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Surasak Kekina of Sea Kayak Krabi has his town philosophy about the sea kayak business Born and raised in the small village of Tha Lane in Krabi. This man is now working in Bangkok but his commitment to his community remains strong. Together with a younger brother, he has started up a sea kayak business in Tha Lane in the hopes of providing more opportunities for his relatives and other local people. When he was young. Surasak said ThaLane was remote. hard-to-access village.It is still relatively hard to reach and most member of the isolated community work hard for a bying as fishermen. Tourist first began coming to the village a decade ago when a family started a bungalow business named Coconut House which recieved off-the-beaten-track backpackers. The bungalow business was later sold to another family from out side the village, but it met with opposition from residents. When the opportunity presented itself, one of Surasak’s brothertook over the operation, renaming it Tha Lane Resort. Staffed with relatives and locals the resort also employs the town’s fishermen to ferry tourists in long-tail boats. When they are not busy fixing their nets or fishing, they can make extra money in the tourism sector. The staff gives a brief orientation on how to hold a paddle and how to low properly as partners and then we set off.Though we set off awkwardly, we later become more adept as we follow at the tail-end of the pack. An accompanying boat travel nearby to provide help if necessary .After much hard work and sweat, we enter the narrow passageway between two rocks which leads through towering cliffs and dense, overhanging foliage. Inside the shady canyon of caves and cliffs, tranquility dominates and become even more apperence as rains clouds hide the afternoon son. The sound of silence is at time broken by wavelets lapping against the kayaking. We wish we had more time to drift quietly in the canyon, but it is soon time to paddle onwards. Though we only took a short canue trip, those who take a longer programme will be able to enjoy and even greater variety of natural wonders. All in all, ti was a wonderful way to appreciate a kaleidoscope of natural beauty without polluting the waters.

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