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Bandung Private Tour Guide Sightseeing

1. Bandung Private Tour Guide Sightseeing

Enjoy our services by creating self a tour according to your wishes. You can choose a tour anywhere, such as just north of Bandung, south of Bandung, or just Bandung city. Normally you will get a tour service for a maximum of 10 hours, and it is also possible if you want more (add on). We will also help you plan a fun itinerary! We will pick u up where do you stay (Bandung or another City). The tour will be very Pleasant ! :-)

From Jakarta: Safari Park, Tea Plantation & Jaksa Waterfall

2. From Jakarta: Safari Park, Tea Plantation & Jaksa Waterfall

Get off the beaten path with a full day of activities from Jakarta including a guided safari tour, tea plantation tour, and visit to Jaksa Waterfall. Start off at one of the most well-known wildlife parks in Indonesia. Keep your camera poised for pictures of tigers, elephants, lions, and more. After the safari, explore the park's various attractions and shows. Feed and pet a variety of friendly animals in the area that houses baby animals. Continue to the Puncak Tea Plantation, a scenic hill area known for its vast tea estates. Immerse yourself in this serene escape from the city. Take a leisurely stroll through the tea fields, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and enjoy the panoramic views. Learn about the tea production process from the local farmers and visit one of the tea houses. Indulge in a warm cup of freshly brewed tea while savoring the peaceful ambiance. End the day with a visit to Jaksa Waterfall, nestled in the lush greenery of Puncak. Embark on a short walk through the dense forest and feel the cool mist in the air from the cascading water. Take a dip in the invigorating waters or simply relax on the surrounding rocks before returning to Jakarta.

Day Trip White Crater Ciwidey Bandung All In - Tour Guide

3. Day Trip White Crater Ciwidey Bandung All In - Tour Guide

Our guest experience always happy during day trip with us, they had memorable moment for daytrip in bandung

Jakarta: Volcano, Hot Spring, Tea Factory& Coffee Luwak Tour

4. Jakarta: Volcano, Hot Spring, Tea Factory& Coffee Luwak Tour

Embark on a full-day tour to Bandung and Subang Regency from Jakarta with hotel pickup and drop-off included. Trek to the crater of Tangkuban Perahu volcano, treat yourself to luwak specialty coffee, visit a local tea plantation, and relax in a hot spring. On the way to Subang, pass by rice fields, rubber plantations, tea plantations, and local villages in the highland area. Stop at a pineapple plantation for a fruit tasting. Then, make a stop at rice fields to get a closer look at local farmers and their way of living. Next, make your way to the Tangkuban Perahu volcano in Bandung Regency. Walk along the main crater, smell the sulfur, and watch the fumes rising from it. Then it’s time to try some luwak coffee. Learn how one of the most expensive coffees in the world is made. Continue to a government tea factory in West Java. Learn how black tea is produced, right from the stage of leaf picking to packaging, with detailed explanations by an officer. Drink as much tea as you want. Walk through the tea plantation and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley. Finally, unwind at Sari Ater Hot Spring by soaking your feet in the warm sulfur waters before heading back to Jakarta.

Jakarta: Volcano, Waterfall &beautiful local village tour

5. Jakarta: Volcano, Waterfall &beautiful local village tour

This tour is more to nature and local experience at west Java province. Leave the hotel in the morning (7AM or 7.30AM) you will continue the journey to Subang regency. Arrive at Subang you will find alot of local people selling pineapple that very popular in Indonesia called “Madu Pineapple” and you also will try the local fruits from west java include the Madu Pineapple. The first destination that you will visit is Tangkuban Perahu volcano. This volcano located at Bandung regency and this is one of the active volcano in Indonesia. You will walk along the main crater and watch the fume. Tangkuban Perahu mean upside down boat. On the way to volcano you will stop at tea plantation and short walk at the plantation enjoy the fresh air, and tasting the local tea. From the volcano, next will continue to visit the local village at Desa Cibeusi, West Java. You will meet with the local farmer that planting for special rice, black rice and red rice. This village has beautiful landscape of rice field at mountain and hills area. At this local village, you will also visit the local people that making delicious palm sugar, visit the traditional honey farm, see the local people that making handycraft, and also visit the local people that processing the paddy’s tree become black rice. And next you will continue to trekking to Cibarebeuy Water fall. This is very beautiful waterfall located at west java province with 40meters height. You will walking along 2,5 kms to waterfall with wonderful view of rice fields and also vegetables plantation owned by the local people. Enjoy the local meals for the lunch at local village special food stall with special menu from west java called “Nasi Liwet”. You might swim and enjoy playing the water at the water fall. This is will unforgetable experience. During the trip to local village and to the water fall, there will be local guide that will assist us and give detail information about the local village

Full Day Bogor City Tour From Jakarta 12 hours

6. Full Day Bogor City Tour From Jakarta 12 hours

Escape Jakarta's hustle to Bogor's green embrace! Wander in lush gardens, marvel at historical gems, and savor nature's serenity. Unforgettable tour!" Panoramic Tour from Jakarta to Bogor in 10 hours Ittinerary - Pick up at 0900AM at your hotel - Drive to Bogor City via Highway - Visit Bogor National Botanic Garden - Lunch in local restaurant - Visit Zoology Museum Bogor - Visit 1 factory outlet - Drop off to hotel with lunch and 2x mineral water

