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Rovaniemi: Lapland Northern Lights Tour with BBQ

1. Rovaniemi: Lapland Northern Lights Tour with BBQ

Discover the dazzling beauty of the Northern Lights on this tour from Rovaniemi. Dive deep into the heart of the Lappish wilderness in search of the dancing Aurora spectacle. Warm up with a mouth-watering BBQ packed with local flavors and pipping-hot tea.  Enjoy the convenience of being picked up directly from your accommodation in Rovaniemi. Relax on the drive through dense forests in Lapland. Arrive at a stunning lake or forest that is far from any light pollution. Relax as your host cooks up a fresh Lappish BBQ meal and brews some blueberry tea. Listen as your guide reveals the secrets of the northern lights to you. Gaze up at the night sky in anticipation of the lights appearing. Return to you accommodation at the end of the your.

Rovaniemi: Aurora Borealis Snowmobile Safari & Campfire BBQ

2. Rovaniemi: Aurora Borealis Snowmobile Safari & Campfire BBQ

Chase the Northern Lights on a guided Arctic adventure into the Lapland wilderness on a snowmobile. Enjoy a Lapland-style barbecue snack and the unique snowy landscape at night, illuminated only by the aurora. Go deeper into the brilliant winter landscape of the Arctic Circle in order to chase the auroras. Let your guide lead you on a different kind of snowmobile adventure in an almost completely dark setting, where only moonlight, stars, and snowmobile headlights will light your way. Take in the forests and lakes rising like mysterious shadows towards the night sky in this snow-covered landscape. Warm up at an open fire and wait for the Northern Lights to dance for you in the night sky while you enjoy some warm refreshments and snacks.  If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you might see the flaming Northern Lights dancing in the sky, surrounded by the penetrating silence of the arctic wilderness.

Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Wilderness Tour with Camera

3. Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Wilderness Tour with Camera

Drive away from the city to the place with the highest chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Find a warm spot to set up the fire and sit and wait for the show. Benefit from knowing that the more time you spend outside, the greater the chance of you seeing the lights. Usually, you can view the Aurora in the middle of a huge frozen lake or river. Embark on an experience visiting up to 3 locations to give you the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Huddle around the fire with your guide, who will also tell you all about traditional animals and customs.

Ice Floating in Lapland With Northern Lights

4. Ice Floating in Lapland With Northern Lights

Embark on a journey to view the majestic Northern Lights while floating in a secret lagoon. With an underwater music show and with high-quality Insulated Suits, this activity is a dream come true. After a 20 km journey outside of the city, where there´s no light pollution, you will be taken to an icy lake surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape - the ideal place to observe this natural phenomenon. Once you are in one of the warm, waterproof survival suits, it’ll be time to float around. If you are lucky, the Northern Lights will appear in the sky overhead. Your tour guide will provide you with the best information about Ice Floating and the Northern Lights. You will be offered hot Blueberry tea and Gingerbread after the activity.

Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Photography Tour & BBQ

5. Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Photography Tour & BBQ

Join a professional Aurora Borealis photographer and learn the tricks of the trade for capturing that perfect Northern Lights moment. The professional photographer will take the best shots for you. Head up to 100 km away from the light pollution of the city, into the mystical forest. Your tour guide will explain how the Northern Lights are formed and tell ancient tales from the local and Lappish cultures. The photographer can provide guidance in setting up the best shooting angles, shooting screens, camera settings, and more.  Sit down for a campfire BBQ and grill some local favorites and delicacies of reindeer sausage and hot blueberry juice. The photographer will also take photos of you and the Northern Lights, so you will have a record of this wonderful moment. After the trip, you will receive your Northern Lights photos by email so that you may download them without any additional cost.

Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Hunt and Arctic Circle

6. Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Hunt and Arctic Circle

Stay awake with a tour of the beautiful and majestic Northern Lights in Lapland. Embark on a search for this spectacular phenomenon of nature and find yourself at the best observation spots. Enjoy pickup from your accommodation, and discover the Aurora Borealis. Start your tour after pickup from the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi and immerse yourself in an exciting chase to capture the Northern Lights in many different locations. Get a unique experience with locations that differ from day to day in order to get the best chance of spotting Aurora. Admire the lights, surrounded by the stunning constellations of stars, especially when the weather is clear. Sink into the middle of the Northern Lights belt, a natural phenomenon that can be witnessed at any time from the Autumn darkness until the Spring.

