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From Rome: Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Volcano Full-Day Trip

1. From Rome: Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Volcano Full-Day Trip

Travel from Rome to Pompeii in an air-conditioned private coach, accompanied all the way by your expert tour coordinator. Benefit from skip-the-line entry and enjoy a self-guided visit around the ancient city. Throughout the ruins, you’ll come across death casts: plaster recreations of unfortunate citizens preserved by the superheated volcanic ash. After visiting Pompeii, the coach will take you up the slope of Mt. Vesuvius (from April to mid-November), one of Europe’s few active volcanoes located in the Vesuvius National Park. From here, take a short hike up to the steaming crater for stunning views of Capri and Sorrento. During the winter season between November and March, Mt. Vesuvius is closed, so your tour will follow the coastline and take you to the city of Naples, where you can explore the iconic Castle Nuovo, the famous art deco Umberto I Gallery, or simply wander around the monumental Plebiscito Square.

From Rome: Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Positano Day Trip

2. From Rome: Pompeii, Amalfi Coast and Positano Day Trip

Hop aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned minibus and start your journey down to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pompeii. Upon arrival at Pompeii, breeze past the long lines with your Skip-the-Line ticket and enter into this time capsule of the ancient Roman world, where your local expert guide will give you a guided tour of these marvelously preserved ruins. Go to Positano, where the houses tumble down the hillside, and stroll among the boutique stores. Purchase some of the local limoncello liqueur, visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta or people watch from a restaurant terrace. After some free time and lunch (own expense) in Pompeii, the tour will continue further south along the picturesque seaside roads of the Amalfi Coast where your breath will be taken away by the spectacular coastlines as the mountains cascade into the sea and romantic villages climb up the mountains like grapevines.

Tuscany Taster Tour: Day Trip from Rome with Lunch & Wine

3. Tuscany Taster Tour: Day Trip from Rome with Lunch & Wine

A comfortable, air-conditioned coach will pick you up in Rome. As you drive towards rolling hills, your expert tour guide will explain Tuscany’s rich culture and answer any questions you might have about the day ahead.  First, enjoy a walking tour in the hill town of Montepulciano. Take in an ancient but still-functioning wine cellar and ruins that pre-date Rome. Next visit San Biagio, a 16th-century Renaissance church with a travertine facade welcoming in the sunlight and exquisite decorations inside. Just a short drive away awaits a delicious Tuscan lunch. Enjoy a 3-course meal with wine pairings in the wine cellar of an authentic vineyard farmhouse, including the famous Brunello di Montalcino and varieties from the vineyard itself.  Buy your souvenir Tuscan wine here or wait for the final stop: Pienza. Your tour leader will offer insights, but your time is yours: shopping for pecorino cheese, balsamic vinegar, wines, and other local specialties, finding the right photo opportunity, or simply wandering the streets like a local. Next, return to Rome in air-conditioned comfort — fulfilled, relaxed, and ready for the next day.

Rome: E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting

4. Rome: E-Bike Night Tour with Food and Wine Tasting

Begin your adventure close to St. Maria Maggiore, one of the most beautiful basilicas of Rome. Pedal up to the top of the Aventino hill and admire one of the most striking sunset panoramas of the eternal city. Rome always has its charm but the views over the Fori Imperiali, Campidoglio, and Circo Massimo at dusk will provoke unique emotions that you must experience at least once in your life. Remember to bring a coin as you will need one to make a wish at the Fontana di Trevi to make sure one day you will return to Rome. See popular landmarks such as the Colosseo and San Pietro, illuminated by the moonlight biking through little-known streets far away from the city traffic. End the adventure with the cold cuts you can taste from all over Italy accompanied by an excellent glass of wine.

From Rome: Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa with Lunch

5. From Rome: Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa with Lunch

Depart Rome and travel by bus to the lovely town of Tivoli, best known for the Renaissance Villa d'Este and the large Roman archaeological complex of Hadrian's Villa. Learn the rich history of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites from an expert guide. Built in the Roman settlement of Tibur, Hadrian's Villa served as a retreat from Rome for the Roman Emperor Hadrian during the 2nd and 3rd decades of the 2nd century AD, and would be where he governed the Roman Empire during his last years or reign. Explore the complex to see the ruins of opulent pools, public baths and fountains. Marvel at classical Greek architecture and beautiful artworks. Have lunch at a typical Italian restaurant before moving on to Villa d’Este, best known for its beautiful terraces and the Apartments of the Cardinal with its spectacular view of the gardens and courtyards. Stroll among the many decorative fountains, such as the Oval Fountain and Fountain of the Dragons in the lavish grounds.