From Jakarta : Bandung Paris Van Java

7. From Jakarta : Bandung Paris Van Java

Embark on an exciting day tour from Jakarta City to explore the rich cultural heritage and vibrant streets of Bandung. This this tour from Jakarta City takes you to Gedung Sate, Geology Museum, Braga Street, Saung Angklung Udjo, and Jalan Riau. Begin your day by visiting Gedung Sate, an iconic landmark and a symbol of Bandung. This colonial-era building showcases a unique blend of Dutch and Indonesian architectural styles. Take a day tour from Jakarta to explore its historical significance and learn about the government's administrative functions housed within. Admire the distinctive satay-like ornamentation that adorns the top of the building. Enjoy the picturesque surroundings, stroll through the beautiful gardens, and capture memorable photos of this historical site. Next, head to the Geology Museum, a treasure trove of geological wonders. Delve into the fascinating world of rocks, minerals, fossils, and prehistoric artifacts. Explore the museum's diverse exhibits that showcase the geological history of Indonesia and the world. Marvel at the collection of dinosaur fossils, precious gemstones, and volcanic rocks. Engage in interactive displays and educational programs to deepen your understanding of Earth's evolution. This immersive experience is a must for geology enthusiasts and anyone intrigued by the mysteries of our planet. Continue your journey to Braga Street, a historic and lively street that captures the essence of Bandung's colonial past. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere as you walk along the cobblestone pavements lined with colonial-era buildings. Discover charming cafes, art galleries, and boutiques showcasing local craftsmanship. Indulge in delicious street food, and savor a cup of traditional coffee. Dive into the rich history and vibrant energy of Braga Street, a true cultural hub in the heart of Bandung. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia at Saung Angklung Udjo. Engage in a captivating performance of angklung, a traditional Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo. Learn about its history, cultural significance, and the art of playing angklung. Enjoy a mesmerizing cultural show featuring traditional dances and music from various regions of Indonesia. Participate in interactive workshops, where you can learn to play angklung and create your own music. This immersive experience will leave you with a deeper appreciation for Indonesia's diverse cultural heritage. Conclude your day tour from Jakarta with a visit to Jalan Riau, a renowned shopping destination in Bandung. Explore the numerous factory outlets and boutique stores offering a wide range of fashion items, from local designer brands to international labels. Don't forget to take a break and savor some delicious local cuisine at the street-side eateries. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Bandung, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

From Jakarta : Bogor Botanical Garden and Rice Fields Tour

8. From Jakarta : Bogor Botanical Garden and Rice Fields Tour

This is full day tour to Bogor, West Java. Bogor located in the middle of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango surrounded by mountains with the cold weather and beautiful panoramic. First stop will be Bogor Botanical garden. It is located close to Bogor Palace (Indonesian President Palace). This garden was one of the biggest botanical garden in the world with more than 15,000 plants collections. Built in 1817 on 200 heactares area also known as "Buitenzorg" mean place with no worries. In this garden you will walking and enjoying the park surrounded by beautiful plants and air. Next visit wooden puppet studio (wayang golek). wayang golek is wonderful art from west java that made from wood. Wayang golek is very popular in Indonesia and become Unesco masterpiece of the oral and intangible herritage of humanity. Wayang golek remains one of the traditional arts of the pride of west java people. In this studio you will watching the processing of wooden puppet. The puppet maker will show you steps of wooden puppet creating. From the studio of wooden puppet, this tour will continue to visit the beautiful local village at Bogor with the beautiful rice fields close to Mount Salak. You will watch the farmer closely and see the activities of them at the rice fields. there will be also local guide will explain you the steps of the rice proccessing. you will also walking in the middle of the rice fields and enjoy the fresh air and drink coffee with the local traditional food with the view of rice fields.

From Jakarta: Bogor Botanical Gardens, with all Artists

9. From Jakarta: Bogor Botanical Gardens, with all Artists

Start your day bright and early as we depart from Jakarta City to Bogor, or we called rain city, located just 52 kilometers away. First in Bogor Tour, it is better to learn a little bit history of Bogor Botanical Gardens. In the past, it was part of an artificial forest called Samida (during the reign of King Siliwangi of Sunda Kingdom). That means the park has been there since 1474. In terms of size, Bogor Botanical Gardens is indeed vast. It has the total area of 87 hectares and has become the home of 15,000 species of trees and plants located among streams and lotus ponds. Including 400 kinds of palm and more than 5,000 kinds of orchid varieties from various region in Indonesia. Many of the trees are centuries old. The beautiful art come from bogor city near by Bogor Botanical Garden, and find the artist will gladly unveil the meaning behind their works of Batik painting by hand. You can choose the right kind of stuff you want and trying to make batik by your self then take it home as your souvenir from Bogor City. Then will take you to visit factory it was operated since 1963. Visitors could watch making Wayang Golek in the traditional manner, trying to paint and makes puppet. Wayang golek is an art that uses wooden sculpture with a different shape and character. Bogor Gong Factory is continous history that exist until nowadays. A factory that already exist since 200 years. It supplies traditional orchestras, there are several gongs of various sizes in the “gamelan”, or typical Indonesian orchestra. You will see craftsmen, the last heirs of these ancestral skills, sweating over enormous pieces of leather and white iron in this workshop that is proud to have been operating for seven generations. Visitors can watch metal smiths making gongs in the traditional manner.

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