Rovaniemi: Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour

7. Rovaniemi: Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour

Begin with a team meeting about the tour of the day then get a short briefing about current weather conditions, aurora forecasts, and your destination of the day. The focus of this tour is the Rovaniemi area and you will travel by minivan. After reaching the destination you will leave the minivan and continue on foot to reach the perfect spots in the middle of nature. In the destination, your guide, a professional photographer, helps you prepare your cameras for Northern Lights photography and get ready for the show of a lifetime. Northern Lights are always unpredictable and there is no guarantee that they will be found every night. However, this tour gives you the best possible chance to experience and photograph these mystical wonders of the Arctic area. During the night you are a member of an exclusive team led by a professional photography guide. Simply put, you will join real aurora hunters who rely on the following to succeed in their mission: • background research into local weather and Aurora forecasts • live information feed coming directly into the minivan •local knowledge of all the best viewing spots •willingness to go the extra mile, or a hundred miles, to find the aurora During the night, you will normally visit two to three different locations, which are always chosen according to local weather conditions and photograph opportunities. This means that if the sky is clear and there is a possibility to see the aurora 100 kilometers away, we will take the chance and drive you there. Altogether there are over 50 locations from which to choose the best ones each night. 

Rovaniemi: Aurora Borealis and Picnic

8. Rovaniemi: Aurora Borealis and Picnic

Depart Rovaniemi from the convenient meeting point by car or bus and head out in search of the world-famous northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis. It is only possible to observe the lights in the polar regions of the world, and this location in the Arctic Circle gives you the best possibility of trying to see them. With your local guide, drive out of the city and reach the perfect spot with the best open-sky views hopefully under the auroras. During the trip, your guide will tell you information on the northern lights and stories from Lapland. You also have the option to enjoy a delicious sausage and pastry grilled by an open fire.

Rovaniemi: Private Forest Sauna and Northern Lights Tour

9. Rovaniemi: Private Forest Sauna and Northern Lights Tour

Head to an Arctic forest roughly 20 kilometers from the city center to experience the traditional firewood sauna in the forest. The experience of the sauna is such an important part of Finnish culture, that it can’t be compared to anything else. For centuries, it has been a place for physical and spiritual cleansing. Dipping into icy lakes and rolling in the snow are said to be good for your blood circulation, but most people do them simply for the incredible rush. Head to an amazing outdoor forest location to try your hand at winter swimming in the icy water. Raise your head to catch a glimpse of the magical Northern Lights. After the sauna experience, head to the frozen lake to hunt the Northern Lights while you enjoy a cup of hot drinks.

From Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Experience with Campfire

10. From Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Experience with Campfire

Seeing the aurora borealis (northern lights) is on the bucket list of many travelers, and this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill that dream. On this group trip from Rovaniemi, visit a great location to enjoy the magic of this natural phenomenon. After pickup in Rovaniemi, drive outside of the city toward the viewing location. To reach a light-pollution-free location, the journey is about 1 hour. Having no or little light pollution is important for northern lights observation. Stops will be made along the drive. If lucky, you may be able to already spot the northern lights on the way. Upon arrival at the viewing spot, an experienced guide will tell you about the northern lights, including how they are formed and why they have different colors. They will also gladly answer any of your questions. As you are watching the northern lights shining in the sky, your guide will be preparing a fire and barbecue. Enjoy traditional Finnish snacks, such as sausages, cookies, and hot juice. After the trip, your guide will drive you back to your accommodation in Rovaniemi.

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We had a great time with Salvo and Jaime! The pick up was on time and very smooth. I also borrowed boots from them. We arrived at our destination after 30 mins ride. Even though we couldn’t get to see the northern lights, we enjoyed some BBQ in the tent with some soup and bread. They explained us so many things about Lapland and they have many stories to tell. It was a great experience overall, definitely would recommend these guys!!

Our Guide Cris was superb and quite helpful and knowledgeable and friendly. We really appreciate and liked the time we spent together. The spot we visited were we had a hot juice and finish cookie felt like we are having it in our home. Thanks Cris and Get Your Guide making it memorable. Loved it

The most gorgeous experience I ever had. We had clear sky, the auroras were huge, bright and gorgeous, sky and the stars were breathtaking... everything was simply THE BEST. I wanna go back already! So much fun with the team too! I recommend this to everyone, you won't regret!!!

Our guide Jamie is very good,even there’s no aurora due to the weather condition’s bad,but he still try hard to make everyone happy,and we have a BBQ and some traditional Lapland berry teas and salmon soup,it’s an unforgettable memory!

Amazing experience and the entire team who assisted us was very accommodating. We witnessed the beautiful aurora borealis and it was captivating