From Rome: Day Trip to Pompeii with Lunch and Guide

6. From Rome: Day Trip to Pompeii with Lunch and Guide

Take an amazing journey back in time on this full-day tour to the archaeological ruins of Pompeii: a unique document of Greco-Roman life. Travel through the famous Roman countryside and enjoy incredible views of the Mediterranean, Mount Vesuvius, and countless historic sites. Discover the seashore and the gulf of Naples as you drive through the city. Stop for a traditional lunch of Neapolitan pizza with a drink before reaching the archaeological site. Continue to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Pompeii and enter with skip-the-line tickets. Spend the afternoon exploring this once thriving city that was frozen in time by layers of volcanic ash. Wander through the ancient streets and learn about the history of this place from your guide. After your tour of Pompeii, enjoy the leisurely return trip to Rome.

Rome: Day Tour of Villa D'Este & Hadrian's Villa Tivoli

7. Rome: Day Tour of Villa D'Este & Hadrian's Villa Tivoli

Depart Rome and transfer to Tivoli to tour 2 of Italy’s most impressive villas on this full-day tour of the Villa D'Este and Hadrian's Villa, with time to explore both magnificent country estates. Drive to Hadrian's Villa, built in the 2nd century by Emperor Hadrian, and once greater than the center of Imperial Rome. The largest and most luxurious residence ever built in Italy, it features an impressive array of imperial palaces, temples, theaters, thermal baths, and pools. After lunch, explore the grounds of the Villa D'Este and learn about the history and development of the villa, an enchanting site of the late Italian Renaissance. Once the home of Lucrezia Borgia's son, it is renowned for its spectacular gardens and trees, as well as its waterfalls and fountains. Highlights include the caryatids and columns of the Canopus and Serapeum, the pool and artificial grotto, named after an Egyptian city and temple dedicated to the god Serapis, and the Maritime Theatre, where a small Roman house was thought to have provided a retreat from the demands of court life.

Ancient Appian Way: Electric Bike Tour

8. Ancient Appian Way: Electric Bike Tour

Explore the Roman countryside and its remarkable scenery on this half-day cycling tour. Cycle along 2,300-year-old cobblestone roads to ancient ruins. After a short urban ride, you will reach the beginning of the Ancient Appian Way. This was one of the first roads in Rome, also known as the “Queen of the Streets”. Continue to cycle past ancient tombs and the ruins of an imperial palace. As you ride, your guide will share interesting historical facts that will open your eyes to the Rome beyond the monuments. Leaving the Ancient Appian Way, you will follow the ancient aqueducts through the Roman countryside. After a pleasant ride back, your tour ends with a return to central Rome.

Pompeii & Amalfi Coast: Small Group Day Trip from Rome

9. Pompeii & Amalfi Coast: Small Group Day Trip from Rome

Board the comfortable air-conditioned bus in Rome and relax as your expert driver whisks you south to Pompeii. Once there, you’ll be met by an expert local tour guide, hand-picked for their knowledge, enthusiasm, and story-telling skills. Discover some spots that many other visitors don’t see, such as private family homes, ancient fast food restaurants, and even a brothel. During your tour, you’ll also see the most important sights of Pompeii and learn what daily life was like in this ancient port town. Come to understand how terrifying and confusing it was when Mount Vesuvius erupted and froze the city and its residents in time in 79 A.D. Visit the Roman Forum and the Temple of Venus, and see the tragic death casts. After your Pompeii tour you’ll head off on a scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast. As you navigate the twists and turns of one of Italy’s most beautiful drives, you’ll hear about local history and culture. Stop in Positano, a pastel-colored resort town perched on the cliffs that has inspired legendary writers such as Shelley, Goethe, and Steinbeck. After an introduction from your guide, with some tips on where to eat lunch and shop, you’ll have free time to do as you please.

Rome: Early Morning E-Bike Tour

10. Rome: Early Morning E-Bike Tour

The morning e-bike tours are led by expert local guides who ride with you inside the Eternal City. They explain how to use the 3D visor during the tour, while providing you with history and curiosities about each monument. Explore the Colosseum as never before through the interactive 3D certified reconstruction, integrated by a narrative voice of your guide and epic background music. Explore the city as it was 2000 years ago. A real moving and multi-sensory family experience, suitable for all ages.  The tour follows a carefully-designed itinerary, stopping at Rome’s most popular sites and recreating the ancient settings. You will see 3D reconstructions of the Circus Maximus, the School of the Gladiators, and much more. Your guide will always be with you, who will inform you about everything you really see with the 3D visors. Other viewpoints throughout the route include the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine and Imperial Forum, Venice square, Trajan forum Pantheon, Navona square, Campo dei Fiori, Trastevere, and Capitoline Hill.


Planning Your Visit

  • How to get there from Civitavecchia cruise port?

    Civitavecchia is the main cruise port for excursions to Rome. The easiest way to reach the city center is by pre-booking a private or shared transfer, or by taking a taxi. However, there are also two or three trains per hour to Roma Termini (Rome's main station). It costs about €5 each way, but you could save money with the BIRG ticket (day pass), which will get you there and back, as well as covering buses, trams, and the metro for the entire day.

  • How to get around Rome?

    Since you're not there for long, you'll probably want to rely on taxis. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done in Rome, where hailing down a cab in the tourist-heavy areas is nearly impossible. Utilize the metro wherever possible, as buses and trams can also be slowed by traffic. There are two metro lines: Line A (orange) runs between the northwest and southeast, and Line B (blue) runs north to south, with a third line due to open in 2016.

