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E-Scooter or E-Bike : 4 Hour Sightseeing Tour in Maspalomas

1. E-Scooter or E-Bike : 4 Hour Sightseeing Tour in Maspalomas

Enjoy an ecological e-Bike or e-Scooter experience outdoors and away from city traffic. Take a 4-hour guided tour with the whole family and thanks to the information provided by a local guide you will learn many curiosities and a bit of local history. Only over 16 years old can participate in this 2 by choosing between two options: either ride an electric bike with pedal assistance or ride an electric scooter equipped with an accelerator. Minors must be accompanied on the tour by at least one paying parent. The tour is absolutely safe, in fact, the route only includes the use of cycle paths and pedestrian areas far from the city traffic. You will never drive off the road or on the sand Your tour begins first in Playa del Ingles: here you will travel along the scenic waterfront called the "Costa Canaria" and see the wonderful dunes of Maspalomas. These amazing dunes have been declared a special nature reserve and protected area. Your guide will explain to you how these dunes were formed and why they are so special for the biosphere. The next stop is the Maspalomas Botanical Garden, where the local guide will teach you to recognize the endemic plants and trees of the canary islands: you will be able to see and touch banana trees, coconut palms, Aloe Vera plants up close. Then you will be shown the most important part of the Maspalomas dunes called "Charca" , a small lagoon closed and surrounded by sand where 40 types of different migratory birds land and which forms an ecosystem characterized by a strong biodiversity because it is populated by many fishes and an endemic lizard . You will arrive at the southernmost point of the island where the famous Maspalomas lighthouse is located. Here you will have about 45 minutes of free time where you can independently visit the old and iconic lighthouse. In fact, inside the Lighthouse there is an interesting ethnographic museum composed of multilingual interactive monitors touch screen and several rooms with inside the reconstruction of clothes, work tools and utensils, traditional musical instruments typical of the Canarian islands. There is also a short stop at the "Punta Mujeres" Archaeological Site: an ancient site made up of ancient circular houses made of stone only dating the pre-Columbian age. Once these primitive houses were inhabited by the Guanches, the indigenous people who populated the island before the Spanish conquest. After you will travel along the " Meloneras Promenade" bike paths along the sea that will lead you to Meloneras Beach. This is a very beautiful promenade because it runs along beautiful volcanic beach, characterized by its typical black sand At the halfway point you will stop for a short 20-minute break so have a drink on the beach before . The return will be faster and without stopping where we will drive inside the safe cycle paths immersed in the beautiful green area of Campo Internacional.

Maspalomas: 3-Hour Segway Tour with Sunset over Sand Dunes

2. Maspalomas: 3-Hour Segway Tour with Sunset over Sand Dunes

Pick up your Segway from the local partner’s store in Maspalomas and get acquainted with this unique and eco-friendly mode of transportation as you admire the scenic views. Follow your guide down to the charming seaside promenade and feel the wind in your hair as you effortlessly glide along. Wave to the locals going about their day as you explore Maspalomas Dunes, Playa del Ingles, Playa del las Burras, Playa de San Agustin then stop for a refreshing soft drink or an ice cream. Finally, admire a breathtaking sunset across the rolling Maspalomas sand dunes and soak up the romantic atmosphere.

E-Scooter Best Beaches Tour :Visit Gran Canaria Cost to Cost

3. E-Scooter Best Beaches Tour :Visit Gran Canaria Cost to Cost

Explore Gran Canaria coast-to-coast effortlessly in a safe and eco-friendly way on this 4-hour electric Scooter tour. No need to pedal, simply press the accelerator to travel along this 40-kilometer coastal route. The e-Scooter Harley style is suitable for two people. A driving license is required to drive an electric scooter and passengers can be transported using the rear seat from a minimum age of 7 years. Minors can participate in the Tour as passengers using the back seat but only if their parents are driving scooters. Discover the spectacular golden dunes of Maspalomas, a beautiful nature reserve in the south of the island , made up of seven kilometers of golden-colored Saharan sand. First stop of the tour to visit the famous "Mirador del las Dunas" : viewpoint located right in the center of the Maspalomas dunes. Explore the most important part of the Masplomas dunes, the famous " Charca ": it is a small closed lagoon and completely surrounded by the sand of the dunes that gives rise to a unique and interesting ecosystem rich in biodiversity and endemics. In fact this Lagoon hosts 40 types of different migratory birds and different types of fish and also a famous lizard endemic to the island. Continue the adventure by visiting the beautiful Meloneras Beach with its stunning dark colored volcanic beach. Meloneras area is the most exclusive area of Gran Canaria with the highest concentration of 5-star luxury hotels and has a wonderful seafront. Then, visit the Arguineguin Fishing village with its banana plantations and admire its beautiful volcanic beaches with black sands located in play a de arguineguin and playa santa agueta in the small El Pajar district. Arguineguin Village has the good reputation of offering the best fresh fish on the island thanks to its typical local restaurants that still today are sourced from the ancient brotherhoods of fishermen. Stop to admire the small Anfi beach : a nice Caribbean beach with a pearl white color whose sand was imported from the Caribbean Sea. Take the panoramic crystal elevator at Anfi Beach and admire the splendid heart-shaped artificial island from above. Continue north to reach your final destination "Puerto Rico Village" : a tourist town with a beautiful sporting port and a breathtaking beach. Enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage in a typical Canarian bar located in front of Puerto Rico beach. The tour takes place only on asfalt roads and a good experience in driving a scooter or motorbike is required. On this tour you will never ride the scooter on off-roads and you will never be able to ride the scooter on sand or dunes.

