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Our most recommended Warsaw Driving experiences

Warsaw: Old Town Guided Electric Scooter Tour

1. Warsaw: Old Town Guided Electric Scooter Tour

Explore Warsaw's old town and have fun on an electric scooter. Get the best recommendations from your local guide. The environmentally-friendly electric scooters avoid the need for long and tiring walks. Instead, jump aboard and ride your own scooter from location to location. The tour will last 90 minutes during which you will get the essence of Warsaw's old town. After a brief training session, the tour heads past the most important buildings and monuments of the city. Your guide will relate their history and recommend other places to visit during your stay in Warsaw.

Warsaw: Communist History Self-Driving Tour

2. Warsaw: Communist History Self-Driving Tour

Jump in and drive an iconic Fiat 126p "Toddler” around Warsaw yourself while you learn about communist history in Poland from your guide. You'll see the most important landmarks like the Palace of Culture and Science,  the house of The Polish Communist Party, and the communist housing districts. Visit the Palace of Culture and Science, the hulking symbol of Warsaw’s communist era, and learn more about its construction, listen to stories from its past, and discover why it's called "Stalin’s Gift." As you drive, your guide will share entertaining facts about life during the communist era, how it has changed since, and what it means to be Polish today. See the Stalin-era architecture of Constitution Square, a unique and representative communist housing district. Hear fascinating stories about the House of Communist Party and find out what is it used for today. Discover the communist-era housing blocks of the Muranów district. On this tour, you'll feel the atmosphere of communist Warsaw. At the end of the tour you will have a chance to try traditional Polish vodka (18+ only).

Warsaw Must-Sees: 4-Hour Private Tour by Retro Fiat

3. Warsaw Must-Sees: 4-Hour Private Tour by Retro Fiat

Start your private 4-hour tour with a pick-up at your central Warsaw hotel at the time of your choosing. Your driver/guide will meet you and you’ll hop on board a historic Fiat 125p, the iconic 1980s car and a symbol of Warsaw’s communist years. As you travel your guide will provide entertaining commentary about life in Warsaw, what it means to be Polish today and how this has changed throughout the years. The itinerary of the tour can be tailored to your preferences, so feel free to ask to visit places of particular interest. Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town and learn how its buildings were rebuilt after WWII. See the Royal Castle and admire the beauty of churches, parks and palaces along the Royal Route. Visit the Palace of Culture and Science, the most iconic monument of Communist-era Warsaw. See the Soviet-era architecture around Constitution Square and housing blocks from that period, as you learn about life in Warsaw under Communism. During the ride you can enjoy a shot of traditional Polish vodka with a tasty snack on board. Visit the former Jewish Ghetto and see a fragment of the wall. Then you’ll visit Grzybowski Square, home to the only synagogue that survived WWII. Another stop will be in the Praga district, a once-derelict area where you’ll now find numerous bohemian bars and cafés.

Krakow: Private Guided City Tour by Electric Car

4. Krakow: Private Guided City Tour by Electric Car

After meeting with your guide, you will begin your city tour around Krakow in an electric car with an audio guide in your language. You will visit Old Town, Wawel Castle, the Jewish Quarter, former ghetto, and Schindler's Factory. Your tour will take 1.5 hours, and during your tour, you can listen to information about the history of Krakow and descriptions of the monuments in your choice of 28 languages. One car can take up to 7 people on board. In case of more people, there are next car available. The roof is panoramic, so you will be able to see the monuments clearly. During good weather the car will be open, but in case of rain, you can use transparent curtains so as to still see your surroundings.

