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Reality Tours & Travel is an award-winning and responsible tour operator based in Mumbai and Delhi, India. Founded in 2005, Reality Tours & Travel upholds two main objectives: to break down the negative attitudes associated with people from less developed communities, as well as to help achieve social change by putting money back into these communities. Today, Reality Tours & Travel offers a variety of tours in Mumbai, Delhi and beyond, but they are all united by one goal: showing visitors places that might be difficult to see or experience on their own. By doing this, we allow them to gain a full understanding of the city--an understanding that includes becoming more aware about the social context of the communities we work in, while also celebrating the amazing sights, food, and people of India. Most importantly, 80% of the profits from all of our tours (including our new multi-day tours to Rajasthan and Kerala), fund the work of Reality Gives, our NGO, which runs and supports a variety of projects in Dharavi and beyond.

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