e-Scooter Mountain Tour : Ayagaures Caves, Dam, Grand Canyon

4. e-Scooter Mountain Tour : Ayagaures Caves, Dam, Grand Canyon

Explore the wild mountains of Gran Canaria in an ecological and effortless way. Get ready to ride your electric scooter double seat and enjoy this exciting mountain experience. This guided tour is 100 % on the road. Driving License is required to drive an E-scooter and Children over 7 years old can participate in the tour accompanied by parents. Learn from your local guide and visit the amazing Maspalomas Dunes, declared a protected Natural Reserve. Explore around and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Then visit the small Maspalomas Botanical Garden: here the local guide will teach you to recognize the endemic plants and trees of the Canary Islands. After which we will enter the mythical route of Ayagaures : we will cross a wonderful green Valley adorned with palm trees, plants, cactus and typical canary flowers in an incredible itinerary immersed in nature. Along the way there is a short stop to visit the local plantations of tropical fruits typical of the Canary Islands such as Mango trees and avogado trees. In this tour you will meet old animal farms and, in particular, you'll see closely the goat Farm, an animal icon of the island ( only visit to the external enclosure, direct contact with animals is not allowed ) Once you reach the top of the mountain of Ayagaures, you will have the opportunity to pause for 15 minutes where you can taste Soft Drink in a Tapas Bar built inside an old Aboriginal cave dating back to the prehispanic era. After the 15-minute break, we will continue towards the Ayagaures dam, a large water reservoir. The return is all downhill and even more exciting. On the way back we will visit Monte Leon which represents one of the most luxurious and exclusive areas of the mountains, where we find the famous house that hosted the famous reality show " Love island " . Here a short stop is planned to admire the beautiful Grand Canyon of Gran Canaria. On the way back there will be a short stop to see an ancient and unusual breeding of dromedaries up close ( visit to the external enclosure, direct contact with animals is not allowed )

Maspalomas: 1 Hour Segway Sightseeing Tour

5. Maspalomas: 1 Hour Segway Sightseeing Tour

Pick up your Segway from the local partner’s store in Maspalomas and get acquainted with this unique and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Follow your guide down to the golden sand dunes of Maspalomas, which are a Special Nature Reserve. Glide along the scenic promenade at Playa del Ingles, the most popular destinations in southern Gran Canaria. Along the way, your guide will highlight local landmarks and points of interest. Throughout the tour, listen to your guide share fascinating insight into the area’s history, culture, and way of life. By the end of the adventure, you’ll have a better understanding of southern Gran Canaria, as well as some new Segway skills.

Maspalomas: 3 Hour Segway Food Tour with Tapas Tasting

6. Maspalomas: 3 Hour Segway Food Tour with Tapas Tasting

Discover the local delights of Maspalomas on a guided Segway tour to make the most of the canarian flavors and beauty . Take in the town's flora and Canarian tapas scene with a multi-lingual local guide.  Start the tour with a trip to the Mirador de las Dunas, a natural sand dune reserve since 1987, where you can admire the breathtaking panoramic views of Playa del Inglés. Next, drive on to Maspaloma's Promenade, home to more than 500 plant species of plants native to the Canary Islands, such as Aloe Vera and Drago. Stop in San Agustin volcanic Beach . Here you will get the chance to visit an authentic local bar and taste typical Canarian tapas before heading back to the starting point of the tour.

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We had a great time doing the tour with Lorenzo. We got to discover many beaut places in Maspalomas while having fun on the segway. Our guide was very nice and and interesting, we learned a lot about the island and about its nature. He took many pictures and videos of us which was great because we have souvenirs of the activity. We even got to drink an amazing smoothie with a view on the ocean for a little break ! Thank you!

The tour was super nice. Our guide Lorenzo showed us all the wonderful corners and beaches of Maspalomas. There were only two of us and we had plenty of time. It was more than detailed, Lorenzo was very nice and helpful.

In the top ! The guide Lorenzo was super nice and told us anecdotes about Gran Canaria. Due to the Covid the market was canceled but he offered us a visit anyway and without regret! Very nice, very good, perfect

Very good Segways, good explanation in English about some things and a nice city tour. The guide was very friendly. I can only recommend.

It was a very nice, recommendable tour. Lorenzo as a guide was very friendly and more than fulfilled our expectations with fun