Warsaw: Classic Highlights Private Tour by Vintage Car

5. Warsaw: Classic Highlights Private Tour by Vintage Car

This private tour is a choice for those who want to start their visit to Warsaw properly but expect something more than a typical walking tour provides. The guide will meet you at your hotel or apartment and invite you to our classic vintage minibus Żuk - this unique car gives one a spark of excitement, flexibility and the possibility to modify the schedule if needed. The transfer to the Old Town is a chance to get a first overview of Warsaw and a pleasant introduction chat with the guide. Castle Square is where your walk starts - cars are not allowed to enter the Old Town. From the Middle Ages to the present - discover Castle and Market Squares, cathedral, barbican and many more minor but still essential places and details. Hear the stories about an excellent reconstruction of Warsaw Old Town after the WWII apocalypse, exceptional architects and harsh times of communism. You can modify your tour plan within the time limits. With the car, your guide is ready to fulfil your tour with the content right to the top!

Warsaw Communism Private Tour in a Retro Fiat

6. Warsaw Communism Private Tour in a Retro Fiat

Feel the spirit of communist Poland during a drive in the iconic automobile of the 70’s and 80’s Fiat 125p. You will be chauffeured by a professional driver-guide who will introduce you to Warsaw of the communist epoch. You start by being picked up from your centrally located Warsaw hotel, at your chosen hour. As you travel, your guide will share entertaining facts about life in communism, how it has changed, and what does it mean to be Polish today. Your agenda can be tailored to your preferences, so feel free to ask to visit somewhere of particular interest. Visit Palace of Culture and Science, the hulking symbol of Warsaw’s long-gone communist epoch. Find out more about its construction, listen to some anecdotes and get to know why is it called the gift from Moscow. See the Stalin-era architecture at the Constitution Square, a unique and the most representative communist housing district. Visit communist ministerial district with its amazing Ministry of Agriculture and hear interesting stories about the House of Communist Party, find out what is it used for now. Then gaze at communist-era housing blocks of Muranów built upon the former Ghetto and learn more about the Party’s influence on architecture. As you ride, have a shot of best traditional vodka, alongside a tasty snack. After the tour you are driven back to your hotel.

Warsaw: Behind the Scenes City Tour by Retro Minibus

7. Warsaw: Behind the Scenes City Tour by Retro Minibus

Get to know Warsaw more intimately on this cool, behind-the-scenes city tour. Feel the city's atmosphere, taste its flavors, and understand its history deeper in a small-group tour. This tour will take you to the spots which are harder to find in the guidebooks and will let you experience the true city. You will be transported by an authentic communist-era retro minibus, known as a Żuk, to give you a real feel for the old days. Get ready to explore what remains of the pre-war city and compare it with the monumental post-war communist constructions.

Warsaw: Private Communism Tour by Retro Car

8. Warsaw: Private Communism Tour by Retro Car

Guide collects you for the hotel with a unique retro minibus called Żuk (the beetle). Ten miles per gallon, wooden floor and produced in communist Poland – all that adds a meaningful piece of reality to your experience. Each stop represents different parts of communist Poland’s history - from the dusk of WWII and post-war reconstruction of Warsaw through the rough ‘60s and ‘70s to the first free elections on the 4th of June 1989. Disclose the secrets of communist Poland, learn how people managed to survive in the central-steered economy and find relics from those days in Warsaw. The first stop is a monumental Palace of Culture and Science, the undisputed symbol of Warsaw. It was built in 1952-1955 as a gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland. Varsovians still commonly use nicknames to refer to the Palace, notably "Beijing", "clown", and "nightmarish dream of a drunk confectioner". Warsaw, before WWII, was a typical European city shaped by capitalism. Thousands of victorian era tenement houses covered the city centre, pushing the proletariat out of the central districts. So when those people got power in 1945, they wanted an act of revenge. So did the modernist architects. One of their first achievements is the Muranów district, a green and spacious neighbourhood built in the late 1940s. One of the most impressive achievements of the post-war reconstruction of Warsaw is the Old Town, with the speedway passing under it through the tunnel. This hi-tech piece of engineering came into being with the help of constructors of the Moscow underground rail system. You pass it on the way to Praga district. Praga district brings one into the post-WWII gloomy reality of neglected buildings and suspicious businesses made behind dark gates. Unfortunately, the government did not want to invest a penny in refurbishing the post-bourgeoisie architecture, so Praga rolled into its slow decline until the new shiny blocks of flats were about to be built on its ashes. Surprisingly, this fate became an excellent opportunity to carry on outlawed activities like money exchange, distribution of “Western” music or purchasing a pair of jeans. The government district represents the ironic merger between the pre-WWII modernist architecture and a heavily soviet influenced “socialist realism” style. Funnily, the leader of the communist state did not want to move into their new headquarters because he felt that it looked like a capitalist bank and not like the office of the labour class party.

