bombs released by the US army. Nowadays, the citadel becomes a place to mark immortal victories of the Vietnamese army and people and to educate youths about the nation’s revolutionary tradition and its patriotism. Have lunch (light takeaway lunch). After lunch, our guide and car take you back to the war sites, including: Hien Luong Bridge – Ben Hai River: The Geneva Agreements on Vietnam signed in 1954 divided Vietnam into North and South with the 17th Parallel where the Ben Hai River runs through the central province of Quang Tri as a borderline. Hien Luong Bridge, also knows as the Peace Bridge, was built by the French in 1950, across Ben Hai River. It is 178 m long but it took 21 years for Vietnamese people from the North and the South to be united. Vinh Moc Tunnels and Tunnels Museum: The most highlight part of DMZ Tour during Vietnam War. The complex of Vinh Moc tunnel located deep in the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone and sheltered Vinh Linh county people from the intense bombing. The tunnels were a success in saving the villagers’ lives and providing them the necessary living conditions to fight back the American enemy. 15h00: Tour ends at hotels in Hue.

From Hue: Private DMZ Tour

5. From Hue: Private DMZ Tour

Start with pickup in the morning from your accommodation in Hue. From there, head to Dong Ha town where the local guide will board the vehicle to begin the tour. The first stop is Doc Mieu Base, one of the front lines. Learn how the Americans set up a group of firebases on a ridge of hills looking across the DMZ and the Ben Hai River. Gain a deeper knowledge of the history and listen to meaningful stories from your English-speaking guide. Continue to the next stop, Hien Luong Bridge. This bridge is located in the 17th Parallel and during the Vietnam war, it was bisected between South and North Vietnam. Go to the last stop and one of the main highlights, the Vinh Moc underground tunnels. Hear how they were used as a refuge to survive from all the bomb attacks during the war. Before heading back to Hue City, stop by a local restaurant to have an authentic Vietnamese lunch ( you pay for yourselfs). The tour ends with a drop-off service back to your accommodation.

From Hue: Private Guided Tour to Phong Nha Cave with Lunch

6. From Hue: Private Guided Tour to Phong Nha Cave with Lunch

Your private tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Hue. You will then set off to Phong Nha. On the way, you will make a rest stop at the famous Hien Luong Bridge and Ben Hai River, where the border between South & North Vietnam was located during the war. Next, you will stop by a local restaurant where you will tuck into authentic Vietnamese dishes. After lunch, sail along a river by boat to reach the iconic Phong Nha Cave. This cave is truly a marvel of nature and is hidden away in the dense jungle of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Central Vietnam. Admire the dramatic rock cliffs and wealth of flora and fauna in the area. After visiting the cave, you will start the return journey back to your hotel in Hue, where you will arrive at around 7.30 PM.

Hue: Guided Day Trip to Phong Nha Cave/Paradise Cave Tour

7. Hue: Guided Day Trip to Phong Nha Cave/Paradise Cave Tour

Trip Notes: - Paradise Cave Tour will departure on even number days of the month, and Phong Nha Cave Tour will departure on odd number days of the month. - This is a Budget Group Tour, and services would be in basic standard - The distance from Hue to Phong Nha Cave/Paradise Cave is about 217km, so it takes around more than 4 hours to arrive at Phong Nha cave. Itinerary: Morning: Pick up guests at the meeting point in Hue from 06:45 to 07:15. Depart for Quang Binh, visit La Vang Holy Land. Stop to take photos at Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge. Noon: Have lunch at a local restaurant with Vietnamese dishes. Afternoon: *Phong Nha Cave: You will visit Phong Nha Cave and discover the beauty that is considered the First Wonder of the Cave with the largest and most beautiful Dry Cave, then take a boat on the Son River to visit The longest water cave. *Paradise Cave: You will visit visit Paradise Cave with a fault leading by a 1km long winding wooden staircase to admire the stunning stalactites called the Royal Palace in the Earth. Then you depart back to Hue. 15h30: You will return Hue. We arrive at your hotel in Hue city at around 20:00 and finish the Hue to Phong Nha Cave/Paradise Cave.

Full-Day Phong Nha Cave From Hue City

8. Full-Day Phong Nha Cave From Hue City

Take a 3-hour ride from Hue to Phong Nha Cave. On the way we stop to visit some of the most famous battle-field in the Vietnam War, Ben Hai River, Hien Luong Bridge, lying in the Demilitarized Zone of the Vietnam War. The bridge is located right on the 17th parallel, crossing the Ben Hai River at the section running through Hien Luong Village, Vinh Thanh Commune, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province, Central Vietnam. During the 21 years of the Vietnam War, from 1954 to 1975, Hien Luong Bridge was the boundary dividing Vietnam into two regions: the North managed by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the South by the Republic of Vietnam..Have lunch at a local restaurant then get on boat and cruise along the river to Phong Nha Cave which is designated as Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003. The deeper one penetrates, the more magical are the natural aspects of the caves. After that, you will take a 25-minute ride to the water cave walk to discover the dry cave for 500m more. You will have a chance to explore the remain of Cham Altars and Inscriptions inside.

