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University of Oslo

University of Oslo: Our most recommended tours and activities

Oslo Outdoor Escape Game: Vikings Tales

1. Oslo Outdoor Escape Game: Vikings Tales

Visit wonderful sights in Oslo including the Royal Palace, Parliament and Akershus Fortress whilst solving pieces of the puzzle in this immersive exploration game. Play the role of the majestic Harald Hardrada, Viking king and founder of Oslo. Play the game by solving each piece of the puzzle on your smartphone, guess the answer to unlock the story of each secret place. Unlock stories and learn interesting facts such as how Oslo became the home of the Nobel Peace Prize. Explore the city and be given exact directions so you won't need a map, GPS, or guide. Play offline as you don't need an internet connection to play the game. Enjoy as a group and solve the clues together as you walk, or split into smaller teams and compete against each other. Go at your own pace as there is no time limit, the game however can be completed in just over 1 hour. Explore without a guide, just download the app, go to the starting point, and begin the adventure.

Oslo: Panoramic View and Sculpture Park Walk

2. Oslo: Panoramic View and Sculpture Park Walk

Your guide will provide information about the most important sights in the city center, starting with the medieval Fortress of Akershus and the town of Christiania. Continue your journey into the heart of Oslo, discovering institutional buildings like the Norwegian Parliament, The Royal Palace and The University of Oslo.   Drive through the Royal Gardens, beautiful, adorned with an array of flowers that will inevitably catch your eye. Get off at the one-of-a kind sculpture park at Frogner, made by only one artist. Find the sculpture you can relate to most in this selection of art dedicated to the themes of life.  Let your guide share the ins and outs of life in this vibrant northern capital while viewing the contrasts of its architecture. Drive to 300 meters above sea level to visit the Holmenkollen ski jump, probably the most famous skiing arena in the world. It is the only steel ski jump in the world and a monument to world-class engineering. As a bonus, you will observe one of the most fantastic views of Oslo. Be inspired by the striking beauty of Norwegian nature in the northern woods of Nordmarka. 

Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour with National Museum Ticket

3. Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour with National Museum Ticket

Embark on a captivating adventure with our unique combination of the Oslo Walking Tour and an Entry Ticket to the Oslo National Museum. Get ready to uncover the enchanting highlights of Norway's capital city while immersing yourself in the rich artistic heritage housed within the museum's walls. During the Oslo Walking Tour, led by expert guides, you'll explore the city's most remarkable sites, gaining unparalleled insights into what makes this Scandinavian gem truly stand out. Wander through Sentrum, Oslo's vibrant city center, which boasts a blend of modernity and history along the Skagerrak strait. Unveil its hidden treasures, including iconic landmarks, fascinating museums, delectable restaurants, and lively bars. The tour encompasses must-see attractions, such as the Norwegian Parliament, the renowned Grand Hotel, and the bustling main street, Karl Johan. Learn the intriguing story behind Oslo's affectionate nickname as the "Tiger City" and marvel at the symbolic Norwegian Opera House, a gem glistening amidst the ocean. In addition to the walking tour, this exclusive package grants you entry to the Oslo National Museum, a cultural haven where you'll encounter an exquisite collection of Norwegian art and history. The museum showcases an impressive range of masterpieces by renowned Norwegian artists like Edvard Munch, Harriet Backer, and Peder Balke. Step into a world of artistic brilliance as you gaze upon Munch's world-famous painting, "The Scream," a haunting portrayal of human emotion. Admire Harriet Backer's serene and ethereal landscapes that transport you to the tranquil corners of Norway's natural beauty. Be awestruck by Peder Balke's dramatic seascapes, capturing the raw power and allure of the Nordic coast. As you explore the Oslo National Museum, you'll be captivated by the evolution of Norwegian art and culture, tracing its vibrant history through various exhibitions and artifacts. Enhance your understanding of Norway's artistic heritage and gain a deeper appreciation for the nation's creative spirit. After the tour and museum visit, continue your exploration with the Vox City app (included in your tour) which offers a curated audio-guided route through Oslo's main quarters, revealing even more hidden gems and intriguing historical tales.

