Phang Nga Elephant Park

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Phang Nga Elephant Park is a small family-run Park. Our family has cared for elephants for over 150 years, with each generation learning something new about the Asian elephant and their welfare. The Park is like a typical small, rural Thai village, where thirty people live and work together with their elephants and families. Animal welfare is paramount at Phang Nga Elephant Park. We consider that responsible and ethical elephant tourism will help to save the Asian elephant, but requires the highest level of care and husbandry. We are AGAINST unnatural and abusive practices and strive constantly to improve animal welfare and to promote education. For more information please check out our Education Centre. We are determined to provide our elephants with the highest quality of life possible and our strong belief in human-elephant interaction is what makes Phang Nga Elephant Park so special. Our visitors are able to have a life-enhancing experience with these magnificent animals and learn about them in a natural and relaxed environment.

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