Cha Loi Cave: Private Tour with Vietnamese Lunch from Hue

9. Cha Loi Cave: Private Tour with Vietnamese Lunch from Hue

Highlights: Experience the life of Bru Van Kieu – the ethnic minority group in Quang Binh. Disolving in to the majestic nature where huge trees and cool nature are harmozied and seperated from the crowded city. Special attractions include the Water Cave – the General Cave – where the military commanders gathered to serve for the southern battlefield in the years 1971 – 1973 Enjoy and experience Vietnamese culinary 06:00: Our car and guide will pick you up at the hotel in Hue. Depart to Dong Hoi city /Phong Nha on Ho Chi Minh Road east branch to visit the Long Dai ferry is the artery traffic point on Ho Chi Minh road which is the coordinates of the fire during the Vietnam War from 1965 to 1972. After hearing about the introduction to Long Dai ferry, You will take some pictures then continued the journey. 09h20: Proceed to the operation center of the company at Khe Sung Village of Ngan Thuy Commune. At here, you will be equipped with caving tools such as torch, helmet, booths, gloves and other necessary tools for the cave exploring. You will be instructed with some guidelines on how to use the tools and some rules during the exploration. Firstly, you will experience the unique features of Hang Nuoc (Water Cave), a small cave that has many historical imprints during the Vietnam War. After a short visit Water Cave, you will arrive at the A72 information station, which is assigned to ensure the smooth communication for the Southern battlefield with many important commands transmitted through this station. After that, you come to the journey to explore Cha Loi cave. Here visitors will experience many activities such as walking, crawling, climbing, swimming experience with more than 4km journey in the cave .. In this discovery journey, visitors will be taking many photos inside the cave. In addition to admiring the magnificent stalactite system as well as the adventure experience, visitors will also have change come to the beautiful tunnel of love inside the cave 13h00: Lunch, will experience delicious Vietnamese dishes at Khe Sung village prepared by the company. After lunch, you have a short time to relax. Next, you come to Hang Coi Village to discover some culture features of Bru Van Kieu ethnic people. 16h00: Visitor will proceed to the car park. 18h30: - End of the tour. We will drop off you at your hotel in Hue city. Duration: 1 Day Destination: Cha Loi Cave System Availability: Daily Group size: 2 – 12 pax (Minimum requirement of 2 people to operate) Tour Starts: 8:00: Pick up at any hotel in the central of Hue city Tour Ends: 18:30: Drop off at any hotel in the central of Hue city

From Hue: Private Tour to An Bang & City of Ghosts Cemetery

10. From Hue: Private Tour to An Bang & City of Ghosts Cemetery

- 08:00 am: A car with the guide will pick you up at your hotel, heading to My Khanh Champa Tower, located at a depth of 5 meters above the ground, nestled between the coastal white sand, a very rare location for the Cham towers were discovered and has still existed in the territory of Vietnam. The next stop is An Bang – The City of Ghosts, a tranquil coastal village in Phu Vang District. The villagers compete to build increasingly lavish and elaborate tombs for their ancestors, and sometimes for family members who have not yet died. Its unique architecture will make you interested. - 10:30 am: After visiting the tombs, continue to visit My Loi Ancient Village, with the communal house and many other legacies, such as the ancestral temples of nearly 45 sects, the clans have merit to expand and cultivate, so the village is well built; old-fashioned houses that now "even with the bill can’t do." Ethnic tribes are respected by the villagers and guarded like communal houses. There is also good preservation of hundreds of Nguyen Dynasty decorations along with some of the villages, maps, and documents of the village. - noon: Leaving the village, you will be driven to Vinh Hien Beach, come to the beach is very wild, to the fishing village with nice and hospitable fishermen. If you love adventure, you can go to Mount Tuy Van to admire the scenery or to Ham Rong Natural Rock to explore. From the top of these places, we can catch a view of the solid cargoes on the shore and many large ships entering and leaving Chan May Port. - Enjoy the seafood lunch at a local restaurant. - The next destination is Ganh Lang Community Based Eco-Tourism, having activities and exploring, experiencing the life of local people, fishing with your own hands, or trying to experience the fishermen fishing and processing and enjoying the fruit of your labor. - Back to the city, and arrive in Hue around 06:30 pm. End of the tour

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Petal, our tour guide was very informative and comical regarding Hanoi's snd Vietnams' history. Spoke decent enough English to be understood. The tour is in part very active but you have options to sit out, so don't take if you have mobility issues. Overall, a nice experience

The excursion is worth the time and money! Breath-taking views, relaxing on boats, and bicycle-riding between the rice fields. The best pictures we have from the entire of Vietnam are exactly from this excursion.

Thong, our guide, was excellent. His English is good and he was very informative. I enjoyed the tour, especially the bike ride and boat tour. I would do this again.

Muy recomendable

The guide Hi was amazing protect you and explain you everything. the bicycle and boat tour was amazing.

Really great day with beautiful temples and landscapes and, with the boat ride being the highlight.