Oslo: City Walking Tour

4. Oslo: City Walking Tour

See the print left by the founders of Oslo in its medieval architecture, walk through 700 years of history encapsulated in a fortress that has guarded the city from riders and soldiers alike. Step further in time to the town of Christiania. See the first City Hall building from the 17th century and feel the atmosphere of the many cafe terraces and restaurants, which have taken over this area of Oslo. Visit Oslo's City Hall and its main hall, internationally known for hosting the award ceremony of The Nobel Peace Prize each year. Step into 18th century architecture and see the Norwegian Parliament, walk to the National Theater, stand in front of the neo-classical building of the University of Oslo, stroll on to the Royal Palace and its beautiful gardens. Walk down Oslo's main street with its many shops and vibrant atmosphere. Stop by the central train station to appreciate early 19th century architecture, and finally explore contemporary buildings. Step onto the roof of award-winning Oslo Opera House and enjoy the beautiful view of the Oslo fjord from there. 

Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour and Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

5. Oslo: Best of Oslo Walking Tour and Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Save money with this pass and discover Oslo’s most famous landmarks on our walking and bus tours. Make the most of your time in the Norwegian capital and discover by foot and onboard a double decker bus all the secrets of this beautiful city. All included in this pass. In our Best of Oslo tour you'll get an unparalleled insight into what makes this Scandinavian city stand out. Circle Sentrum, Oslo’s diverse city center positioned on the Skagerrak strait, to discover its best landmarks, museums, restaurants and bars. You will see the Norwegian Parliament, the Grand Hotel and the main street Karl Johan. You will learn how Oslo earned its nickname as the 'Tiger City' and stroll past the symbolic Norwegian Opera House that stands out like a pearl in the ocean. Next, you will visit Christiania, the historical center of Oslo; you will know why the Norwegian capital has changed its name for 300 years. The City Sightseeing bus tour is designed so that you experience the best of Oslo across our strategically located bus stops. With over 11 stops strategically located around the city, you will learn intriguing facts about Oslo's many museums including the Kon-Tiki, Viking Ship, and Cultural History museums from a double-decker exclusive panoramic view. After the tour, download the Vox City app (included in your tour) to discover more of Oslo and its incredible history with curated audio-guided route through the main quarters. Best of Oslo includes: Oslo City Hall National Theater University of Oslo Norwegian Parliament Stortorvet Gjestgiveri Glasmagazinet Kvadraturen Oslo Cathedral Karl Johan Street Fire Tower Tiger Sculpture Oslo Second City Hall Gamle rådhus Ceremony Pier Self-guided route's main sights: • Frogner Stadion • Norwegian Parliament • Trinity Church • Karl Johan's monument • Grensen • Aamodt Bridge ... and many more!

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My train got late to Oslo. They still allowed me to meet the guide in another location. Ihor (it pronounced"i"not"ai") the tour guide sorry smtm i called him incorrectly. his name is norwegian one with some viking concept. due to low season,  that is not much tourists. they still run the tour. Ihor showed me as much as possible sightseeing spots even it was already dark after we met, central station, opora,  light tower, catholic hall, pedestrian street, government hall, grant hotel(the place whereNobel peace award was granted), mall and museum, Oslo college. Ihor interpreted his understanding of Oslo with passion and he said that he just came from Ukraine one year ago. Norway took his family and let him settle down. He love this city and Norwegian life style. We happened to see Ukrainian protest against Russia. Listening the nationality song by them. That was very impressive experience. Thank you so much Ihor, all the best to you!!!

Our guide was so knowledgeable and friendly. We did this tour on our first day in Oslo to get our bearings and to work out what we would like to visit - and this was the perfect way to get those insights. Two hours very well spent - we learned a lot about Oslo and discovered places we would not have otherwise seen. Highly recommended.

Highly recommend this tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and fun. She also recommended many places to go to for the rest of our time in Oslo

Traveling alone I appreciated an English speaking guide to show me the central area of Oslo's sites.

Really good guide…..(Maria)……she was extremely knowledgeable. We really enjoyed our tour!