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From Budva: Skadar Lake Sunset Cruise & Monastery Kom

1. From Budva: Skadar Lake Sunset Cruise & Monastery Kom

Start your journey from Budva, after boarding a premium vehicle with up to 19 places. Then your first stop is at Virpazar, a small fisherman village in the National Park. At the beginning of the 18th century, the village became the most important trading point in Montenegro. From here embark on a 3-hour boat trip to enjoy some majestic sightseeing and to discover the unique flora and fauna of the region. Skadar Lake is famous for being a resting place for birds migrating from northern Europe to Africa. Get ready to see some of the 260 species of birds here. After boarding you will leave the port and cruise through a small river channel surrounded by fields of reeds and rows of willows. After reaching the open waters of Lake Skadar, continue cruising to the village of Vranjina and Fortress Lesendro. Passing next to Lesendro, continue to the small island of Odrinska Gora, near Žabljak Crnojevića. Odrin Hill is the home of the medieval Monastery Kom. There we will take a break of half an hour to explore this magnificent place. Leave this special place, and take the boat back to the starting point. During your cruise take an opportunity to jump into the water for a swim and enjoy majestic views and untouched nature.

Virpazar: Private Lake Skadar and Pavlova Strana Wine Cruise

2. Virpazar: Private Lake Skadar and Pavlova Strana Wine Cruise

Discover the wonders of Lake Skadar as you glide across its pristine waters in a traditional wooden boat, known as a čun. Indulge in the flavors of local wine while meandering through the breathtaking landscapes that adorn the lake. Immerse yourself in the invigorating freshness of the water, enveloped by majestic mountain ranges, and delve into the captivating stories and rich history of Lake Skadar. Begin in Virpazar - the main gateway of Lake Skadar. Sail along a tiny river channel and observe birds catch the fish and soar through the sky. Exit the river and discover the vast blue waters of Lake Skadar, the far-away mountains of Albania, and Vranjina, along with its two peaks. Glide through the meadows of water chestnuts and discover the ruins of Lesendro, the 18th-century fortress and the Key of Lake Skadar. These ruins and their bird visitants will feast you with a stunning view. Feel the fresh air rush through your body, as you come close to Lake Skadar's largest tributary, Morača River. Continue your journey in the direction of three islands – Mala Čakovica, Velika Čakovica, and Kamenik. Have your breath taken away by the view these islets hide. Marvel at thousands of water lilies, covering the surface of the lake with their leaves. Sights to follow will satisfy your traveller’s thirst also. As you pass through the picturesque fjord Pavlova strana your eyes will absorb the beauty. The rocky coast, with abandoned houses and small hidden piers, makes a perfect background for your swimming stop.

Podgorica: Scenic Panoramic Flight

3. Podgorica: Scenic Panoramic Flight

Gorgeous flight from Podgorica city to the Skadar lake and around . Our unforgettable light aircraft tour features the dramatic Montenegrin landscape as we fly over national park Skadar lake, authentic villages and the most beautiful vineyards in Montenegro. During the flight, you can try flying independently, of course, under the supervision of an instructor. You will be able to see Virpazar town, village of Vranjina, beautiful vineyards, part of Podgorica city and for sure you will enjoy the flight and flying the plain.

From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

4. From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

Tour starts from Virpazar, where we set sail through the river Virštica, where you get to enjoy in the birds flying around, lots of water lilies and reeds surrounding it, until we reach the open lake. Then you will be amazed by incredible landscapes and colors created by combination of water and Mediterranean vegetation, with the mountain backdrops. Soon enough, you will see the ruined walls of fortress Grmožur, rise from the waters of Skadar Lake. This abandoned fortification is a former jail and its known as Montenegrin Alcatraz. Now, its a permanent habitat for some bird species which some of them you will see. We are continuing the journey by reaching a small delta of river Morača, where it's a bird reserve. Soon, making a stop to climb the hill on Vranjina peninsula and visit Orthodox Monastery of Saint Nicola from the 13th century. After that, going back to the boat where we set sail back to Virpazar. In meantime, you can choose to take a nice swim in the river or at the open lake.

Skadar Lake: half-day boat tour (from Podgorica)

5. Skadar Lake: half-day boat tour (from Podgorica)

Discover the breathtaking views of Lake Skadar by boat, enojoy the National Park and take a refreshing swim in the deep blue waters of the lake. Visit the Lesendro Castle and Vranjina village, then proceed to the old Monastery Kom with its small channels around, birds and nature, the fishing village Karuc and the abandoned medival frtess Zabljak Crnojevica.

Virpazar: Lake Skadar Early-morning Birdwatching Boat Tour

6. Virpazar: Lake Skadar Early-morning Birdwatching Boat Tour

Wake up early-morning and enjoy the calmness of Skadar Lake. Warm yourself up with a cup of coffee or tea, and let us lead you through the hidden paths of birds. Admire them as they soar through the sky and enjoy their victorious sound. Begin your journey in Virpazar - the townlet on the shores of Lake Skadar. Climb abroad your čun - the traditional wooden boat this area is known for. Sit back and enjoy the calmness as we lead you through the paths where birds like to "hang out". Have a coffee or tea to warm yourself up and binoculars to better observe the birds. Watch them closely as they soar through the waking sky or dive deep into the lake's waters to catch their breakfast or lunch. Hear the stories the lake hides and learn about its unique ecosystem that attracts a large variety of birds. Depending on the season, you can see black cormorants, gulls, coots, kingfishers, white and grey herons, eagles, turns, a range of ducks etc. Dalmatian pelicans are the symbol of the lake and a perfect ambassador. This one is hard to see, but let us check our luck - it's often on our side!

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