5 best day trips from Rome

Day trip to Pompeii

1. Day trip to Pompeii

Possibly the single most popular excursion from Rome, Pompeii is best known as the ruined city in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius. Travel back to the Roman Empire and stroll the storied streets lined with ancient bakeries, villas, and even brothels. To return to reality, step out of the historical sites into the modern streets of Pompeii, filled with shops and gelaterias.

How far is Pompeii from Rome?

Located in the Campania region of Italy, Pompeii is situated 240 kilometers (150 miles) south of Rome. By train, the trip takes about two hours, while by car it will take around two and a half hours.

Day trip to Tivoli

2. Day trip to Tivoli

Just outside of Rome lies the imperial playground of Tivoli. Home to emperors of the past, the ruins of Tivoli are truly awe-inspiring. The historic points of the town include several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Make sure to visit the Villa d’Este, with its stunning gardens, and the famed Hadrian’s Villa.

How far is Tivoli from Rome?

Only about 33 kilometers (20 miles) from Rome, getting to Tivoli is simple no matter how you choose to travel. By car or bus, the journey can take anywhere from a half-hour to an hour. By train, it’s just one hour direct from Roma Tiburtina station.

Day trip to Naples

3. Day trip to Naples

Naples is a great place to experience the illustrious art and culture of Italy. One of the largest cities in the country, it’s packed with amazing things to do and see. In one day, you can tour the UNESCO-designated historic city center, visit the Royal Palace, take in unbelievable views of the Bay of Naples, and much more. Of course, being the birthplace of the internationally-beloved pizza, nobody would blame you if you ditched your diet on your visit.

How far is Naples from Rome?

It should take about two to two and a half hours to drive the 225 kilometers (139 miles) to Naples from Rome. By train, it’s an easy 75-minute ride from Roma Termini station.

Day trip to Orvieto

4. Day trip to Orvieto

Get to know the striking hill town of Orvieto on a day trip from Rome. Guarded by its ancient walls, Orvieto is full of rich history, and breathtaking vistas around every corner. Don’t miss out on a chance to admire the intricately decorated cathedral, tour hidden underground tunnels, and stroll the winding cobblestone streets.

How far is Orvieto from Rome?

Just about 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Rome, the train ride to Orvieto is a painless two-hour ride. Driving, this inspiring day trip is just 90 minutes away.

Day trip to Castel Gandolfo

5. Day trip to Castel Gandolfo

For an escape from the city without traveling far and wide, a day trip from Rome to Castel Gandolfo is a perfect choice. Once the summer playground of popes and emperors, this picturesque lakeside gem still offers plenty to see and do. Visitors can check out the Papal Palace, linger over espresso in the Piazza della Liberta, and see the Bernini-designed Church of San Tommaso di Villanova.

How far is Castel Gandolfo from Rome?

In just 45 minutes, you can travel the 24 kilometers (15 miles) to Castel Gandolfo, whether going by car or by train.

Rome day trip FAQ

What are the best transportation options for my day trip?

Not sure of the best way to reach Pompeii? Or how to get to Tivoli? There are many different transportation options available for your day trip from Rome.
  • • Rome day trips by train

    With many high-speed trains running all over Italy, and Rome’s hub station of Termini, riding the rails is an excellent method to tackle any day trip. The train is frequently the quickest way to get to your destination for the day.

  • • Rome day trips by bus

    Most guided day tours will be conducted via the bus, and many even include pickup and dropoff at your hotel. Bus tours are a great way to have a fun, full, and convenient day trip without the worry of having to navigate and plan.

  • • Rome day trips by car

    A car is one of the most convenient options for excursions out of town. They allow you the freedom to truly tailor your day trip to what interests you. Plus, a car allows you to take things at your own pace without worrying about meet-up times.

Should I take a guided tour for my day trip?

Taking a guided tour for your day trip from Rome is never a bad idea. Sit back and enjoy some of the most incredible sites on earth while avoiding all the hassles of planning. Guided tours also come with the added benefit of knowledgeable guides who can really elevate the experience above simply bringing along your guidebook.

What should I pack for my day trip?

What to bring with you on your day trip really depends on different factors. Time of year, and what you have planned will definitely affect what you should bring. The weather around Rome tends to stay pretty mild, but in the winter and spring, an extra layer and umbrella can’t hurt. Many tours will provide all you need, including entry tickets and meals, so all you need to bring is your sense of adventure.

Other Sightseeing Options in Rome

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The itinerary was really interesting. We enjoyed the day spend with guides Sara and Anna. The food and wine was brilliant. The landscape was extraordinary.

Angela was very informative abut the sites but also about the Italian culture. Gianni was the perfect driver!

Pompeii & Amalfi Coast were both beautiful and a great personalized tour

It was incredible and our guide very entertaining, I recommend it....

Amazing experience to touch the vanished civilization