Warsaw Off The Beaten Path Self-Drive Tour

9. Warsaw Off The Beaten Path Self-Drive Tour

You’ve already visited the top tourist attractions in Warsaw? Tired of traditional form of touring? Hop on board of the well-known Fiat 126p a.k.a „Toddler” and take a self-drive tour to not-so-well-known spots of Warsaw! Guides will show you some of most interesting attractions which are not present in a typical Warsaw tour. You start the tour by the Palace of Culture and Science, where you quickly learn how to drive a Fiat 126p. Then, well prepared you set off for your first stop, tightly connected with the Palace. Neighborhood of constructors of the Palace of Culture and Science with its wooden housing. Here you find out how the life of those workers looked like and what is this place now. Afterwards, you drive to a completely different world in Old Bielany district. This picturesque interwar-era housing district with its gas lanterns (last ones in the city) has some of the most beautiful examples of modernist architecture. From Bielany you travel even more back in time to the era of Russian Tzars' control. Here you have a chance to drive by an authentic 19th century Warsaw Citadel. During the tour your guide tells you stories connected with the places you drive around.

Warsaw: Highlights Guided Retro Bus Tour

10. Warsaw: Highlights Guided Retro Bus Tour

Do you like visiting cities on a bus but not listening to a taped story on headphones? Then go for an amazing live-guided tour with style. A classic bus Jelcz 043, better known as “Cucumber,” and one of the most iconic communist-era vehicles will take you for a ride in Warsaw. A guide on-board will comment on the objects you will pass and tell you more on a walk around certain stops. On this tour, you will see the most popular landmarks of the city and hear fascinating stories about them. During this 2.5-hour tour, see the most important sights of Warsaw. The tour starts at the Palace of Culture and Science from where you will set off to Royal Park Łazienki. At this stop, you will find out who and when this place was established. Why was it popular to visit on Thursdays in the 18th century? Why should you bring nuts when you come here? On this walk, you will see a statue of Frederic Chopin, the Palace on the Isle and an 18th-century amphitheater. After a walk with the guide, the “Cucumber” bus will pick you up and drive you to the Old Town where you will see a city reconstructed from scratch. Get to know who the man on the column in the Castle Square is. What and why it is the symbol of the city? What is the most “romantic” place in Warsaw? During the walk, you will see the Royal Castle Square with Sigismund's Column, the Old Town Market Square, Cathedral of St. John, a statue of the Warsaw Mermaid and the Barbican. From the Old Town, you will return to the Palace of Culture and Science to hear the history of this controversial building and to finish the tour. The tour takes place every Saturday at 2 PM14:00. It starts by the main entrance of the Palace of Culture and Science. Just look for a big retro bus in front.

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Such great fun, informative and a must-do tour. Our guide was superb - knowledgeable and ensured the tour was well paced. The electric scooters were excellent-so easy to use and a fabulous way to get around. Thoroughly recommend this tour

This tour is a absolute must have for anybody visiting Warsaw. Just going to the museums is not enough. Our guide Marcin is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. Highly recommended.

Zelo priporočam ogled starega dela in predstavitve, ki jo je ponudil simpatičen vodič. Vožnja s starim vozilom je pa še posebej zanimiv dogodek

I wished we would have done this on Day 1 . Tom our driver did an amazing job.

great experience in a retro car and a great way to see the city